Top 8 Ways of Removing Unwanted Body Hair

Men, women, all of us have hair on our body, including the face, legs, and arms. Men, of course, have more bodily and facial hair. Sometimes, it can become inconvenient if we have too much unwanted hair. It can reduce self-esteem and cause discomfort. Luckily, there are many effective ways of removing unwanted hair, permanently or temporarily. Here are some of the top ways to remove hair from your face or body.

1. Shaving

Traditionally, this is the most popular way of removing hair. Shaving is also the fastest way of getting rid of unwanted hair. You will need a shaving brush, shaving cream, and a razor to get the job done. You can use a disposable razor or a re-usable shaver. They both have built-in blades, which cut the hair from the surface of the skin. There are also electric razors now that you can use.

A razor or shaver can be used on different body parts like the face, arms, armpits, legs, and even the bikini area. So, both men and women can use them. you can also remove hair from the eyebrows, chin, and upper lip. The result, however, is not permanent. The hair will grow back again. On the face, it may grow back in just 1-3 days.

To get the best result, use warm water to clean your face. Then apply a gel, shaving cream, or soap. This will make the skin surface smooth and reduce the risk of a cut. Next, glider your shaver over the face in the hair growth direction to get the result you want. Wet shaving is always best, but you will find people who prefer dry shaving. This is risky because it can cause skin irritation.

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2. Waxing

This is a temporary, common method of hair removal. Waxing is popular, particularly with women. It helps you remove unwanted hair from both smaller and larger body areas. You can do waxing yourself at home, or you can go to a beauty parlor or salon.

However, the method can be painful, as the hair is removed from the root. Waxing can also lead to acne growth. Ingrown hairs can also grow. But the advantage is that the waxed hair will require a much longer time to re-grow compared to shaving. There is also a reduced risk of inflammation.

Waxing kits are also available for your convenience. Look for a hard wax for the biking area and the leg. Soft wax is good for the face. Always wash your hands carefully before waxing.

3. Laser Hair Removal

The main problem with using a shaving machine or waxing is that the unwanted hair will certainly grow back. So you must redo the process. Laser hair removal by gives you permanent results. The pulsating beams and laser will break down the hair follicles and prevent them from growing back. Sometimes, the result is semi-permanent. Hair will take about 6 months to regrow, but it will be so fine that the hair will almost be unnoticeable.

There was a time when only women with dark hair and lighter skin could get the process done. But now, with improvements in technology, absolutely anyone can get it done, even men. However, it is essential to take some precautions, which is why it is always best to book your laser hair removal session by byou laserclinic.

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Yes, there are devices for laser hair removal you can use yourself. But they are costly. You may also get a burning sensation, develop blisters, and your skin tone may also change. A professional, on the other hand, will give you assured results without any side effects or pain.

Thus it’s always recommended by field experts to undergo laser hair removal with a professional’s help as it will help you in getting rid of the growing back of hair in a safe manner. Even certain clinics also provide packages such as laser hair removal and IPL insurance which assures you if anything goes against the desired outcome.

4. Electrolysis

In this process, a small probe will be inserted within your hair follicle. The device will send shortwaves, which will prevent hair growth. Also called electroshock, it will weaken your hair follicles. This process removes all types of hair. The result is permanent. You will have to visit the specialist several times to get it done. Electrolysis is expensive and can be painful.

The process is best suited for small patches or areas of the body. It is recommended only for extreme cases of bodily or facial hair and if everything else has failed.

5. Threading

In this process, a cotton thread will cut across your skin surface and pull out the hair. The thread will twist and pull the hair to detach it from the follicle. It is used mostly to remove unwanted hair on the face, the chin, on the upper lip, and for shaping the eyebrows. Sometimes, chemicals are also used in threading. There is only minor pain, but the chance of a skin reaction is very little. You can apply a numbing cream to reduce the pain if any.

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Get threading done only from an expert esthetician or cosmetologist. The process is cheap. Avoid threading if it causes the acne growths to rupture.

6. Tweezing

Tweezers will be used to pluck off the hair. This is a lengthy process because each hair will have to be removed individually from its root. Even the smallest hairs can be removed. The process is cheap, but the method can be very painful.

Tweezing works for facial hair. This is an effective way of shaping your eyebrows. It is not a permanent solution, though because the hair will regrow within 3 to 8 weeks.

7. Depilatory Creams

These creams will dissolve your hair from the surface of your skin. They will break down the keratin structure or the proteins of your hair. As a result, the base of your hair will weaken and break off when you wipe the cream. The creams are made of chemicals like titanium dioxide, barium sulfide, and sodium, which may cause side effects in some people.

It’s best to get a patch test done before applying such a cream. Only apply a small amount of the cream and see whether there is any reaction on your skin.

8. Medications

You can ask for treatment if you have a hair problem because of hormonal changes. The expert can give you a solution to your hair growth issue. Women can have hair issues because of menopause factors, such as insufficient female hormone production or the overproduction of male hormones. There can be other problems too that can arise from hormonal changes.