How To Prepare For Your Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment

calm pleased lady undergoing a cosmetic procedure

Flawless skin will always be in style, but nothing ruins it like acne, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles that may be recurring and won’t go on their own. And with all the products on the market, laser skin resurfacing has proven to work well by breathing new life into most skin tones.

If you’re still new to this method, it’s best to know that it’s a skinning technique that reduces wrinkles, tightens skin, and takes care of different skin concerns and scars. At the end of your treatment, you should be able to enjoy having smooth skin.

This treatment includes using direct pulsating beams of light that vaporize skin layer-by-layer. And once the laser removes the outer layer, it heats the underlying layer, thus stimulating the growth of collagen fibers, leading to a firmer and younger-looking new skin.

If you love what the treatment offers and are thinking of getting one, you may need to find a professional by searching ‘laser treatment near me’ on the Internet and settle on an option that suits you. But before going for your treatment, you might need to prepare well. So, discussed in this article are some great ways of preparing for your laser skin resurfacing treatment to ensure that it goes smoothly.

Try To Get A Chemical Peel Procedure Before Hand

Deep facial peel procedures are a great way of getting the best out of a laser resurfacing treatment. This chemical procedure will remove the dead skin, making the laser resurfacing treatments work better and more efficiently.

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By getting the facial procedure, you’ll be reducing the need for additional laser treatment as it maintains the energy that may have been needed for the laser to work better. Alternatively, you can opt to exfoliate, which wipes the layer of dead skin away, thus making your laser treatment efficient.

In addition to boosting the efficiency of your laser treatment, a deep facial peel procedure will also brighten and rejuvenate your skin. Luckily, there are several chemical peels for the ultimate results.

Avoid Tanning

You may also need to avoid tanning two weeks before your scheduled laser skin resurfacing treatment. Tanning will make your skin weak and prone to discoloration, thus undermining the results of your laser treatment.

Since tanning involves heat, getting a laser treatment immediately before your treatment might make your skin more sensitive, leading to hyperpigmentation, scarring, and burns. In addition to tanning machines, avoid heavy sun exposure as it has the same effects as tanning.

woman undergoing laser skin treatment

Avoid Using Specific Medications

You may need to stop using some medications before your laser skin treatment as they might interfere with the results. One key medication you need to stop taking is a blood-thinning medication that can easily stop your injuries from healing. And as a result of your injuries not healing well, it might result in complications.

Consider recommending to your doctor which blood-thinning medications to stop using. However, as much as you need to stop using blood-thinning medications, you still need to take some antibiotics. These will prevent any infection that could lead to serious complications. But before using antibiotics, ensure that your doctor approves it a week before your treatment.

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In addition to antibiotics, let your doctor prescribe antiviral medication if you suffer from cold sores around your mouth. Antiviral medications are meant to minimize the risk of developing a bad herpes infection that may happen due to laser resurfacing.

Quit Smoking And Drinking

Smoking has always been a danger to your skin and damaging it even more. You may have to quit smoking when undergoing laser skin resurfacing treatment as it minimizes the required outcomes.

Smoking has been linked to delaying the wound from healing, thus leading to scars and terrible outcomes. In addition, both smoking and drinking tend to narrow your blood vessels, which may lead to slow healing of your wounds.

Avoid Using Topical Products

If you’re using topical products, you might want to stop days before getting your treatment. These products tend to be irritating and drying, thus leading to terrible skin reactions and higher burn risk.Additionally, you might need to avoid adding new products before treatment as it might lead to bad side effects. So, ensure you run all your products by your doctor for approval.


As seen above, several ways to prepare for your laser skin resurfacing treatment to avoid experiencing adverse effects such as a burn. Before avoiding medications, ensure that you run them by your doctor to ensure you don’t mess up your prescription. In addition, get a professional who knows what they’re doing for the best results.