Create a World-Class Smile With These Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments and Procedures

You only get one set of permanent teeth, and you might not be able to preserve your smile forever. As you grow older, you could begin to notice issues such as severe discoloration, chips, cracks, gaps between the teeth, and dental caries. If you are tired of hiding your teeth, then you might want to take a closer look at some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments that are currently on the market. An experienced dentist will be able to help you restore the form and function of your smile, and the results of your procedure could last for years with the proper aftercare.

Is the Damage Purely Cosmetic?

Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of believing that chips, stains, and smaller cavities are nothing more than cosmetic issues. While those blemishes are going to impact the appearance of your smile, they can also weaken your teeth. Whenever the outside of a tooth is compromised, it will greatly increase your risk of developing much bigger problems down the road. That is why it is so important to seek out a dentist who offers cosmetic dentistry in Las Cruces, NM as soon as you notice any signs of damage.

Treatment Options for Chips and Cracks

Tooth chips and cracks are incredibly common, and they are often caused by acute trauma to the face. That type of damage can also be caused by chewing on hard items, such as pencils, pens, fingernails, ice cubes, and hard candy. To treat relatively small chips and cracks, a cosmetic dentistry team will most likely suggest dental bonding. The bonding material is going to reinforce the tooth to prevent further damage.

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What About Tooth Stains?

One of the most common reasons why people consider cosmetic dentistry in Las Cruces NM is because they are tired of having stained and discolored teeth. Over the years, many different things can cause discoloration, and that includes bad dietary habits, certain medications, and infections. Luckily, there are many different treatment options for tooth discoloration, and most patients can brighten their smiles by multiple shades with nothing more than professional whitening services.

Treating Severe Damage

When teeth are severely damaged, a dentist might need to remove them entirely and replace them with dental implants. Those devices look and feel just like natural teeth, and they can last a lifetime with the proper care. Once your dental implants are in place, you might not even realize that they are there. Dental implants can also be used when one or more teeth are knocked out and can’t be recovered.

Explore Your Treatment Options Today

If you are ready to have the smile of your dreams, then you will need to consult with a cosmetic dentist. One of those medical professionals can help you come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that restores your smile as well as your confidence.