All About Nail Care: Manicure, Polishes, and Cosmetics

Beautiful hands are impossible to imagine without beautiful and healthy nails. Unfortunately, almost every woman…

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Beautiful hands are impossible to imagine without beautiful and healthy nails. Unfortunately, almost every woman has faced, for example, fragility or delamination of the plate. But if you know how to take care of nails, you can maintain them in perfect condition without any special effort. So, we are going to talk about it in this article.

Nail care products

The variety of cosmetics for nail caring is huge nowadays, and among all of this it is worth highlighting:

  • High-quality SNS Nails Australia polishes;
  • Therapeutic polishes designed to strengthen the plate, moisturize and accelerate growth;
  • Nail polish remover fluid that carefully removes the polish from the nail without damaging its surface;
  • Tools for softening, moisturizing, and removing cuticles allow you to maintain nails in perfect condition;
  • Masks and creams solve the problems of dryness of the cuticle and the plate;
  • Waxes for strengthening;
  • Compositions for the preparation of baths that strengthen the plates and take care of the cuticle area.

The main cosmetic procedure for nails care is a manicure. You can do it both in a salon and at home, and about it, we are going to talk now.

Types of manicure

  • Classic, edged, manicure: the cuticle is removed with tweezers and scissors. This type is the most popular nowadays, that it is a good fast method for nail care;
  • European or uncut manicure is based on softening the cuticle with the help of special preparations, followed by removal with an orange stick or spatula;
  • Hardware (uncut) manicure is done using a special machine with a rotating head and diamond nozzles. The procedure is performed only on dry skin;
  • SPA manicure, as a rule, is uncut. During the procedure, preparations for cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing nails and hands are used.
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Salon nail care procedures

  • In the arsenal of professionals, there are a lot of tools designed to make nails stronger, healthier, and, of course, beautiful;
    Paraffin therapy allows you to moisturize the plates and make them more elastic;
  • Japanese manicure can significantly improve the condition of the plates by coating them with a special paste based on beeswax;
  • Strengthening with bio gel protects the nail from damage and makes it easy to grow nails of the desired length;
    Strengthening with silk consists of applying the finest fabric to the plate. This procedure allows you to keep beautiful long nails.

How to properly care for nails at home

Home care procedures include:

  • Cleansing, which includes regular washing and, if necessary, removing the polish;
  • Using of special moisturizing and nourishing products;
  • Hand-made masks and creams;
  • Proper nutrition, since vitamins and minerals are necessary to maintain healthy nails.

Advice on how to make a manicure at home

  • We recommend making uncut manicures yourself at home since it is easier to perform and it is absolutely safe.
  • Soften the cuticle with a special composition and then remove it with an orange stick. You will need to get used to this method of cuticle removal, but after a few months its growth will stop, and the hands can be easy to maintain in a well-groomed condition with the help of only special cosmetic products.
  • You should also not doing often the polishing of the plate, and pay attention, that it is necessary to file the plates only in one direction. By the way, for natural plates, it is better to use a glass nail file.
  • Before applying colored or therapeutic nail polish, the plates must be degreased.
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Features of toenail care

If a woman knows how to take care of her fingernails, then she can apply most of these rules to her toenails. However, the wearing of shoes and anatomical features create some differences:

  • Beautiful toenails are unthinkable without comfortable shoes;
  • In the process of a home pedicure, toenails should be cut “in a straight line” without cutting the corners;
  • The nail plate on the feet is often thicker than on the hands, so the use of polishing is more appropriate here.

Tips for nail care

  • All tools used in the process of nail care must be of high quality;
  • Do not use someone else’s hygiene tools. Only a high-quality tool can be properly sterilized if there is a special device;
    Nails should periodically rest from the polish. It is advisable to leave them without decorative coating for at least 2-3 days every 2 weeks;
  • When choosing a nail polish remover, it is better to prefer a product without acetone;
  • All housework related to water and chemicals must be done with gloves. This useful habit will help to preserve the health of nails and the skin of hands.

So, in this article, we have told you how to take care of your hands. We hope that you have noted something new and useful for yourself. See you in the following articles. Have a nice day!