Time to Buy Clothes For Pregnant Women

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The second half of pregnancy is different for everyone. Some discover changes that are clearly visible to prying eyes, which seem to be something out of the ordinary: the chest will increase significantly, the waist will become completely invisible. The stomach, of course, will strongly bulge forward, at the same time, the volume of the hips will increase sharply and the buttocks will begin to bulge back. All these factors must be considered when choosing clothes for pregnant women.

Ladies who have always spent a lot of time getting new outfits for themselves, must agree that there are absolutely no trifles when choosing clothes. If you like the style, the fabric and the price of the thing suit you, but at the same time the thing itself is absolutely not to your face, then from it.

In her usual state, a woman is keenly aware of what clothes will suit her and what will not. Therefore, no further questions arise. But during pregnancy, the situation changes radically. After all, it is necessary not only to choose clothes, but also to try to look your best. And it is not easy, given all the changes. But, nevertheless, the situation will not look so tragic if the pregnant woman adequately assesses all the features of her figure and tries, if possible, to hide what does not add to her attractiveness.

For example, you should never emphasize the waistline with a belt or fitted clothes at a time when the stomach has already become quite large. No need to try to look slimmer, this way you can only make yourself funny. During the second half, it is necessary to wear special clothes designed for pregnant women like maternity shorts. It is absurd and ridiculous to try to wear ordinary outfits, adapting them to an enlarged belly. Clothes can be bought or rented. Not all conventional styles are acceptable. In the second term, pregnant women need to wear clothes that are tailored specifically for expectant mothers, such as linen maternity clothing; they will easily solve many annoying problems.

Most pregnant women used to be proud of the shape of their legs. And now it is especially hard for them to realize that a particle of the former charm has been lost, because the legs have become much fuller. But it’s too early to despair.

After pregnancy, everything will return to normal, the shape of the legs will become the same. In the meantime, you can temporarily hide plump ankles and calves with clothes. At least you should not wear short skirts and shorts, they will have to be left until the case when the newly-made mother, slender and smart, goes for a walk with her own child.

If the pregnancy period falls in the summer, then many women go on vacation, to nature. There are special models. They have a built-in bra, which helps to keep the shape of the growing breast.

What shoes to wear during pregnancy

If you have already figured out how long to buy clothes for pregnant women, and what styles are most suitable for expectant mothers, you can not ignore the shoes. Very often, already at the very beginning of pregnancy, the legs begin to swell.

Therefore, it is advisable to abandon narrow, uncomfortable high-heeled shoes. In them, a pregnant woman feels far from the best way. In addition, the load on the foot in this case may be too great, and therefore there is a risk of injury. During pregnancy, shoes with a low stable heel should be preferred. Such shoes are no less elegant than thin high “stilettos”.

But at the same time, a stable heel is more preferable and comfortable for a pregnant woman, and besides, it does not create a risk of injury. During pregnancy, you should wear only shoes made of genuine leather, which allows the legs to breathe and does not squeeze them, interfering with blood circulation. In addition, from the point of view of environmental cleanliness, leather shoes are most preferable.

From genuine leather, you should choose both summer shoes and boots, and boots for the cold season. It is in shoes made from natural materials that a pregnant woman will feel her best. Even if you have chosen the most comfortable model of maternity clothes, once your belly is large enough, it will not be easy to bend down to lace up or fasten your shoes.

This factor also needs to be considered during pregnancy. It is better to choose models that can be fastened quickly and easily. It is unlikely that it would be wise to wear long lace-up boots during pregnancy.

After all, not always there will be a close person who will help to put on shoes. In summer, it is best to walk in open clogs that do not require additional fasteners.

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