6 Gender Reveal Party Tips

Are you preparing to host a gender reveal party for a group of family members and friends? Are you struggling to know where to begin?

Here are 6 top gender reveal party tips and tricks to make your task easier:

1. Select a theme

Once you have chosen a general theme for your party, the planning stage will become easier as you will have more direction when it comes to making further selections. When you know the theme, your options become more limited, which can eliminate all the confusion. A theme can be something as simple as “the color blue” or “the color pink”, or more sophisticated, such as a specific time of year or the expecting parents’ favorite children’s book. There is an unlimited number of Gender Reveal Party Themes, so get creative and keep in mind what the family will like.

2. Enlist help from others

While taking control (and responsibility) of the main decision making processes regarding the gender reveal party is a positive, it would be unwise not to enlist help from others. Once you have drawn up a guest list, look to see if you can identify anyone who would be available to help you with decorating, cooking or invitation designs. You don’t have to do everything by yourself. There are certain to be friends and family desperate to get involved and contribute – you just need to invite them to help.

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3. Select activities everyone can participate in

Leaving to one side the central showpiece – the gender reveal – it would be good to arrange fun activities that everyone can partake in. Something as old school as pinata or pin the tail on the donkey will ensure all party guests have fun.

4. Make the baby’s gender reveal unique

The baby’s gender revel is obviously the highlight of the party, so you need to make it special. There are lots of ideas floating around, but you need to get creative in order to ensure it is unique. While you could go down the simple route, such as cutting a cake to reveal the gender or releasing pink or blue balloons, or confetti cannons, get yours here. everyone is sure to appreciate the party more if it is unique and slightly quirky. Of course, if you know the expecting parents would prefer an understated and classy affair, stick to that safe brief. The goal is just to make the party a memorable occasion.

5. Buy/hire from suppliers you trust

The secret to a smooth event is to use party suppliers that you have prior experience with and who you know are efficient and reliable – this is even more important if you are hosting a gender reveal party with dozens of guests. You don’t want to spend hours before the party worrying if the cake is going to turn up on time and if there will be enough food. Whether you are hiring professionals or enlisting help from friends, make sure they reliable and committed to on-time delivery.

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6. Record the event

Don’t forget to capture key moments from the party. While hiring a professional videographer or photographer might be a bit overkill, you need to make sure that at least one guest that the party is documenting key events at the party with photos and video clips.