What Is the Cost of Having a Baby in US?

Women who are preparing to grow your family, she may need to consider the Cost of Having a Baby. Having a baby is expensive. The cost of having a baby in US depends on where you live, Type of your childbirth, whether you have health insurance. According to research in US, there are about 2,684,803 mothers who had a vaginal birth and 1,258,581 mothers last year. A lot of money going into the healthcare system just from maternity costs. As procedures or technologies involved in childbirth day by day, childbirth much more expensive over time. Caesarean section is more costly as compared to vaginal delivery. The vast majority of women give birth to the most costly way. Here we are discussing information, advice, Cost of Having a Baby in US and resources which help you to avoid unnecessary charges.

How Much Does It Cost To Have a Baby in the US

The average cost to have a baby in US is about $10,808, and this cost may vary or increase to $30,000 depending on many factors which relay on before and after pregnancy. This childbirth cost includes numerous obstetrician’s fee, regular check-ups, tests and procedures, and prenatal care associated with pregnancy you may have. Where the average prices for a Cesarean or C-section childbirth range from $7,500 – $14,500. If any complication during birth may increase the charges for childbirth, however, the exact costs of childbirth range anywhere in between $4,000 – $20,000, but keep in mind note that these costs vary for each state in US. There are many factors which affect the Cost to Have a Baby in the US, such as type of birth delivery, Patient having no health insurance.

Baby Delivery Medical Procedures in the USA Cost With or Without Insurance (USD)

Baby Delivery Medical Procedures Average Cost – without Insurance Average cost – with Insurance
Obstetrician’s fee & Visit $100-$200 $0-$150
Ultrasound fee $100-$300 $0-$250
Birth and Delivery in the Hospital $3,000 – $35,000 Depending on your Insurance coverage
Cesarean delivery in the hospital $8,000 – $70,000 Depending on your Insurance coverage
Birth at Home and delivery with midwife $1,500 – $5,000 $0-$1,000

What is the Cost of Healthy Pregnancy?

The average cost of Healthy Pregnancy in the US is $10,808. Health insurance can significantly reduce those cost. Patients having Health insurance may pay less. There are several options for coverage you can avail. While maternity expenses for insured women might seem high. Healthy Pregnancy Maternity costs can also vary from state to state. Some hospital also offers interest-free payment plan options to the couple who are unable to pay child delivery expense at a time. You can also protect yourselves from super-high medical bills for childbirth. Find some essential Tips for How to reduce maternity costs.

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Tips of How to Get Low Maternity Costs

  • Take the insurance plan which covers all most expense of child delivery.
  • Compare prices online or call the insurance company listed for more information.
  • Know your out-of-pocket costs.
  • Always prefer your network of doctors and hospitals.
  • Open a flexible spending account (FSA) – If your (or your spouse’s) employer, then take the offer of some discount.
  • Ask the doctor or midwife why there are other options, such as recommends an expensive test or procedure.
  • If you feel better after 12 or 24 hours in the hospital, then no need to stay at home unnecessarily.

Once your baby comes, you need to have up to 60 days then you need to review your insurance coverage and make changes that could save you money.

How Much Does Cost Of C-Section Vs Natural Birth?

Cost of Natural Birth (Vaginal Birth)

  • The average total cost of Natural Birth, including prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum care for is about: $22,800.
  • The average cost of Natural Birth for intrapartum care is: $16,200
  • The average price of Natural Birth out-of-pocket intrapartum cost: $1,700

Natural Birth or Vaginal Births is less expensive as compared to C-Section birth. You may pay less fee for anaesthesiology, professional services, and facility fees will be much lower as your delivery won’t be in an operating room. In this procedure, there is no need to use interventions to speed up the delivery, which is usually used in C-Section delivery.

Cost of Caesarean Section Delivery (C-Section Delivery)

  • The average price of C-Section Delivery including prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum care: $33,062
  • The average price of C-Section Delivery for intrapartum care: $25,000
  • Average of C-Section Delivery for out-of-pocket cost: $1,950

C-Section Delivery is some expensive as women need to deliver baby in an operation room and there is a need for many hospital types of equipment, operating space etc.

Newborn care after Natural Birth

Newborn care after Natural Birth is so essential for the baby’ s health the standard newborn baby checks include Measurement of the temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate, hearing, Eyecare, counting fingers and toes etc. Healthy babies born in a Natural Birth are usually able to stay with the mother. Take a bath after birth; your baby is placed skin-to-skin on your chest right after birth. Some babies will breastfeed right away.

The average cost of Newborn care after Natural Birth is about $5,810 and  Average out-of-pocket cost is about $560.

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Newborn Care after Cesarean Birth

The baby delivers in C-section will have higher facility fees because it will be born in an operating room. Your baby’s health care providers check your baby right after birth. A nursery nurse usually checks babies born by C-section. Many hospitals suggest babies born by C-section to be watched in the nursery for a short time.

The average cost of Newborn care after a caesarean birth is $11,200. And Average out-of-pocket cost: $725.

When a Baby Has Trouble after Birth

After birth, almost baby’s body systems must work together. But in some cases, there are some issues in the baby’s body systems. Then Health assessments such as the Apgar test done to check the actual problem. If the baby may have trouble at birth, including those born prematurely, due to may have difficulty at birth include those born prematurely, or born with a birth defect. In this case, the baby needs special care which increases the cost of Newborn Care after Birth.

How Much Does a Vaginal Delivery Cost in US?

Natural deliveries account for about 7 in 10 childbirths and where about 3 in 10, C-sections performed as per a study—vaginal delivery with complications requiring an operating room procedure. When you are planning for the Vaginal Delivery in US, then you need to consider Vaginal Delivery Cost in US. The average Vaginal Delivery Cost in US is about $6,900. This is not fixed price Vaginal Delivery Cost in US may differ from hospital to another hospital.

What Are Some Ways To Reduce Your Prenatal And Delivery Costs?

As the Childbirth delivery is somehow expensive. Child delivery in a developed country, you may pay more. Most of families, such high hospital delivery charges along with maternity care costs can be a major financial burden, But there is some way by following which you can manage or Reduce Your Prenatal and Delivery Costs. These following options must lower your hospital delivery fee. Let’s discuss some the important way below:

Review Your Insurance Plan Coverage :

Before planning for a baby, you need to figure out if your insurance plan offers adequate coverage. And know about how much out-of-pocket costs will be to have a baby. It is the best effective way to lower your Prenatal and Delivery bills, be smart about the health insurance coverage you choose.

Choose Your Gynecologist Wisely

It is so important to stay within your provider network and choose the experienced Gynaecologist who provides successful child Delivery with affordable fees. And ask the doctor whether treatment allows you to cover your insurance plan. The experienced Gynaecologist can serve you a successful child delivery with minimum pain. She/ he also suggests the right test and procedures during your pregnancy.

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Communicate Early With Your Health Insurance Provider

Don’t wait for when you get hospital bill for childbirth, Just Communicate Early with Your Health Insurance Provider. Most of the sooner you communicate with your health care providers, and you can negotiate the rates.

Take Generic Medications

Consult with your OB to explore if there are generic alternatives medicine prescribed during prenatal or postnatal care. You can take these medicines instead of taking prescribed medicine which also lowers your maternity cost.

Set Up a Payment Plan

Ask your doctor is there any flexibility of payment of hospital bill. Many hospitals also offer breakthrough payment, so that you can pay the amount in many parts. This will be best for the couple who are worried about the high expense of child delivery.

Beware of Additional Costs

Some hospital adds some extra bills which are not mentioned before, so you should know clearly about the total cost when you visit the doctor first, be sure there is no hidden cost. The billing error may be like: Examples of hospital bill errors include being charged twice for procedures or medications or being charged methods you didn’t have.

Check Your Bill for Errors

There may many likely errors on your hospital bill. So go through the Hospital bill in detail before paying if you find any mistakes and get them fixed.

Use a Doula

Using a doula can help you more need for pain medications. This way, it enables you to reduce the need for some costly procedures. You can also ask a doula for a sliding scale.

How Health Insurance Affects Childbirth Cost?

All Health Insurance Marketplace and Medicaid plans cover pregnancy and childbirth. The cost of Childbirth health care might be free or relatively affordable with Health Insurance. So patients having Health Insurance need to pay less for their Childbirth hospital cost. Women insured with health insurance programs like Medicaid get the benefits of low cost for maternity care in private clinics also. Medicaid is basically what they receive through private insurance policies. Health insurance plays an important rollicking maternity care treatments and being able to afford it. So get a Health Insurance and make sure your insurance covers childbirth costs.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a new parent is a complicated process, so it is that much more important to do your research ahead of time. Choose your doctor wisely. And follow the above tips to reduce your childbirth costs, the overall cost depends on what state you live in, your insurance, and the type of birth. If any confusion, then you can visit the doctor directly and ask all your queries. And best of luck have a happy pregnancy journey.