Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Son

It is undoubtedly very difficult for parents to see their son grow up and move away for education, career or life in general, but at the same time, they feel delighted too, seeing their son succeed and flourish. There are several different ways to convey what you feel, happy birthday wishes for son is one of the most endearing ways. If you are looking for birthday wishes for son that will express your feelings to the point, you are on the right page. Find the most suitable message from the list below; birthday quotes for son, birthday messages for son!

Happy Birthday Son Quotes

Find below the assortment of happy birthday wishes for son and birthday quotes for son, to send him on his big day.

  • I hope this day may bring you joy, happiness, and everything you ever wish for, lots of love to you my dear son! Happy birthday
  • On this memorable day, I want to wish for all your wishes to come true, happy birthday, son.
  • Have a blast, Sunny boy it’s your big birthday!
  • You are a rock star, honey, happy birthday!
  • You are the perfect son one could wish for, happy birthday, darling!
  • It feels so empty without you, happy birthday, dear son! We miss you.
  • Big bear hugs to my brother on his special day, happy birthday!
  • My love is undying for you, happy birthday, son!
  • I pray the God to shower you with his choicest blessings, my dear son, happy birthday!
  • There is no other option to celebrate your big day but party hard, happy birthday, son!
  • Happy birthday, son! Wishing you the very best of this birthday, have a great day and year ahead!
  • Enjoy your big day, sweetheart! Happy birthday
  • I hope with all my heart; you find all the happiness and success you desire. Happy birthday dearest son!
  • Every day since the day you came into our lives, you have done nothing but amaze us! We are probably the happiest parents in the world to have the son ever! Happy birthday

 Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom

A mother can never put words to her feelings, on his birthday let us help you find suitable birthday messages for son to send your beloved son, and express how u feel.

  • It’s been wonderful to see you grow into the handsome young man you have become. Happy birthday dear son!
  • You are my favorite present for Christmas. Happy birthday to my baby.
  • You are nothing less than a blessing that came true. Happy birthday honey!
  • You are the most humble, kind and beautiful of the humans, have a great birthday you deserve it.
  • I wish you didn’t have to grow up and leave for studies; we miss you! Here I am sending lots of love and blessings on your birthday!
  • A son like you is one in a million; I would cherish you in my heart forever! Happy birthday, son!
  • All my favorite stories are your childhood; I want you to know you are the most important to me. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  • May God bless you for every day of your beautiful life, sweetheart, happy birthday!
  • My joy increases every day when I look at you being the best you can in everything. But I want to take a moment here and tell you it is okay to be the best in everything, maybe not, instead try to be the best of you! Happy birthday, son!
  • Honey, when I scold you please, know it comes from a place of love, lots of love for you. We only want the best for you always! Happy birthday dear son.
  • If I ever made you feel anything less than just great, I am sorry! While you are growing up, we are also learning to be the best parents we can be. Happy birthday, son!
  • When your baby sister was born, I was worried if you would feel less important if you might act out. But instead, you were the best son and big brother; you not only helped me sometimes, but you also didn’t even let the trouble reach me and handled it all by yourself. Here’s to the angel within you. Happy birthday, son!
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Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Dad

All the fathers out there, we know it is hard to express love in words. We have tried to come up with multiple birthday wishes for son for you to send your dear son on his big day!

  • When times are tough, it shows a man’s integrity and honor. It has been delightful watching you grow into an honest, honorable man. Happy birthday, son!
  • Your teens were a fun time for me, we played games together, you told me your dreams and aspirations, and most of all you became my friend. What else can a father ask for, happy birthday son!
  • As you kids say these days, can’t keep calm, it’s your birthday! Happy birthday, son!
  • I thought your crazy days are over, and it looks like I was wrong. Happy birthday son!
  • Are you that old now? It seems just yesterday I had you in my arms, happy birthday, young man!
  • Happiest birthday to our families rock start!
  • You asked me if boys should cry like girls. They sure can, and it shows a man is not afraid of showing his emotions. Remember that my son, Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, son, be the best of you. Your mom and I are very proud of you!
  • You are the soul of this family, son; we miss you happy birthday!
  • The very best of your mom and I are in you and so much more. We are proud to call you our son, happy birthday!
  • Mom and dad love you very much, happy birthday son!
  • Take a little break and see your old folks’ son, we love you and miss you. Happy birthday!
  • I know a lot of people, and I know many of them are envious of me that I have a son like you, happy birthday young man!
  • I am not big of emotional gestures like your mother, but on this special day, I would want to tell you I love you very much, and I wish the very best for you. Happy birthday!
  • I may seem busy at times, but I want to promise you on your special day. I will always be there for you! Happy birthday, son.
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Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

Baby boys, just wait and watch, your parents are going to blow your mind with these funny birthday quotes for son to wish on his birthday!

  • Happiest birthday to the littlest bundle of joy!
  • Baby boy, you are my world, happy birthday, honey!
  • A shout out to my baby his special day, happy birthday sweetheart!
  • We will always be there to protect you, to counsel you, and, most of all, to be with you in any way we can. Happy birthday, son!
  • You are the Oreo to my Oreo shake, and I love you dearly, son happy birthday!
  • Your teens will probably the best years of your life; you have got the coolest mommy! Happy birthday, baby! 😛
  • I may not chant it all the time, but I want you to remember I love you, sweetheart, and you can always count on me no matter what, have the happiest birthday honey!
  • Happy birthday my angel!
  • I will always protect you despite anything, happy birthday, son; I love you!
  • Your mother is going to dress you like a princess this year on Halloween, just a heads up! Happy birthday, son!
  • Happiest birthday to my sweet little boy, you are growing up so fast I feel like time is running away!
  • Baby boy, it’s your big birthday, and your potty training is all done! 😛
  • Parents never want to see their children grow up, but for my sake, please grow up soon because your dad is more like a child than you, happy birthday, my big man!
  • After a hectic day at work, your face is the wave of relaxation and joy. I look forward to my sweetheart. Happy birthday!
  • Your mom keeps saying how she will lock in the basement and never let you leave because it physically hurts her. Believe her; she really won’t let you go!  Oh, and happy birthday! 😛
  • When your mom threatens you, she’ll have you arrested if you pick up bad habits. Believe her, that is how we met. Happy birthday! 😛

1st Birthday Wishes for Your Son

Your son is 1, woohoo! How about writing wishes for him to read when he grows up. You are the coolest parents on the planet, choose your favorite happy birthday wishes for son from the below list.

  • You cannot read yet, so mommy is saving all these messages for you to read when you are old enough. Happy birthday, honey!
  • Your dad is watching you while writing your first birthday card; he is turning you into a pumpkin! I am sorry, honey, happy birthday! 😛
  • I found my world in you, happy birthday to my big boy!
  • Your mom gave the world when she handed you the first time in my arms, happy birthday son; it’s been a blessing this last one year!
  • I want you to read this when you are old enough; I was so scared when your mom told me she was going to have you. I was not sure if I will be able to be the dad you deserve; I still am not sure. But I promise you I won’t stop trying ever. Happy first birthday, son!
  • No treasure is worth the happiness we find when we have you in our arms, happy first big birthday sweetheart, we love you.
  • Oh, my God! You are already one; soon you will be off to college! I can’t stop crying! Happy birthday my big boy!
  • Your daddy will never say it, but let me tell you he cried when I handed you to him for the first time.  We love you so much, honey! Happy first birthday!
  • You dad is already planning on teaching you all kind of sports, honey, beware! And a happy birthday to you, my dumpling!
  • Very happy birthday to the cutest little thing ever! You are so big now; I can’t believe my own eyes!
  • Happy first birthday, hone! When you grow up and ask who loves you more, it’s me! I am writing this for future references!
  • I see so much of your grandmother in you, honey! Happy first birthday, I wish she was here to see you grow into the most fantastic baby you are!
  • My sweet baby, you are a big 1 today. Your dad and I could not be happier enough, happy birthday, my marshmallow.
  • Every father loves to hear how his son looks like him, so do I. I am glad to be your father; I never knew something could make me so happy that it would hurt. Happy birthday to my son, you are 1 today.
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There is nothing more fulfilling than being parents and having a son to love, cherish and watch growing up. Let us help you send happy birthday messages for son; find the perfect birthday quotes for son or birthday messages for son here. Let us enjoy ourselves together in your happiness!

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