What to buy for the birth of a baby? List-reference book of a young mother

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We suggest using our list of things necessary for the birth of a baby, which can become not only information for reflection but also a convenient guide to action.

What to buy for a newborn from budget things:

Comfortable family bed

For many, this item will seem strange, but ask your friends with small children, how many of them jumped up 10 times a night to feed the baby? Or the majority took the baby to an adult bed for the night, which makes it possible for the mother to sleep at least a little, and the baby to feel cozy, warm, and protected. The child does not have to wake up and cry until the mother hears him, gets up, and goes to the crib. As soon as he began to toss and turn and wake up – here she is. Not to mention the fact that co-sleeping has a good effect on the development of the child’s mental abilities and the formation of immunity.

Nappy backpack

The very first and most important difference between a bag or nappy backpack for a mom and an ordinary women’s handbag is the presence of many pockets !!!

Being a mom means not just carrying a bunch of things with you, it means carrying a bunch of small, different, childish things with you that you might need at any moment, and you will have to fish out one of the many things quickly and clearly, delay can lead to deafening crying or soiled clothes, or … in general, mom on a walk or in a clinic – as a special agent on a mission. And any special agent needs special weapons, so in any of our bags, there are many pockets that will allow you to place everything you need so that it remains visible and can be easily and quickly removed from the bag! Pockets are designed for baby things, these are for diapers, others for bottles, others for nipples, in general, not just pockets – but thoughtful pockets!

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Baby crib

A crib is needed if you or your spouse are categorically against co-sleeping. On the other hand, as a compromise, one of the gratings can be removed from it and installed close to an adult bed. Maybe it will come in handy as a “playpen”, where you can leave the child for a few minutes without worrying that he will roll, crawl, fall.

Mattress, blanket, bed linen, canopy, bumpers
The mattress is better than coconut, the blanket, of course, is hypoallergenic. A newborn does not need a pillow, and in general, for its intended purpose, the child begins to use it closer to two years.


A musical toy that hangs on a crib or anywhere else a child spends their time. The first time is a very convenient thing, because. most kids “pass out” before listening to the melody to the end.

Baby changing table

Necessary thing for child care. Especially if the table is combined with a chest of drawers where you can store all the children’s things.


In our minds, the concepts of “baby” and “carriage” are inseparable. A good stroller is windproof, roomy, and passable. Most mothers treat the stroller as the main attribute of self-expression and meticulously look at each other’s strollers on the street. Sometimes it is convenient to rock the baby in the stroller at home. And at a party or in the country, she can replace the child’s crib.

Bath, thermometers for water and the children’s room

For a newly born child, a bath is much more convenient and cozier than a large bath, which, moreover, is very problematic to scrub every day. The bath is always easy to wash and take with you, for example, to the country. Neonatologists advise buying a “hill” in the bath, not plastic, but made of fabric on a metal frame. In this case, the baby takes a more natural and comfortable position for himself.

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Night light

A night light is necessary so that the baby is not scared, and you can see the child. Now very compact and cute nightlights are being sold in the form of different little animals with a light bulb inside, which are simply plugged into an outlet. They are convenient to use at home and on any trip.

Home overalls

Easy to put on and take off, no extra elastic bands, rivets, fasteners. Socks, vest, and sliders in one bottle.

Other clothes

In general, when you go to a children’s store, you want to buy at least half of the presented assortment for a belly button. But it’s better to limit yourself to a couple of things in each category, because, firstly, in a couple of months he will need a different size, and, secondly, you and your baby will react favorably to some styles, and some in your wardrobe will not take root, thirdly, a lot will be given by relatives and friends-girlfriends.

  • Flannel and cotton diapers;
  • Thin blouses or vests;
  • Rompers;
  • Warm blouse;
  • Warm socks;
  • Socks are thin;
  • Hats or bonnets are thin;
  • Hat for the street.