Top 11 Best Baby Soaps for Newborn Babies in India (2022 reviews)

Soaps are a necessary part of any newborn’s hygiene routine. Baby’s soap should be mild,…

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Soaps are a necessary part of any newborn’s hygiene routine. Baby’s soap should be mild, free of any chemicals and it should have moisturizing agents. Most baby soaps are made with three basic ingredients; sodium hydroxide, glycerin, and propylene glycol. While sodium hydroxide is responsible for making the soap hard, the other two chemicals give it its softness. The mildest baby soaps are made of all-natural ingredients like honey, aloe vera juice, shea butter, coconut oil, etc. For a baby’s delicate skin, soaps made of organic ingredients are considered the best.

Baby soaps are available in different forms like bars, powders, liquids, etc. Although alcohol-free baby soap is considered the most gentle, it may dry out the skin if not used along with a moisturizer. Baby soaps also vary in their pH level. The best baby soap is one that has a pH of about 5-6 and does not cause irritation to the baby’s skin or scalp.

Most dermatologists also recommend using mild baby soaps that contain natural moisturizers and antimicrobials. Baby’s skin is very sensitive, so it is important to choose baby soaps that are gentle enough for newborns. There are several brands in the market today that offer different variants of organic and mild baby soaps. That’s why in this blog post, we will list the best soaps for newborn babies in India. These soaps are all safe and gentle enough for use on delicate skin.

Best newborn babies soaps in India

As well for baby’s sensitive skin, it is also important to soap them in the right way. Baby’s skin is much more sensitive than adult’s skin and hence you need to be very careful while using any wash or soap on them. If you use the wrong soap, it may result in rashes on the baby’s skin which may cause irreparable damage to the delicate and soft skin of the baby. There are a lot of soaps and wash available in the market which you can use for your baby. Below we have mentioned the best baby soaps in India that you can buy from Amazon and they are:

johnson’s baby soap

1. Johnson’s baby soap

Johnson’s baby soap has been in the market for so many years. It is specially made for the baby’s delicate skin as it has natural ingredients like chamomile extract, aloe vera, and vitamin E. It is a tear-free formula soap which means you can wash your baby’s face as well as body with it. Johnson’s baby soap is very easily available in the market and you can buy it online from Amazon as well for a much cheaper deal. This baby soap also contains essential oils like almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. that will be very beneficial for your baby’s skin. In terms of pricing as well, it is not that expensive and you can easily afford it without having to worry about the price.

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Cost: ₹270.00

chicco baby moments soap

2. Chicco baby moments soap

Chicco baby moments soap is a new product in the market, but it has been making its way to the top of the best seller’s list very quickly due to its effectiveness. It is specially made for infants who are 6 months or older. For a newborn baby’s skin, it is better to use this soap after consulting a doctor or pediatrician. It is made up of natural ingredients that are good for the baby’s skin. The soap comes in two different variants, one is the honey and milk extracts. For dry skin, these baby products would be better as it also has vanilla and watermelon variant. For baby’s delicate skin cleansed with milk essence and honey extracts.

Cost: ₹79.00

himalaya gentle baby soap

3. Himalaya gentle baby soap

Himalaya gentle baby soap is the best option available in India for babies. To avoid skin irritation on baby skin, one must use this soap. This is a very gentle soap. If you have tried other harsh soaps for your baby, then switch to this Himalaya baby soap and see the difference in results. Its tear-free formula includes natural ingredients like honey, wheat germ oil, coconut oil, etc. that are not only beneficial for your baby but also keep their skin healthy from the first use itself. Himalaya also produces baby wash to be used in place of soap and it’s safe for baby’s eyes.

Cost: ₹139.00

sebamed baby cleansing bar

4. Sebamed baby cleansing bar

Sebamed is a high-quality baby soap bar that has great pH-balanced and hypoallergenic for optimal skincare. It’s the best option for your baby due to its tearless formula which makes it gentle on their eyes and doesn’t cause irritation to the baby’s sensitive skin. This soap is dermatologically tested and doctors worldwide prescribe Sebamed soap for sensitive baby skin. Mild cleansers keep the baby’s delicate, thin skin healthy without making it dry or rough. For eczema-prone skin, Sebamed soap is the best option as it doesn’t dry the skin like other baby soaps and washes. You can use this soap on the face, body, or hair of your baby. This soap comes in a pack of three bars which will last for a long time and you can trust it to keep your baby’s skin clean and healthy.

Cost: ₹202.00

mamaearth moisturizing baby soaps

5. Mamaearth Moisturizing Baby soaps

Mamaearth is a new and upcoming brand in India that has created an organic range of baby skincare products that are free from harmful chemicals and artificial preservatives. Their baby soaps come in two variants- aloe vera and oats and cocoa butter. The olive and almond oils, honey, shea butter, cocoa butter help lock in moisture in the baby’s skin and leave it soft to touch. It has mild foam that gently cleanses the baby without drying out or irritating its delicate skin. This soap is perfect for all baby’s skin type that is sensitive to chemicals. It is free from parabens, SLS, mineral oils, and artificial fragrances that can harm your baby’s skin or cause an allergic reaction.

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Cost: ₹224.00

mother sparsh natural baby soap

6. Mother Sparsh natural baby soap

This natural baby soap for irritated skin is made up of 100% natural and herbal components like honey, aloe vera, and sweet almond oil. It has been developed especially for babies so that they can get the best experience while bathing with it. The soap is very gentle on your baby’s delicate skin and helps to reduce allergies and rashes on their body. The Mother Sparsh baby soap is available in the market for a reasonable price. It is also available with goat milk and olive fruit oil ingredients formula. This tear-free soap is best for your baby’s delicate skin and it’s specially formulated for babies above 3 months old.

Cost: ₹224.00

dove baby’s soap

7. Dove Baby’s soap

Though it is another best baby soap in India that can be used for washing babies as well as toddlers. It has been made with the goodness of milk and wheat proteins that are very beneficial for your baby’s skin. The soap also contains glycerin, an ingredient that makes the skin smooth and soft after cleaning it off. You can use it during a bath or can wash your baby with this soap as well. Dove is a very famous brand that has natural and organic ingredients in its soaps which are good for the baby’s skin. Dove baby’s skin moisturizes and softens the skin of your baby. It also has vitamin E and chamomile extract in it to moisturize and soften your baby’s skin.

Cost: ₹42.00

softsens baby soap

8. Softsens Baby Soap

A baby’s skin is very sensitive and it might get irritated if you use an ordinary or a common soap on them. For this purpose, Softsens has come up with another best baby soap in India that is made for babies. It is a very mild and soft formula that moisturizes your baby’s skin well. Its ingredients like glycerin, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. are very effective for keeping your baby’s skin soft and smooth. Along with the moisturizing ingredients, this soap also has an antiseptic quality which protects your baby from germs as well. Softsens baby soap is available in all leading stores; you can buy it online on Amazon at a cheaper cost. It has been formulated especially for babies and toddlers to provide the best bathing experience while protecting their skin from infections and rashes.

Cost: ₹158.00

mee mee nourishing baby soaps

9. Mee-Mee nourishing baby soaps

Mee-Mee is another leading brand in India that manufactures organic natural products for babies. Mee-Mee’s baby soaps are available in different variants, shapes, and sizes. You can buy these soap bars online or you can visit any retail store to get them. The company has come up with nourishing baby soaps which are very safe and good for your baby. These soaps contain natural ingredients which are free from chemicals, toxic, harsh additives, or preservatives. This is the reason; it becomes much easier to use these soaps on your baby’s skin. It has been designed in such a way that they do not make the skin dry but keep it moisturized like baby oil. In this way, it nourishes your baby’s skin and protects from germs as well.

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Cost: ₹145.00

littloo baby soaps

10. LITTLOO baby soaps

LITTLOO is known to be one of the trustworthy manufacturers of organic natural products for babies. The company has many years of experience in this business segment and comes with widespread clientele all over India. LITTLOO baby soaps are made up of premium-quality ingredients which make them very effective against bacteria, germs, and dirt. These soaps are very safe to use on your baby’s skin and do not leave even a single irritation. The best part is that these soaps have been made free from chemicals or preservatives which means you can apply them directly to the skin without worrying about any consequences. In this way, they keep your baby’s skin clean and healthy all the time.

Cost: ₹194.00

santoor baby soap

11. Santoor Baby Soap

Santoor is another manufacturer of baby soaps; it has been in business for more than six decades and comes with a huge clientele all over the country. Being one of the oldest companies, Santoor Baby Soap has mastered the art of making baby products such as shampoos, powders, creams, and other bath types. These soaps are made with premium-quality ingredients that provide enough nourishment to the skin. They are not only safe but have been tested by dermatologists to ensure there are no chances of any harm to the skin. These soaps are very effective against bacteria and dirt which means you can use them directly on your baby’s skin. As well as this baby soap provides the best nourishment to the skin leaving it smooth and fresh all day long.

Cost: ₹199.00

The Conclusion

Therefore, soaps are an important part of a baby’s skincare routine, and it’s necessary for parents to choose the right one. We have tried our level best to come up with a complete list of the best baby soaps in India. We hope this list of the best soaps for newborn babies has given you some ideas to help you choose what soap works best for your little one. All these products are tried and tested by experts, but we encourage you to do your own research before making a decision on which product is right for your child’s skin type. From natural to conventional soaps and from scented to unscented, you have plenty of choices to select the perfect soap for your little one. If it still seems too difficult or if there’s anything else we can help with please contact us through a comment below.