Newborn Baby Checklist – The Must-Haves

Having a baby is a massive blessing for parents, and they are a bundle of joy for them. Unfortunately, this blessing comes with a lot of responsibility. To fulfil their needs, babies need some essential products and gadgets. It can be overwhelming with all the options and the variety of baby products available in the market. This article provides you with a checklist to help you stay organised during this daunting time and provide you with the most important and best items you need for your newborn baby.

Before you have a baby, ensure you already have all the necessities to make the first few days comfortable and easy with your baby. If you’re a mom or mom-to-be looking for a list of products to get you started, you’ve come to the right place. This list includes items your baby will need in the nursery, clothing, items for feeding, diapering, and bath time, and helpful gear for when you’re out and about with your little one. Here are a few essential products categorised to make your post-pregnancy days easier.

Baby Must-Haves

Things You Need In Nursery

These are the essential things that you need to look for to get your baby’s nursery ready.

Crib and mattress: this is one of the first things your baby needs when they are born. They need a crib they sleep safely in; babies initially sleep for 16 hours or more! Buying a crib early on would help you decide the aesthetic of the room as well. Make sure the crib is new and has all the latest safety standards, making the baby sleep peacefully and safely and the new parents. With a crib, you need to get a firm but comfortable mattress that fits appropriately in the crib.

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Humidifier: If you live in a dry climate, your healthcare provider would ask you to invest in a humidifier for your baby’s room. A humidifier helps keep moisture in the air. This way, your baby will sleep comfortably, especially if they have a cough or cold.

Rocking Chair: This is for your comfort but an essential in your baby’s room. If you want to spend time with your baby often, you need a comfortable place to sit. A rocking chair is a perfect spot for breastfeeding, a bedtime story or lullaby, and a last cuddle before sleep.

Things You Need For Feeding

Breast Pump: no matter how much you want to stay with your child 24/7, there will be times when you would have to return to work or go about your errands. While you’re away, a breast pump would come in handy. You can either use a manual pump or an electric one depending on what you like

Nursing Cover: if you’re out and about with your baby, you will need a nursing cover to feed your baby quickly. Nursing covers come with a strap, and you can tie it around your neck to hold it in place while you feed your baby.

Bottles and Nipples: even if you’ve planned to breastfeed your little one, some baby bottles are a must. You will need one if you’re using a breast pump. There are many options available, and bottles come in plastic and glass. When choosing the right bottle for your baby, consider the nipple shape and size too. Buy the one that suits your newborn the most.

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Things You Need for Diapering

Changing Table: this is the next important thing you need in your baby’s nursery. This table is a safe space to change your little one’s diaper. Changing tables come with drawers and cabinets to store your basic things such as diapers, creams, wipes, and fresh clothes. Having your items within reach makes changing diapers easier and keeps your baby safe from falling off the table. Just make sure nothing is within reach of the newborn.

Diapers: no matter how many packets of diapers you stock up on, you will always need more. You won’t believe it, but babies’ go through around 70 diapers per week! Choose the right diaper size for your baby and invest in diapers that keep your baby dry and comfortable.

Diaper Rash Cream: If your baby is fussy and cranky, they likely have a rash. Babies get rash from time to time. Switch to other diapers if the baby is experiencing rash too often. Before buying rash cream, consult your baby’s healthcare provider for advice on which cream or ointment is best.

Things You Need for Clothing

Swaddle Blanket: babies like to be swaddled and feel calmer when they do. During the first few weeks, a special blanket may make the process easier. This product may seem unnecessary, but your baby would appreciate it.

Undershirts and One-Piece Outfits: bodysuits that snap between the legs are the best for your baby. You can easily access and change their diapers without having to undress your baby, which can be a struggle. One-piece bodysuits come in different styles and sizes; choose which ones you want according to the weather. Go for short sleeves in the summer and long sleeves one if you have a winter baby. Some even cover legs and feet, and others don’t. Choose whatever fits best to you and your baby’s liking.

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Things You Need for Bath Time

Baby bathtub: when your baby is born, you will start with sponge baths until the cord stump has fallen off. But soon, you will need to use a bathtub for bathing. Just make sure it works well for newborns.

Shampoo: if your newborn now has hair, go for shampoos that are designed for newborns. Make sure the shampoo you choose is safe and mild for your baby’s skin and eyes.

Soap: Use a mild soap designed especially for newborns and young babies.

Baby moisturiser: baby skin can get dry quickly. Use a non-perfumed, preferably organic lotion on your baby’s skin to keep it moist and hydrated. They don’t need special fancy moisturisers for their sensitive skin.

It Will All Be Okay!

Every new parent feels this way, so you’re not alone! Thinking about all the essentials can be daunting; that is why we created this checklist for you. If you want baby freebies, you can check these baby offers UK moms can benefit from.