How To Help Your Child Take Care of Their Glasses

As a parent, getting your child to wear their glasses in the first place can feel like a miracle. But, getting them to take good care of their frames and make them last, is the next hurdle you have to jump. It’s a big ask! But the more you instil the benefits of looking after their glasses, the more they’ll embrace it. If your little one looks after their frames properly, they’ll benefit from:

  • Having glasses that fit their faces properly
  • Clear, un-scratched lenses
  • They’ll look great
  • And be able to see properly!

Of course, if their frames – or your frames – do get a little bent, or you’re worried about how they’re fitting on your child’s face, click the link to learn how to adjust glasses to fit. This helpful guide means you can tighten frames, nose pads and temple tips carefully at home without having to head to your local optician who might charge for the service.

Encouraging your child to look after their frames can give them responsibility and help them feel grown up! In this post, we’ll explore some little ways you can help your child take care of their glasses. Read on to find out more.

Show Them How To Remove Them Correctly

We’re all a little guilty of not taking our glasses off correctly, however, little ones are more likely to pull them from their faces and drop them somewhere without a care in the world! Show your child how to remove their glasses with two hands, rather than one. This approach means one side of the frames won’t become weaker than the other, or become misshapen too quickly. This is a tip for the grownups too!

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Teach Them How To Clean Them Properly

Another tip for mum and dad to embrace! Showing your child how to clean their glasses properly, means they’re less likely to be staring at the classroom whiteboard through sticky, smeared lenses. While most of us quickly wipe our glasses with any cloth we can find, teach your child the importance of rinsing their glasses first and drying them with a cleaning cloth. Preferably, glasses should air dry, but this isn’t always practical in a school setting. Rinsing their glasses first means they’re less likely to scratch their lenses with dust, grit or sand that might be on there.

Encourage Them to Store Their Glasses Correctly

The little glasses case they chose isn’t just a cool accessory, it plays an important part in the care and maintenance of their frames. Encourage your child to always store their glasses inside the case they’ve been given. A hard case is always a good choice for little ones, as they’re more likely to withstand being sat or stood on, or being jostled around in a school bag. Whenever they take off their frames, they should always be placed in their case.

Final Thoughts…

Helping your child learn to take care of their glasses is an important life skill. It also teaches them the value of caring for something that benefits their health.