Best manual breast pump for that gentle suction that all mums want

Haakaa Generation 2

Breastfeeding is both challenging and tiring for most new moms, not to mention the pain that accompanies cracked nipples! Having a breast pump that is small makes it convenient to carry around and is a great way to relieve engorged breasts.

The generation 2 Haakaa silicone breast pump has a suction base that’s ideal for easy pumping and storing of breast milk. It is the game changing breast pump that all mums need.

Creating a breast milk stash is easy while using the Haakaa, and you can easily increase your milk supply too. A milk stash is super useful for moms who will be going back to work and must introduce their little one to the bottle.

How to make the most of the Haakaa Generation 2 breast pump

  • Integrate the Haakaa to your daily routine. Pump at least 2 times a day and stay consistent. Mornings might be favorable to most moms as the milk supply is better.
  • The Haakaa is designed to be used while breastfeeding. Using it to pump in conjunction with breastfeeding helps to take advantage of the letdown that happens as baby suckles.
  • Attach the Haakaa and then latch the baby. While the baby is feeding, the Haakaa will be simultaneously collecting milk from your other side. The baby will not be deprived of any milk since production will increase with demand.
  • After the baby has finished, you can either use the Haakaa on the other side or keep what you have collected thus far.
  • For maximum collection, this process can be repeated a couple of times a day. If the milk needed is not much, just 1 or 2 times a day will be sufficient.
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Get New Zealand’s best manual breast pump

New Mum Gift

The Haakaa Generation 2 pump is just what every new mom needs. Whether you want to get it for yourself or as a baby shower gift, this pump will make your mum-life that much easier.

The high-quality silicon makes it skin safe, meaning your baby is not exposed to chemicals. This eco-friendly baby product will be an essential part of your entire breastfeeding experience.

Baby products nz are easy to find, with the Haakaa manual breast pump providing the most comfort while pumping, convenience as it is easy to carry, and suction technology that causes no irritation whatsoever!


While automated breast pumps cannot be used without a source of power, the Haakaa Generation 2 manual breast pump won’t let you down. You will not worry about a hard-to-grip handle, spilled milk, or inconvenient storage.

Let the Haakaa manual breast pump help you relieve your engorged breasts or build a stash in a comfortable and stress-free way.