6 Tips For Washing Your Baby’s Clothes

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From the minute you find out you’re pregnant until your due date, you can’t stop visualizing your baby in every beautiful piece of clothing you see. As a result, a pregnant woman will buy most of the clothes she believes will look best on her baby. Eventually, you’ll realize that you’ve purchased many baby clothes, all of which require cleaning.

Whether you enjoy laundry or not, you don’t have much choice when a baby is involved. Their clothes must constantly be clean to avoid getting sick and to keep germs and bacteria at bay. Please read this if you are still unsure how to wash your baby’s clothes. Here are some helpful strategies to help you view baby laundry in a positive light. But before we get to that, let’s have a look at the basics

What You’ll Need For The Baby’s Laundry

To prepare to wash your baby’s clothing, you will need access to a washing machine or basins. Additionally, you will need detergents and disinfectants that will not irritate your child’s skin. Although numerous detergents in supermarkets and baby stores are claimed to be superior for infants, choosing the first baby detergent you encounter is not suggested. Instead, select a baby laundry detergent Australia that’s fragrance and dye-free for your baby skin’s maximum protection.

Also, you might need a laundry pre-treat in handy to get rid of stubborn stains. If you aren’t comfortable using commercial pre-treat products, you might need to soak the little one’s clothes in a solution containing 50% vinegar and 50% water.

Tips For Washing Your Baby’s Clothes

For a quick and more effortless baby clothes laundry experience, you might need to incorporate the following tips in your procedure:

  • Check The Brand’s Label
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Checking the care label on the garments you are washing will assist you in choosing how they should be laundered. By carefully examining the label, you will discover the material used to create specific garments and how they react to different washing processes.

  • Sort Out Different Colors

As with adult clothes, you should wash various baby’s clothes in different colors separately. Doing so can prevent clothes from being stained with other dyes, especially if some clothes are bleeding off. Also, some colors withstand bleaching while others don’t. Therefore, it would be best if you sorted your items by color and used the appropriate detergent for each one.

  • Be Mindful Of The Detergents

As mentioned earlier, a baby’s skin is sensitive and can quickly react to different chemicals. It’s therefore essential to ensure you use laundry detergents proven to be healthy infant products.

  • Pre-Soaking Is Vital

Before washing baby clothes, it’s vital to pre-soak them using soap and disinfectant to kill disease-causing germs. If possible, avoid pre-soaking in hot water since hot water can interfere with the clothes’ integrity. Ideally, you can soak for about 30 minutes.

  • Dry Immediately Under The Sun

Once you’re done with pre-soaking and washing, ensure to dry the clothes immediately under the sun. Since sunlight is considered a natural disinfectant, it’s always right to dry your baby’s clothes under the sun. However, if this isn’t possible, ensure the clothes are dried in a clean room with heat.

  • Fold And Store

Once these clothes have dried up, disinfect your hands before folding and storing them. Never assume that your hands are clean since germs and bacteria can be present on your hands without seeing them. You don’t want to eliminate germs from your baby’s clothes by washing them, only to contaminate them when folding and storing them.

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Things To Avoid When Washing Baby Clothes

It would be best if you didn’t wash your child’s clothes alongside yours or anybody else’s. As we all know, babies can be allergic to various odors, including those found in adult detergents and fragrances. To avoid producing health problems for your child, you must launder their garments separately.

Avoid washing infant garments with adult or scented detergents as well. The goal is to keep any odor from entering your baby’s respiratory system.

Do You Need To Wash Baby Clothes Before Wearing?

It’s always advisable to always wash your baby’s clothes before using them, regardless of if they’re hand-me-downs or brand-new clothes. Remember that even if you invest in brand new clothes, they’ve been in and out of several stores before reaching you, so to be safe, it would be best to wash them accordingly. Furthermore, these garments are also chemically treated during the production process to maintain their good state. You don’t want your child to come into contact with disease-causing microorganisms because you didn’t wash their clothes. When it comes to babies, their skin is particularly vulnerable.


There you have it! Baby garments are washed in the same manner as adult clothes. The only difference is that you must be extra cautious with the detergents and how you handle the baby’s clothes. Before handling these garments, you must disinfect your hands to guarantee they are constantly sterile. Do note that failure to do so will result in microbial contamination even after washing.

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