4 Tips for Bonding with Your New Baby

Having a baby can be a wonderful yet completely terrifying time. You are now presented with and are responsible for a whole other human, and there is a good chance you’ll feel overwhelmed.
While many people have a chance to bond with their baby while they are still cooking inside of the womb, it can feel a lot more different when they have made their way out and are staring back at you from your hands.

This piece will discuss some of the simple ways in which you can bond with your baby when they have entered the world.

Eye Contact

They say eyes are the windows to the soul, which means eye contact is important for many relationships we have. Practicing eye contact with your baby while engaging in nurturing activities such as bottle or breast feeding, rocking, or cuddling will help solidify they are in a safe place which you are providing. They will then associate all of the great things they are experiencing, such as food and comfort, with your face, smell, and sounds – forming an unmatchable bond.

Look in the Mirror Together

Babies have no concept of what they look like, but being able to see themselves as a human face along with yours will strengthen that connection. This is also a good way to help encourage the development of their cognition, recognizing who they are and understanding their reflection. Also, for your kicks alone, why not invest in a matching outfit for you and your baby. There is a chance your baby will recognize the same patterns, associating them with you, but really it is just cute as heck for you too. Head over to The Spunky Stork for some super sweet collections.

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Respond to Their Cries

Not responding to your babies’ cries will do more harm than good in the long run. Babies cry because they are trying to let you know they are unhappy for whatever reason, and ignoring them is a fast-track way to essentially telling them you do not care what is wrong. This is definitely not the message you want to be sending to your baby – especially if you are wanting to have the best bond experience. 

Trying to find out why your baby is upset can be frustrating and tiring, but consistently trying to meet your baby’s needs will reassure them that they have someone they can rely on at all times.

Skin on Skin Contact

You can’t get much closer to someone than being inside their womb, so there is a good chance that closeness can feel like it is missing too. Skin-on-skin contact is a great way to get that closeness back, and listening to your heartbeat can also regulate theirs and offer a soothing experience. This can be particularly useful for those who are unable to breastfeed as well. 

It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with you if you do not bond with your baby straight away, and if you think you are struggling, please reach out to someone.