How Much Does Babysitting Cost in the U.S 2021

Many parents want to know, “How much does babysitting cost per hour?” Unluckily, hiring a babysitter…

Many parents want to know, “How much does babysitting cost per hour?” Unluckily, hiring a babysitter to take for the child is costly in many parts of the world. This article will direct you on how much you can assume to pay for a babysitter in the U.S. 2021.

The average cost of a babysitter in the United States is $15 per hour. It is just a rough estimate that can change depending on various factors. Babysitting costs are not the same everywhere. Babysitters frequently charge by the hour, but rates differ by state. For ease, later in this article, we have discussed babysitting rates 2021.

Babysitting, one of the highly demanded jobs, is generally given to young girls and women. The job includes a lot of responsibility as you will be taking care of children who can be as young as six months or an old toddler. Babysitters are supposed to take good care of the children they are responsible for and ensure that they are not in danger. It is also their responsibility to make the children do the tasks assigned by their parents.

What is a babysitter?

A babysitter is someone who is appointed to take care of children on behalf of their parents or guardians. Babysitters look after children when their parents are not available. The babysitter maybe a friend, family member, teenager, college student, or older adult. While the parents are away, a babysitter is responsible for not only the infant but also the house and property. They also ensure the child follows all safety precautions such as not turning on the stove or oven, not touching knives or scissors, not opening drawers they cannot shut. Additionally, some other rules must be set by the caregiver and agreed upon by both parent and child.

What are Babysitting Rates for Top U.S. Cities of 2021

Babysitting rates can differ by the age of children and whether or not the sitter has any specialized education. A babysitter can usually be hired for between $10 and $20 per hour, with a minimum hourly rate of about $15.

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City Name Of US Min Cost/Hour Max Cost/Hour
Atlanta, GA $10.50/hr $15.00/hr
Austin, TX $11.00/hr $16.75/hr
Baltimore, MD $12.50/hr $16.00/hr
Boston, MA $15.00/hr $20.00/hr
Charlotte, NC $13.00/hr $15.00/hr
Chicago, IL $10.50/hr $17.00/hr
Cleveland, OH $16.50/hr $15.00/hr
Columbus, OH $12.00/hr $15.00/hr
Dallas, TX $15.00/hr $20.00/hr
Denver, CO $14.00/hr $17.50/hr
Detroit, MI $13.50/hr $17.00/hr
Hartford, CT $12.50/hr $17.00/hr
Houston, TX $14.50/hr $20.00/hr
Los Angeles, CA $15.50/hr $20.00/hr
Las Vegas, NV $17.00/hr $20.00/hr
Miami, FL $14.00/hr $19.50/hr
Minneapolis, MN $12.00/hr $18.00/hr
Nashville, TN $11.50/hr $14.50/hr
New York City, NY $16.50/hr $20.00/hr
Norfolk, VA $12.00/hr $15.50/hr
Orlando, FL $11.00/hr $18.00/hr
Philadelphia, PA $16.00/hr $18.50/hr
Phoenix, AZ $13.50/hr $17.00/hr
Portland, OR $10.00/hr $17.50/hr
Providence, RI $11.50/hr $19.50/hr
Sacramento, CA $11.00/hr $18.50/hr
San Antonio, TX $16.50/hr $18.50/hr
San Bernardino, CA $12.50/hr $18.00/hr
San Diego, CA $11.50/hr $17.50/hr
San Francisco, CA $15.00/hr $18.50/hr
Seattle, WA $10.50/hr $15.00/hr
Stamford, CT $18.50/hr $20.00/hr
St.Louis, MO $13.00/hr $15.00/hr
Tampa, FL $16.50/hr $15.00/hr
Washington, D.C. $18.50/hr $20.00/hr

What is the average cost of babysitting per hour?

The cost of babysitting varies based on the level of expertise and location. The average cost of babysitting in the U.S ranges from $10 per hour for a very experienced babysitter to $20 per hour for a less qualified or less experienced babysitter. In some regions, the cost is defined as Babysitting rates per child. Nowadays, many parents have to go back to work after their child is born due to financial situation. It makes them worried about leaving the child with an unknown person. They want someone with whom they believe their child can form a strong bond. This article will help you know what you should examine when searching for a baby sitter cost guide.

Factors affecting the cost of Babysitter

Many factors influence the charges of babysitters, and it is challenging to discuss them all since there are too many variables to consider. Such factors as the one we’re mainly concerned with – the amount of time needed for babysitting, their health, and actions, as well as the age of the children, distance from your home, holiday season, and so on.

Babysitting Time: The rate of babysitter that you should pay can vary by the number of hours you will need a babysitter. For example, the rates will differ if you want a full-time or part-time babysitter. It might be possible that you will have to pay the babysitting cost per hour.

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Age Factor: When you will start reaching out to babysitters you will come to know that younger babysitters expect low wages than the older ones. This due to the experience of old babysitters. 

Location: If you are looking for a babysitter in rural areas, you will find that they are not as costly as the ones in urban areas. Therefore, the location where they live or going for babysitting services affects their rate.

Number of Children: As any parent knows, more kids means more work, especially, if they are of a different age group. Many babysitters charge their costs based on babysitting rates per childYou will have to pay your babysitter an extra $1 or $2 (or more) per hour for each additional child.

Choosing Qualified Babysitter: Many parents choose to rely on qualified and experienced babysitters. Babysitters with more experience and high skill sets are expensive to hire but are more trustworthy.

Job Duties and Responsibilities: Babysitters are responsible for extending quality childcare and looking after the child and his well-being. However, if you want the babysitter to perform extra duties, then rates of babysitting will vary.

Number of Children : As any parent knows, more kids means more work, particularly if age ranges change. Particularly when the children’s ages are somewhat different. For every additional Kid, pay your kid an additional $1 or $2 (or more) per hour.

What are the advantages of hiring a babysitter?

If you are wondering about the benefits of hiring a babysitter to take of your children, then here is the answer. With a babysitter, your child gets the undivided attention of an experienced person who knows how to handle the children. 

You can choose a babysitter over sending your children to child care centers. It is difficult for parents to monitor their kids in child care schools. 

Babysitters can help you to balance the time to spend with your kids and on your work without compromising with kid’s safety. You can be assured that kids are safe and secure at home. Also, parents do not have to worry about the routine of their children. The babysitter takes care of all such factors. 

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What is the normal babysitting charge?

Babysitting rates vary vastly with factors like location, experience, responsibility, etc. However, the normal or approximated rates can be between $10 per hour to $20 per hour.

How much does babysitting cost per week?

Depending on different requirements, parents choose to hire a babysitter and pay her on weekly basis. In many regions of the U.S, the approximate babysitting cost per week is up to $365.

Is $10 an hour good for babysitting?

As per the market standards, if you are new in the field of babysitting, or if you do not have any proven experience, then it can work for you. However, if you have experience and skills, you must ask for more. 

How much do babysitters charge monthly?

If you are looking for a babysitter whom you can pay monthly, then the babysitting cost per month will be around $2539.

How much should I pay a babysitter for 8 hours?

As per the average cost, if you take babysitting service for 8 hours, then you will incur expense will be around $80 to $ 150.

Facts About U.S.

  • The United States of America (USA), also known as the United States (US) or America.
  • The USA is a country that is primarily based in North America.
  • United States of America (USA) is the fourth largest country in the world, by area of 9.8 million square kilometers.
  • The Capital of USA is Washington, D.C. and has 50 states.
  • New York City is most populous city of the United States of America (USA).
  • Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco are popular cities in USA.

Hiring a babysitter for your children is advantageous for you. However, make sure that you choose a reliable person for this purpose. As you are going to leave your children with the babysitter alone. You can take suggestions from your well-wishers and knowns before finalizing the babysitter. On the other hand, make sure to pay the babysitter fairly for whatever responsibility you give her to handle. It will help you establish a healthy relationship with her.