15 Educational Cartoons Perfect For Young Kids

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When it comes to children’s entertainment, a TV remote can sometimes be a wand that casts spells of enchantment or a time-traveling device that zaps us back to the age of questionable haircuts and neon-colored everything.

But who would have thought it could also be the key to unlocking wisdom and feeding hungry young minds?

Yes, we are talking about the wonders of educational TV shows and cartoon characters for kids, and no, they don’t have to be as dull as a monotone teacher droning on about multiplication tables.

We’ve handpicked the best educational shows for kids, crafting them to fit their curious and growing minds.

These shows keep children of all ages engaged and entertained, whether elementary-aged, preschoolers, toddlers or even babies. They’ll learn math, science, history, and more while having a blast!

Dinosaur Train

The Pteranodon family and their four children are the stars of this PBS kids show, which revolves around their exciting adventures. As they travel on the Dinosaur Train, they meet many different species of dinosaurs.

Toddlers watching the show will learn about various dinosaur species, including their period, what they ate, and all their unique features.

In each episode, a paleontologist provides cool facts and details about the featured dinosaur, adding an educational twist. With bright, vivid colors, the show is both very entertaining and creatively designed.

Blues Clues

Blue’s Clues, an animated adventure featuring an adorable blue-spotted dog named Blue, has captured the hearts of children and parents alike. Its engaging and fun learning approach has become one of the best educational shows for kids, especially toddlers.

In each episode, Blue leaves a trail of paw prints as clues, sparking curiosity in young viewers as they join the host in a thrilling detective-like adventure to guess her plans for the day. The show’s cleverly crafted puzzles and interactive design encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Though Blue’s Clues has been around for years, it remains relevant with modernized storylines and fresh concepts. Whether you’re a nostalgic parent or a new viewer, this timeless favorite offers a delightful blend of entertainment and education, proving why it’s still considered one of the best educational shows for kids.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Disney, Hanna-Barbera, and other popular studios actively produce kids’ cartoons, captivating young audiences everywhere. Mickey Mouse, an all-time favorite Disney character, invites little ones to join him and his friends at the Clubhouse.

Together, kids embark on a fun interactive adventure with Mickey and his friends, actively engaging in lessons on basic math concepts, problem-solving skills, and more!

In every episode, a problem arises, and Mickey calls on preschoolers to help him solve it by the end of the episode, making them an essential part of the learning and adventure.

This show can be an effective introduction to learning for young children. Kids can have fun while trying to solve simple problems and participating in math activities.


Bluey, an Australian preschool series featuring a pup with a big imagination and a positive attitude, ranks as one of the best educational shows for kids. Aussie expats in Singapore and others worldwide love hearing the characters, all different breeds of dogs, speak with charming Aussie accents.

In each episode, Bluey and her sister, two heroine leads, actively engage in fun play with their hands-on parents, learning vital social skills along the way.

Parents will appreciate how the mum and dad dogs take an involved, hands-on approach to parenting in the show. For kids, the series is brimming with essential lessons around problem-solving, learning to compromise, showing patience, and sharing.

Whether you’re looking for entertainment or education, Bluey seamlessly blends both, delivering a heartwarming and engaging experience. It’s not just a show; it’s an interactive adventure that encourages active participation and learning, solidifying its reputation as one of the best educational shows for kids.

Sesame Street

Since launching its first episode in 1969, Sesame Street has actively entertained and educated a diverse audience of children, making it one of the top educational shows for kids.

Through the engaging antics of lovable characters like Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and Bert and Ernie, children actively learn about letters, numbers, and valuable life lessons.

Sesame Street serves as a classic learning hub for kids and offers parents a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane, retaining its charm across generations. Its dynamic blend of fun and education continues to make it a standout among children’s programming.

Sid the Science Kid

Your curious kiddos will find a new BFF in Sid, the star of one of the top science educational shows for kids. In each episode, Sid begins with an everyday question like “Why are my shoes shrinking?” or “Why do bananas get mushy?” He then actively spends his day answering it through a scientific lens.

With a combination of catchy tunes and plenty of humor, the show doesn’t just teach science; it makes it an engaging and entertaining adventure.

It’s an ideal way to ignite a love for science and critical thinking in young minds, making learning a joyous experience.

The Worlds of Alex

Alex is an animated cartoon series specifically crafted as one of the engaging learning educational shows for kids, helping them discover the world around them. Centered around a curious 5-year-old boy named Alex, the show sparks a love for exploration and understanding.

In this lively series, young children will find various English-learning videos, including Nursery Rhymes, Dialogue, Songs, Rap, Stories, Phonics, and more. Alex explores themes in each episode, such as the Sea, Music, the Jungle, and Vegetation, making it ideal for continuous project work and thematic learning.

With excellent 3D animation and captivating characters, the short, roughly 5-minute cartoons hold children’s attention and are freely available on YouTube.

Super Why

Reading is power! rings the motto of this super cute show featuring a team of fairytale superheroes, making it one of the fun educational shows for kids.

With dynamic characters like Whyatt, Princess Pea, and Red Riding Hood, the series creates a sweet interactive experience through two-way dialogue between the characters and the children watching.

Engaging and full of whimsy, this show entertains and fosters a love for reading and learning.

The imaginative storylines and lively interactions make learning feel like a magical adventure, solidifying its place in the hearts of young viewers as one of the fun educational shows for kids. It’s a delightful way to introduce children to the joy of reading and the power of knowledge.

Little Einsteins

The Little Einsteins, with their trusty sidekick Rocket, embark on adventures in kids shows to explore nature, culture, and more, all to the tune of classical music.

A diverse cast of animated characters works together as a team to solve challenges. Even the theme song is particularly catchy, enhancing the show’s appeal!

Ready Jet Go!

Kids are fascinated by the moon, stars, and sky, and right now you can indulge their curiosity by watching “Ready Jet Go!” on NBC or Amazon Prime. Introducing Jet Propulsion, an animated “alien” boy, this show provides firsthand knowledge of what it’s like out in space.

“Ready Jet Go!” offers an engaging introduction to earth science and technology and inspires future astronauts and astrologers. You can stream “Ready Jet Go!” by renting or purchasing it on iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and Amazon Instant Video.

The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus is an all-time favorite kids’ educational science show that has transcended generational boundaries, making it enjoyable for adults. With its engaging characters, lively animation, and adventurous plots, the show takes viewers on exciting field trips, exploring scientific concepts in a fun and educational way.

Led by the quirky and enthusiastic Ms. Frizzle, the children on the Magic School Bus embark on magical journeys that delve into various scientific topics, from the human body’s inner workings to the mysteries of outer space.

The show’s unique blend of entertainment and education makes complex scientific ideas accessible to young viewers while still captivating the interest of adults.

Wild Kratts

In the show, animated versions of brothers Chris and Martin Kratt actively embark on adventures and encounter wild animals during tales of adventure and mystery.

Known as hosts of educational shows like “Kratts’ Creatures” and “Zoboomafoo,” the animated Kratts bring their wildlife knowledge to this engaging series.

The live-action Kratt brothers personally introduce each episode, adding a touch of reality to the animated escapades. You can watch their thrilling adventures on Netflix, where the series is available for streaming.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Do you remember “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood?” “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” is a PBS spin-off of that classic, serving as an educational TV show for kids. In this series, episodes actively revolve around a young tiger named Daniel. Viewers join him as he learns valuable life lessons in his neighborhood school, bakery, doctor’s office, and music shop.

Daniel and his neighbors travel through town on the trolley and visit with each other, making each location a vibrant part of the learning experience.

Every episode focuses on a different challenge that young kids may face. With the help of Daniel and his friends, preschoolers actively engage in fun activities while learning practical skills necessary for growing and developing.

Ask the Storybots

Storybots is an educational show for kids on Netflix, based on a popular educational app.

In this engaging series, fun and funny little robots living “beneath” the TV screen actively go about answering questions from curious kids. They don’t merely respond to inquiries like “Why is the sky blue?” with plain words.

Instead, they creatively answer with catchy songs that inspire all kids to get up and rock out. From the colorful animation to the rhythmic tunes, “Storybots” is a fun and interactive learning experience!


For over 30 years, the award-winning Rock n Learn has actively produced educational media.

Their YouTube channel entertains and educates children from toddlers to fifth grade in the US (Year 6 in the UK). It features videos for baby’s first words, preschool activities, short poems, favorite kids’ songs, and even material for learning multiple languages.

The channel also actively offers videos for slightly older children to aid in reading, maths, and science. The engaging content created by Rock n Learn provides a comprehensive educational resource for various age groups.

Selecting Educational Cartoons

Age-Appropriate Content: The content should be suitable for the child’s age group. This includes the topics’ complexity, the language used, and the visuals presented.

Educational Value: Look for cartoons that are designed with clear educational goals in mind. They should provide accurate information and promote critical thinking skills.

Engaging Storylines: Children will learn more effectively if they are engaged with the content. Look for cartoons with interesting characters, compelling storylines, and humor that attract a child’s attention.

Cultural Sensitivity: The content should be respectful of various cultures and backgrounds. It should promote diversity and inclusiveness.

Positive Messaging: Look for themes encouraging positive behaviors, such as teamwork, empathy, honesty, and resilience.

Interactive Elements: Some educational cartoons may include interactive elements that encourage children to actively participate and engage with the content. This can enhance learning and retention.

Alignment with Curriculum: If you are looking for educational content to complement formal education, select cartoons that align with the curriculum being taught.

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