Night-time Routine Ideas

If your child’s night-time routine involves more stress than relaxing, it can be very difficult and frustrating for you both. Routines are very beneficial for children, as they can provide a time for familial bonding as well as providing structure, schedule, and organization, among many other benefits. The night-time routine can help your child wind down and get a good night’s sleep, but there are many hurdles you may have to overcome. Here are just a couple of ideas on how to make the night-time routine as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for you both.

Tooth Brushing

Good oral hygiene is important at all ages, and getting your child into a good routine while they are young can help them continue these good habits as they get older. Regular dentist trips will make sure that any new dental problems are spotted quickly, and your dentist can also advise you on how to manage existing issues and make recommendations as to what products or habits may be beneficial. A dentist like dentist asheville will help their patients feel calm and safe while providing a number of important dental services. Furthermore, regular dental checks can help get your child familiar with having to get their teeth checked, which can make the process less intimidating. Brushing your teeth as a family is also a great idea, as it allows for time spent together and shows your child that everyone has to brush their teeth in order to stay healthy. You can even get musical toothbrushes that play songs for two minutes to encourage a good tooth brushing routine and make it a more exciting event.

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Story Time

There are numerous benefits to routines for children, and you can work with your child to find out what works best for them. Reading to your child before bed can be a great way to spend quality time together and is a good alternative to looking at screens. There are many benefits to reading to or with your child, such as expanding their vocabulary and developing their imagination. Reading aloud can also help them develop their speech and communication skills and their concentration and focus. Reading can also help to reduce stress, and with such a wide range of books available, you will be able to find something that grabs the attention of even the pickiest of readers. When your child reads a variety of books, they are exposed to a huge range of characters and scenarios that they might not experience in real life, which can help them develop their perspectives and cultural understandings.


While it may be tempting to watch one last episode before bed, the blue light emitted from screens can inhibit the brain from producing melatonin. This hormone helps maintain the biological clock. Therefore, replacing screens before bed with activities such as reading can help keep your child’s sleep-wake cycle more regular, allowing them to get the correct amount and quality of sleep. Reducing screen time, in general, is also good for other areas of health, such as the eyes, and allocating screen time is another important element of setting up a routine.