How to Turn a Nursery into a Toddler Bedroom

A nursery is a great place for your child to sleep and play, but as they grow older it may be time to convert the room into something more age appropriate. Here we will discuss how you can turn a nursery into a toddler bedroom with some simple changes and ideas.

When your child hits two years old, it’s time to change their room from a baby’s nursery into a toddler’s bedroom. You might be wondering when to transition baby to crib in own room. If this sounds like you, check out these essential tips for transforming your nursery into a bedroom your toddler can grow with.

Upgrade to a toddler bed

As your kid grows, you may need to buy a new toddler bed for them. Toddler beds need a safety rail and should have curved edges to avoid any injuries. You may have already bought a cot that can be converted into a toddler bed with the help of a bed rail. If not, you may need a buy a toddler bed or consider getting a single bed that they can sleep on for a few years.

Choose a theme they can grow with

Your toddler may be obsessed with Spider-Man, but decorating their room entirely based on this will likely mean you’ll need to redecorate in a year when they have grown out of it. Opting for a broader theme that is fun and playful but not overly childish or specific means you won’t need to constantly redecorate as your kid grows up. Choose furniture and accessories that have longevity.

Toddler-proof the room

When your kid was a baby, you didn’t need to worry about them getting out of bed and chewing on wires or knocking over lamps. The change from a relatively immobile baby to a toddler that can crawl and walk where he or she likes is a big transition. It also means you’ll need to reassess how child-friendly the room is. Consider what furnishings could be knocked over, where there are exposed wires or sockets, and what your toddler can now reach standing up and be sure to toddler-proof the room with safety guards and latches.

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Create a cosy hideaway

Toddlers have increasing independence and enjoy having their own cosy space to play and, as they get older, read or draw. Consider creating a cosy space for them, like a reading nook, a teepee, or a corner filled with soft furnishings like cushions and blankets. This will give them their own space as they grow and add warmth to the room.

Add extra storage

Your toddler can move around their room now, so you don’t want the space to be cluttered with toys and clothes. Add plenty of shelves, over door racks, baskets, and under-the-bed storage bins so that you can tuck away any unnecessary items and give your child space to play. We love this list of creative storage ideas for kids’ rooms that has plenty of ideas and inspiration.

Don’t forget to make it sleep-friendly

As your kid grows, you’ll be tempted to fill their room with toys and books. Don’t forget that your kid’s bedroom is primarily for sleeping, so you’ll need to make it a calm and relaxing space. Blinds or curtains that block out sunlight, cosy lamps, and soft furnishings will all make bedtime easier for you and your kid.