Tips for Working From Home With an ASD Child


Working from home while taking care of a child with autism can be a challenging task. As a mother, you may feel overwhelmed as you try to balance work and your child’s needs.

With a little creativity and organization, you can make it work. In this post, we will discuss some tips on how to keep a child with autism entertained while a mother works from home.

Create a Schedule

Children with autism thrive on routines and schedules. When working from home, it’s essential to create a schedule that includes structured activities and breaks.

A structured schedule will also help your child know what to expect throughout the day, and it will give you a chance to plan your work schedule around your child’s routine. Consider using visual aids such as picture schedules or visual timers to help your child understand their daily routine. This is also a great reminder to take breaks, unplug, and reset before getting back to work — a win-win for everyone.

Use Visuals

Children on the autism spectrum are very much like children who are

not on the spectrum when it comes to things that entertain them, according to ABA Centers of Florida.

Visual stimulation is helpful in keeping a child with autism entertained. You can set up a light table or use a projector to display calming images or videos.

Provide Sensory Activities

Many children with autism enjoy sensory activities such as playing with sand, water, or modeling clay. Create a sensory bin or table that includes different textures and objects for your child to explore.

Sensory activities can help your child relax, regulate their emotions, and improve their sensory processing skills.

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Get Moving

Physical activity is essential for all children, including those with autism. Create a safe indoor play area where your child can jump, run, or climb. You can also set up a mini-trampoline or a balance board for your child to use during breaks.

Physical activity can help your child release excess energy, improve their motor skills, and regulate their emotions. It’s also helpful for you to participate and get a break from time spent at a desk.

Encourage Pretend Play

Many children with autism enjoy using their imagination and creativity. You can set up a play area with props and costumes for your child to use.

This activity works well with other creative activities, like making masks and building with blocks.

Final Thoughts

Keeping a child with autism entertained while a mother works from home requires creativity, planning, and patience.

By setting up a schedule and providing a variety of activity options, you can create a stimulating and engaging environment for your child while you work. You can also use this opportunity to break up your work day to de-stress, get moving, and bond with your child.

Remember, each child with autism is unique, and it may take some experimentation and time to find the activities