How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Impact Relationships?

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If you were to do an online search to try to figure out what women look for in a man, you would find thousands of different magazine articles, websites, and blog posts that each gives their own list and reasons for each entry given. While each of those lists and their explanations would be different in some way, as each woman looks for something different or at least a slightly different variation of her take on particular qualities in a man, there are a few stalwarts that you will find on nearly every list.

Sense of humor

It’s no secret that the female sex is more prone to converse than males, and nobody likes a boring conversation or spending time with a man who is constantly stone-faced. Women want a man that not only laughs out loud when he finds something funny, but also one that can make her laugh until it hurts from time to time.


Rounding out the top two that you will find on many lists of traits that women look for in a romantic partner is a sense of confidence or self-worth. There is a lot of talk in the social sphere these days that masculinity is toxic and that men and women are no different, but that talk often ignores the different ways that men and women are built down to a genetic level. If you ever want to do an extremely deep-dive into why men and women do what they do in relationships on a physiological level, relationship counselor and author Allison Armstrong’s books Understanding Men and Understanding Women do an excellent job. Even if not consciously, the entire span of human history has put men and women in certain roles. Because of these deeply ingrained roles, women want a man that they can be confident will be able to fulfill certain needs should they arise, and her confidence in him usually stems from his confidence in himself.


Similar to the sense of humor, women want a man with whom they can hold conversations on any topic that they feel like covering. This doesn’t mean that women expect the man they fall in love with to have a Ph.D. in rocket surgery, but they also don’t want a man to who they think they will have to repeat and explain every single thing.

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Chivalry isn’t dead, but in some circles, it sure does seem to be on life support. Women want a man who can bring more than just grand gestures to the relationship. They want someone who will remember anniversaries and surprise them with romantic notes on their pillow and flowers for no reason sometimes. They want a strong and confident man as listed above, but they also want one who can be soft and vulnerable when needed.

So what do these traits have to do with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)? Quite a bit, actually. The key to relationships is not just having certain characteristics at the very beginning so that you can attract a romantic partner. Any long-term relationship, married or not, requires work. Far too often one or both of the parties will fall in love with someone only to realize later on down the road that the characteristics they fell in love with are gone.

Sometimes this can be because those characteristics were nothing more than an act, something one of the parties did and pretended to be a part of their personality because they knew it’s what they had to do in order to get the guy or girl of their dreams.

Other times it may be stress, life circumstances, or pure laziness that leads those characteristics to fall by the wayside. On the man’s side, however, it can often be a result of low testosterone levels.

Many men completely ignore the symptoms of low testosterone because they see them as “a normal sign of aging.” Since men aren’t very familiar with the symptoms of low testosterone and it isn’t talked about much in our society, they may never notice that those signs are appearing far earlier than they should, or progressing far faster than they should.

Testosterone Can Make a Difference

For those who don’t know, the symptoms of low testosterone are fatigue, memory loss, loss of sexual drive or libido, fat gain, lean muscle loss, irritability, loss of confidence or sense of self-worth, depression, and sometimes erectile dysfunction.

If you paid attention to the beginning of this article, you may notice a pretty significant correlation: low testosterone levels can affect nearly every one of the traits that women look for in a romantic partner.

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This can have disastrous effects on a man’s relationships, work, and family life. Fatigue and loss of energy are one of the big ones because it is hard to notice at first and can affect so many aspects of your life. Sometimes it means not having the energy when you return home from work to play with the kids or stay up for a deep or necessary conversation with your significant other.

It can sap your energy and prevent you from wanting to do anything with her in your free time, as you prefer to rest after a long and difficult week. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that every week becomes a long and difficult week that results in your wanting to stay on the couch and watch football instead of joining her for her planned activities.

Memory loss is another affliction of low testosterone that comes on slowly and is difficult to notice. Like the fatigue and energy loss, she likely doesn’t even understand what the underlying reasoning is for her suddenly having to remind you of everything she tells you several times, as even fewer women understand the symptoms of low testosterone than even men do.

The loss of libido is probably the one symptom of low testosterone most likely to destroy a relationship. While sex to men may often just be sex, to women it is often intimacy, an opportunity for you to connect in a way that is only for the two of you. As one of nature’s cruelest jokes, as men age and their testosterone levels decline, reducing their libido, women’s libidos rise to the highest levels of their lives.

Women may often interpret your loss of libido as a loss of desire for them, or even worse, that your libido is now focused on another woman. The resentment and insecurities this may cause in your relationship can fester for a long time before the man even realizes why they are there, and by then it is often too late.

The are several symptoms that may all combine to destroy one of a woman’s top-two characteristics that she looks for in a romantic partner: confidence. When a man begins to lose his boyish figure, adding fat in his midsection and losing his lean muscle mass, it begins to take a toll on him mentally. We may not stare at ourselves in the mirror for very long, but we do know when our favorite jeans no longer fit or when we get winded walking up a flight of stairs.

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Combine that with memory loss and these symptoms can begin to chip away at our confidence, belief in ourselves and may even lead to depression. And as we lose confidence in ourselves, she loses confidence in us. This may begin a vicious downward spiral in the relationship that is very difficult to repair, if even possible.

While the normal male will begin to produce about 1% less testosterone every year after the age of 30, we are starting to see that far too often young and older men are presenting with testosterone levels lower than they should be for their age. If you are noticing these symptoms starting to appear in your own life, or are worried that they may soon, there is an easy and effective solution for you.

Wrapping up 

Whether you are concerned about the potential damage that has been done to your relationship or simply want to resolve the issue before it becomes a problem, anti-aging clinics like Prolong Labs can help. Our medical team has devoted both our lives and our medical practice to helping men reverse their low testosterone levels.

If you have identified with any of the symptoms or relationship issues listed above, reach out to our team today to schedule an evaluation of your testosterone levels, at no extra cost to you. If your levels are lower than they should be, we can get you started on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and get you back to living your normal, best life.

There’s no reason to allow low testosterone levels to dominate and destroy your life or relationship. Contact our team at Prolong Labs today so we can get you back on track to reclaim your life and testosterone!