9 Reasons To Go for a Physiotherapy


Have you been suffering from intense back pain? Or do you live with chronic joint or wrist pain (carpal tunnel syndrome)? If yes, your first course of action would have been to take a painkiller and wait it out. Right? But what if the medicine doesn’t cure the pain but reduces it for a while? What is your next course of action? Do you go for surgery or even more heavy-dose painkillers? Well, that is undoubtedly an option, but before you jump to this, there is one more thing you can try- Physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is an exceptional treatment form to ease acute or chronic pain in individuals due to injury, illness, or disability. In some people, the pain can completely go away, while in others, it reduces by a significant amount. With the technological advancement in today’s world, if you suffer from pain and physiotherapy can help reduce it, you should grab this chance because medicines and surgeries can often lead to more problems. Therefore, if therapy is helping with pain, you should take it.


Here are the best reasons which will encourage you to take therapy now.

1. It can help eliminate or reduce pain

Physiotherapy treatments like manual therapy or therapeutic exercises can help with joint or soft tissue pain. It can help restore joint/muscle functions while relieving pain. Sometimes these therapies also prevent the pain from returning.

2. It can help postpartum women

After delivering a baby, women may experience pain, and their pelvic region becomes loose and weak. When you see a pelvic region therapist (a form of physiotherapy), they can help you regain control of your pelvic region. A loose pelvic area can cause pain, digestive issues, and even urinary incontinence.

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Moreover, a therapist can help you control your body well enough to start on a regiment to lose the extra baby weight you have been carrying around.

3. It can help you avoid surgery

Sometimes an injury-related pain can be better with physiotherapy, which can aid you in avoiding surgery. Even if you need surgery, physiotherapy can help you prep your body better, which helps the body recover quickly after the surgery. Even after surgery, the doctor may advise you to undertake surgery after some time to heal better. For instance, a hip or knee replacement surgery is always followed by therapy to heal better and faster.


4. It helps correct your posture

Often the pain youngsters feel in their neck, shoulder, or back is due to improper posture. If you start noticing such pain and medical reports suggest nothing else is the cause, you should see a physiotherapist immediately. They have multiple exercise regimes to strengthen your neck, back, and shoulder. It not only corrects your postures but also reduces the pain.

5. It can help manage diabetes

Yes, it may come as a shock, but physiotherapy can help you manage your diabetes. A diabetic person needs to control their blood sugar levels. However, they also have sensation problems in their legs and hands. With physiotherapy, you can start an exercise regimen that can give control and sensation back to your extremes while also aiding you in managing your blood sugar levels.

6. It helps you recover from a sports injury

If you play sports professionally or are an incredible baseball or football player in your school/college, you should seek physiotherapy even without injury. Without an injury, physiotherapy can make your body strong enough to prevent any future injuries because you are constantly working on the weak points.

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If you suffer any injury during a game like ligament pulling or stress fractures, go for physiotherapy. It can relieve the pain significantly fewer times while helping you recover faster. In addition, it will allow you to go back to playing the game sooner. Without physiotherapy, you may have to take a backseat for a long time or risk your career by not getting the help needed.

7. It can help you manage age-related issues

As we age, our posture worsens, and we face many joint and bone pain issues like arthritis or osteoporosis. If you have one of these, you know how painful these conditions are because these pain are usually chronic. Taking medicine every day is not healthy. Therefore, trying physiotherapy can be your savior. They have multiple treatment options, like water therapy which can help reduce pain. It may not prevent the pain from returning, but the number of good days increases, and you can enjoy your life. Even if you have a sciatica nerve issue, physiotherapy can help you avoid surgery and be healthier. Look for the best physiotherapist in your area for your problem, like Elevate Physio & Pilates Balwyn to get help today.

8. It helps you recuperate after a pulmonary disease

After a heart attack or any heart-related procedure, if pulmonary problems arise, you do need physical therapy. It can not only help you regain motor nerve control but help you with breathing issues. Also, physical therapy in cardiac patients helps clear lung fluid, which is necessary for complete recovery.

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9. It helps you recover from a stroke

Stroke patients usually lose functions to some extent related to balance and movement. In such a case, physiotherapy becomes necessary as it allows them to regain control of their body and be independent.

The best physiotherapist is the one who doesn’t start with the therapy immediately. The best ones first evaluate your body and the pain. They determine the exact cause of pain and how deep it is, and they take your full history before starting a treatment plan. Once they have all the details, they curate a plan perfect for easing your pain. So, research before you go to a physiotherapist and shop around until you find one you are comfortable with. But do visit a physiotherapist for your pain related to injury, illness, or disability. They can save you lots of money, time, and pain that medicine or surgery may provide. And a physiotherapist can recommend a good surgeon or physician if the need arises, so do check out this option first.