Not all travel strollers are created equal. Let us help guide you in the right direction.

As fun and relaxing as traveling can be, it does pose a unique set of challenges, especially when you add a baby or toddler to the mix. Babies and toddlers can make travelling stressful, but with the right preparation, it doesn’t have to be. Travel plans with kids require a little extra preparation so everything they need is anticipated and packed ahead of time (as much as possible).

Whether travel plans include flying or driving, the packing list for a baby or toddler can feel quite extensive. It can be tough on parents to pack everything they need while also being cognizant of space. In some cases this means having additional items that are more lightweight, foldable, and portable than what the child normally uses.

Parents must consider every aspect of the babies’ day: food/bottles, snacks, diapers, wipes, stroller, where they will sleep at night, high chair, car seat, toys, bibs, etc… are all integral items in most children’s lives. Condensing this list to the bare essentials while also meeting limited space requirements can be tricky, but not impossible!

One of the most important baby or toddler items related to travel is the stroller. While there are many stroller models available that have every possible luxury, bigger is not always better in the case of travel. Safety and comfort are the most important qualities of any stroller, and it is possible to find a stroller that is both safe and comfortable but also foldable and easy to travel with.

Many large strollers are not lightweight or portable enough to warrant travel with. Even if you take a large vehicle, bulky strollers with every bell and whistle are often not compact and will take up all or most of the space in the backseat of an SUV.

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Choosing what to pack depends a lot on how the parents are traveling. Car travel allows a lot more space and flexibility than other modes of transportation. Even still, parents will still want to make sure the products they bring are easy to pack and adjustable.

Airplane travel, bus, or train travel pose even tighter restrictions on the space luggage and belongings can take up. In addition to just the amount of space a family’s items take up, it’s important that all items remain as light as possible since they will have to be carried and transported from vehicle to lodging at some point during the trip.

While some families may opt to have a stroller for home and a stroller for travel, there are strollers that work perfectly in both settings. Strollers designed for urban life are made to accommodate the needs for being light, foldable, and transportable with the add-on features many families want in a stroller such as extra storage, canopy for shade, full rotation wheels, and cup holders, without sacrificing in the areas of safety and comfort. Purchasing one stroller that does it all makes a lot of sense for some families rather than having two different strollers that may not each meet all of their needs in all settings.

When choosing a stroller, whether for travel or for general life, function does not have to be the sacrifice of fashion. A stroller designed for urban life focuses not just on how the stroller performs but also on it’s visual appearance. Modern families will appreciate a sleek, chic design of a stroller that offers the necessary features and functions required for babies and toddlers in both day to day settings as well as travel.

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A fully adjustable stroller designed to look good and keep your baby safe and comfortable is not a needle in a haystack to find. Being aware of your family’s needs when shopping can help consumers make wise purchases that will facilitate the growing needs of their families from infancy to toddlerhood.

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PRO TIP! When traveling, choose a stroller that is lightweight and easy to fold, making your travels much easier!

Just because travelling with young children can pose unique challenges does not mean it’s a herculean task. With the right preparation and foresight, families can easily navigate the challenging parts of travel and be able to focus on the fun memories with family. After all, providing chances for children to see new things and explore is one of the main reasons families travel in the first place.