How To Fold Babyhug Stroller?

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Strollers are one of the most essential items for parents with young children. They provide a comfortable way to transport your little one while on the go. When it comes to taking your little one out for a stroll, having a reliable and convenient stroller is essential. The Babyhug Stroller offers comfort, safety, and style, making it a popular choice among parents. However, knowing how to fold the Babyhug Stroller correctly is equally important for hassle-free transportation and storage. In this blog, we will discuss the steps on how to fold a Babyhug Stroller and some tips to make the process easier.

Key Takeaways:

  • Babyhug Stroller is a famous brand for its comfort, safety, and style.
  • It’s also famous for its five-point safety harness, which helps to keep the baby secure.
  • Folding the stroller correctly is important for easy transportation and storage.
  • Following step-by-step instructions is essential to fold the stroller the right way.

Understand Foldable Babyhug Strollers

Babyhug is a renowned Indian brand that specializes in providing a diverse range of products catering to the needs of babies, newborns, and kids. With an extensive product lineup of over 4,000 items, Babyhug has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. Among their wide array of offerings, Babyhug excels in providing high-quality strollers and prams that ensure comfort, safety, and convenience for both parents and their little ones.

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Babyhug offers a variety of strollers, including:

  • Prams: These are suitable for newborns and infants with a full recline feature.
  • Standard strollers: These are suitable for infants and toddlers with a partial recline feature.
  • Lightweight strollers: These are perfect for travel and can be easily carried around.
  • Travel systems: These come with detachable car seats, making them convenient for parents on the go.
  • Twin strollers and prams: These are designed for parents with twins, and it’s convenient to use.
  • Stroller frames and accessories: These are designed for parents who already have a car seat and need the stroller frame.

However, babyhug strollers come with all necessary features like five point safety harness, storage basket, swivel wheels, rear wheel, reversible handle, and canopy for protection from sunlight and dust. The five-point safety harness helps with the baby’s security, while other features enhance stroller usability and comfort for parents and children.

Step-by-Step Instructions To Fold Babyhug Stroller

Babyhug strollers are designed to be easy to fold and unfold, making them convenient for parents. Follow these simple steps for a hassle-free folding experience:

  1. Engage the brakes and lock the swivel wheels: Before beginning the folding process, it’s important to make sure that the stroller is stable and won’t roll away. Engage the brakes by pressing down firmly on both brake pedals located near the rear wheels. This will lock the wheels in place and prevent any movement. Moreover, make sure the swivel wheels are in a safe position, as they should be locked in place too.
  2. Retract the canopy and remove any accessories: The next step is to retract the canopy and remove any attached accessories. This will make it easier to fold the stroller without any obstructions. Push the canopy back until it is fully retracted and secured in place. Furthermore, if there are any cup holders, trays, or other attachments on the stroller, remove them before proceeding with the folding process. This will prevent any damage to the accessories or the stroller itself during folding.
  3. Locate the handle and fold the buttons: The handle and fold buttons are located on either side of the stroller’s frame. These buttons are used to initiate the folding process, so it’s important to locate them before proceeding. They are typically located near the top of the handlebar and can easily be identified by the fold symbol on them. Once located, make sure to keep your fingers away from the buttons while folding to avoid any accidental folding of the stroller.
  4. Simultaneously press and hold both fold buttons: To begin the folding process, simultaneously press and hold both fold buttons while gently pushing down on the trolley handle. This will release the locking mechanism and allow the stroller to collapse into a compact size. Make sure to keep holding onto the handlebar while pressing the fold buttons to avoid any accidental injuries.
  5. Secure the stroller in its folded position: Once the stroller is fully collapsed, use the locking latch located near the handlebar to secure it in its folded position. This will prevent the stroller from unfolding while being transported or stored. Make sure that the latch is securely clicked into place before letting go of the trolley handlebar. Moreover, check that the stroller is stable and won’t tip over before proceeding.
  6. Store or transport the stroller: Now that the stroller is securely folded and locked, it can be easily stored or transported. Most Babyhug strollers come with a carry strap, making it convenient to take along on trips or store in small spaces. Drape the strap over your shoulder and carry the stroller like a bag. Make sure to keep it away from any edges to avoid any scratches or damage.

What Are The Some Popular Babyhug Strollers?

As mentioned earlier, Babyhug offers a wide range of strollers to cater to the different needs and preferences of parents. Babyhug strollers are known for their safety, comfort, and durability. Here are some of the popular Babyhug strollers loved by parents:

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Babyhug Elite Stroller

This stroller is perfect for newborns as it comes with a bassinet attachment. It also has multiple reclined positions, a canopy to protect from harsh sunlight, and a large storage basket. The Z-fold design makes it easy to fold and store. The stroller is also equipped with a 5-point safety harness for added security.

How to fold it?

Just like Babyhug’s other strollers, the Elite Stroller also has a one-hand fold mechanism.

  • First, make sure the stroller is in the upright position and all locking mechanisms are released.
  • Then, press down on the handlebar with one hand while simultaneously pushing the frame downwards with your other hand.
  • Keep pushing until the stroller folds into a compact shape.
  • Finally, use the automatic lock to secure it in place, and you’re done!

Babyhug Cosy Cosmo Stroller

This stroller is suitable for infants and toddlers up to 3 years of age. It has a reversible handlebar, allowing you to easily switch between facing your baby or the world. The stroller also has a multi-position recline, adjustable footrest, and a large canopy with a peek-a-boo window for ventilation. The front and rear suspension provide a smooth ride for your little one.

How do you adjust the recline?

  • First, locate the recline lever located on the back of the seat.
  • Moved it upwards and simultaneously push down on the seat to adjust to your desired position.
  • Release the lever once you have found the perfect angle for your baby’s comfort.
  • To return the seat to an upright position, pull up on the lever again and push the seat back up.

Babyhug Comfy Ride Stroller

This compact and lightweight stroller is perfect for traveling. It has a one-hand fold mechanism, making it easy to store in your car or carry while using public transportation. The stroller also comes with a canopy, a spacious storage basket, and an adjustable footrest. Its front wheels have swivel locks for added stability.

How to lock the front wheels?

  • First, locate the red locking lever on the front wheel.
  • Push it down to lock the wheel in place.
  • To unlock, push the lever back up.
  • Make sure to do this for both front wheels for maximum stability during use.

Babyhug Deuce Twin Stroller

For parents of twins or siblings close in age, the Deuce Twin Stroller is an excellent choice. It has two fully reclining seats, individual canopies, and a large storage basket. The stroller is also equipped with a 5-point safety harness for each seat, ensuring the safety of both children.

How to fold it?

  • First, make sure both seats are fully reclined, and the canopies are folded back.
  • Next, locate the locking mechanism near the handlebar and release it by pressing the button.
  • Then, push the stroller forward while pulling up on the handlebar to fold it in half.
  • Finally, use the automatic lock to secure the stroller in its folded position.

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Safety Precautions To Take While Stroller Folding

While folding your stroller, it’s important to keep in mind some safety precautions to avoid any accidents or injuries. Here are a few tips to follow while folding your Babyhug stroller:

  • Always make sure the stroller is on a flat and stable surface before attempting to fold it.
  • Keep any children or pets away from the stroller while folding to prevent them from getting caught in the folding mechanism.
  • Never force or use excessive pressure while folding the stroller. If it doesn’t fold easily, check for any obstructions or issues with the mechanism.
  • Always keep your hands and fingers away from the stroller’s hinges and joints to avoid pinching.
  • Make sure that all attachments, such as cup holders, trays, and baskets, are removed before folding the stroller.
  • If your stroller has a locking mechanism, ensure that it is fully engaged to keep the stroller securely folded.
  • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper folding techniques and precautions unique to your stroller model.
  • Regularly check for any wear and tear on the stroller’s folding mechanism and get it serviced or repaired if necessary.
  • Never leave an unfolded stroller unattended, especially if it is within reach of children.
  • If your stroller has an automatic folding feature, make sure to turn off this function before folding manually.


To sum it up, knowing how to fold and unfold your Babyhug stroller properly is essential for easy storage and transportation. With a few simple steps, you can quickly fold your stroller with one hand and secure it in its folded position. Make sure also to follow the safety precautions while folding to prevent any accidents or injuries. With proper care and maintenance, your Babyhug stroller will last for years, making it a worthwhile investment for your parenting journey!


Is Babyhug owned by FirstCry?

Yes, Babyhug is owned by FirstCry acquired Babyhug as part of its expansion strategy in 2016. Babyhug is now an in-house brand of FirstCry, offering a wide range of baby and kids' products.

What age is best for a stroller?

A stroller is typically suitable for babies starting from around 3 months old. At this age, babies have better head and neck control, making it safe and comfortable for them to sit in a stroller and enjoy outings with their parents.

Which company stroller is best in India?

When it comes to the best stroller company in India, some top contenders are Chicco, Graco, and Luvlap. These brands have gained popularity for their quality, safety features, and comfortable designs, making them the preferred choice among parents in India.

Which is a better stroller or a pram?

The choice between a stroller and a pram depends on personal preference and specific needs. Strollers are more lightweight, portable, and suitable for older babies and toddlers. Prams offer a more traditional and spacious design, providing comfort for newborns and infants.
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