Top 9 Best Dog Food Brands in India 2023 : Get the Best Nutrition for Your Dog

Discover the top 9 best dog food brands in India, including Royal Canin, Pedigree, and Drools, to ensure your pet receives optimal nutrition. These brands offer diverse options to cater to your dog’s health needs.

Feeding your dog the best food is a pet parent’s priority. This blog post explores the top 9 dog food brands in India that offer optimal nutrition, high-quality ingredients, and a variety of options to suit your dog’s needs.

When it comes to our furry friends, we always want to ensure they get the best nutrition possible. A healthy and balanced diet is crucial for their overall well-being and happiness.

However, the ideal dog food should contain all the necessary nutrients and not compromise on taste. According to the Animal Nutrition Association of India (ANA), commercial dog food is better than homemade meals as it ensures the right amount of nutrients in each serving.

But how do you choose the right dog food brand for your furry friend? To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top 9 best dog food brands in India that offer high-quality and nutritious meals for your furry companion. So, scroll down to find the perfect fit for your dog’s dietary needs.

Top 9 Dog Food Brands in India

Best dog food brand for sensitive stomach
Royal Canin
Royal Canin
Best dog food brand for golden retriever
Best affordable dog food brand
Best dog food brand for puppies
Best dog food brand for German shepherd
Arden Grange
Arden Grange
Best food brand for large breed dog
Best nutritious dog food brand
Best dog food brand for small dogs
Best food brand for active dogs

How do we choose Best dog food brands?

When it comes to choosing the top dog food brands, we take into account several critical factors:

  1. We Examine Nutritional Content: We ensure the brand provides a balanced diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.
  2. We Check for Quality Assurance: We prefer brands that maintain high production standards, ensuring the food is safe, clean, and free from harmful substances.
  3. We Consider Dietary Options: We also consider if the brand offers special dietary options. This includes food for puppies, adults, and seniors and formulations for dogs with specific dietary needs or allergies.
  4. We Look at Brand Reputation: We look into the brand’s reputation. We also consider whether the brand has faced any recalls in the past.
  5. We Evaluate Price and Value: Lastly, we evaluate the price of the dog food. While we believe that quality should never be compromised for cost, we also understand that budget is a consideration for many pet parents.

Best Dog Food Brands in India

In India, dogs are considered to be an important part of many families. Therefore, dog owners must provide their furry friends with the best nutrition possible. The good dog food brands that you choose for your canine companion plays a pivotal role in their health, longevity, and overall well-being. Below are some of the best dog food brands in India that you can choose from.


1. Pedigree - Best dog food brand for sensitive stomach

Pedigree is one of the best dog food brands globally, with a history dating back to the 1930s when it started as Chappie, a canned pet food company in England. The brand was acquired by Mars Limited in 1957 and has since grown into a global powerhouse.

The brand’s all about providing ‘Really Good Food for Dogs’. They offer nutritious meals for dogs of all life stages, keeping them healthy and happy. Pedigree’s range includes wet and dry dog food, catering to puppies, adult dogs, and seniors. Pedigree has a special range of dog food for your sensitive stomach furry friend that your dog’s nutritional and easy to digest.

In India, Pedigree has established itself as one of the leading brands in the pet food sector. The brand’s Adult Dry Dog Food is particularly popular, featuring flavors like Roasted Chicken and Vegetable with Bacon Flavored Bites. They also provide 100% Vegetarian Dry Dog Food, making it a suitable option for vegetarian dog owners.

However, one of Pedigree’s unique propositions is its focus on specialized formulas based on a dog’s diet, size and life stage. They offer food specifically for small dogs and large breeds. This attention to detail sets Pedigree apart, ensuring every dog gets the nutrition it needs based on size and age.

Overall Experience:

With over 60 years of experience in India, Pedigree stands as a trusted brand providing nutritionally balanced dog food. Their commitment to quality and health ensures that every pet gets the best care possible.

Key Highlights
  • All-Stage Food: Pedigree caters to dogs at all life stages.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Their products offer 100% complete and balanced diet.
  • Natural Ingredients: Uses whole corn and animal fat for energy.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Pedigree treats contain Omega-3 for fitness.
  • Positive Reviews: Good rating on Dog Food Advisor.
  • Feed the Good Campaign: Highlights the benefits of dogs.
  • Nutritionally Balanced: Right mix of essential vitamins, fiber, calcium, and protein.
  • Health Support: Pedigree supports health at every life stage.
  • Specific Nutritional Value: Each product has a unique nutritional profile.
  • Brand Awareness: Aims to establish Pedigree as the best dog food.
Royal Canin

2. Royal Canin - Best dog food brand for golden retriever

Royal Canin, a premium pet food brand, has established a strong presence in India by offering high-quality, tailored nutrition for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. The Royal Canin brand is all about providing precise nutrition with specially crafted products to meet every furry friend’s unique needs.

Royal Canin dog’s food meets your dog’s basic nutritional needs and provides specialized formulas for different health conditions. For instance, their range includes food for weight management and digestive support.

Moreover, the company’s product range in India includes both wet and dry dog foods, with specific formulas for puppies, adult dogs, and older dogs. Their offerings extend to breed-specific diets, like the popular Royal Canin Medium Granule Adult Dog Food for Golden Retrievers. These specialized diets make Royal Canin one of the best dog food brands in India.

Royal Canin’s diverse propositions include an online store where customers can explore and purchase from their extensive range and partnerships with various other online platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon. The brand also collaborates with offline retailers, making it easy for pet owners across India to access their products.

Overall Experience:

Royal Canin’s focus on tailored nutrition for every dog sets it apart from other dog food brands mentioned. With over 40 years of experience in the pet food industry, Royal Canin is a trusted brand that delivers on its promise of providing precise nutrition for every furry friend.

Key Highlights
  • Tailored Nutrition: Royal Canin offers precise nutrition for specific breeds.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Uses premium ingredients for optimal health.
  • Veterinary Endorsed: Recommended by professionals for its nutritional quality.
  • Life-Stage Specific: Provides food for puppies, adult dogs, and seniors.
  • Breed-Specific Formulas: Unique diets catered to specific breed needs.
  • Digestive Support: Promotes healthy digestion with easily digestible proteins.
  • Multiple Food Types: Offers both dry and wet dog food options.
  • Strong Online Presence: Available across various online platforms in India.

3. Drools - Best affordable dog food brand

Drools, a leading pet food brand in India, is known for its commitment to providing real nutrition in every bite. The brand operates under the IB Group umbrella and has delivered high-quality pet food to Indian customers for over 36 years. As one of India’s top homegrown pet food companies, Drools has carved out a strong position in the market as one of the best dog food brands.

Drools company’s veterinary nutritionists have perfected their product recipes, creating delicious and nutritionally balanced meals. Drools focuses on quality and taste and provides a wholesome and mouth-watering meal for your four-legged friends.

Drools offers various dry food options, including adult dry dog food. Their trusted dog food brand is formulated with a balanced ratio of protein and fat, making it a complete and balanced diet that delivers all the nutritional value your canine needs. This dedication to balanced nutrition has made Drools popular for those seeking the best dry food for dogs in India.

However, Drools Chicken and Egg Adult Dog Food, Drools Wet Food, and Drools Dry Food are the top picks among dog owners in India. These products contain essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help maintain your furry friend’s overall health.

Overall Experience:

Drools is a well-respected brand in the Indian pet food market, providing high-quality dog nutrition. With over 20,000 ratings on Amazon India, Drools’ focus on creating balanced meals with real ingredients ensures that every bite counts towards your dog’s health and happiness.

Key Highlights
  • Real Nutrition: Drools focuses on providing real nutrition in every bite.
  • Quality Ingredients: Uses high-quality, nutritious ingredients.
  • Veterinary Approved: Formulated by a team of veterinary nutritionists.
  • Variety of Products: Wide range of dry and wet dog foods.
  • Investment Boost: Recently received significant investment from L Catterton.
  • High Protein Content: Balanced ratio of protein and fat in meals.
  • Homegrown Brand: One of India's top homegrown pet food companies.
  • Wellness Focus: Committed to promoting overall pet well-being.

4. Orijen - Best dog food brand for puppies

Orijen, a globally recognized premium dog food brand, entered the Indian market with the mission to offer high-quality, biologically appropriate pet food. The brand, known for its fresh poultry, wild-caught fish, and nest-laid eggs, is a favorite among pet owners in India looking for a high-quality dog food brand.

The Orijen brand is about capturing the true essence of a dog’s wild ancestors regarding their diet. Packed with up to 85% animal ingredients like meat, poultry, or fish, Orijen’s recipes are designed to nourish pets according to their evolutionary and biological needs. This unique approach has set Orijen apart as one of the best dog food brands in the country.

Their offerings include the Orijen Dog Food, Orijen Puppy Large Dog Food, Orijen Original Dry Dog Food, and Orijen Dry Baby Puppy Egg Food. Their high-protein, grain-free formulas are crafted to support all life stages, from puppies to seniors.

Moreover, Orijen provides a range of products tailored to meet the specific needs of different dog breeds and sizes. For instance, their Orijen Dog Food for large breeds includes a balanced mix of whole prey ingredients like free-run chicken, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs.

Overall Experience:

Orijen’s use of biologically appropriate ingredients sets it apart from other different dog food brands in India. With over 10 years of experience in the country, Orijen has built a reputation for offering high-quality, healthy dog food that is suitable for all life stages and breeds.

Key Highlights
  • Biologically Appropriate: Orijen diet of dogs' wild ancestors.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Uses fresh, free-run poultry and wild-caught fish.
  • Grain-Free Formulas: High-protein, grain-free meals for dogs.
  • Life-Stage Specific: Caters to puppies, adults, and senior dogs.
  • Variety of Products: Wide range of dog food and treats.
  • Premium Brand: Known as a premium dog food brand.
  • Nourishing Recipes: Formulated to meet dogs' evolutionary needs.
  • Fresh Ingredient Focus: Committed to using fresh, quality ingredients.
  • Breed-Specific Products: Offers formulas tailored to breed and size.

5. Fidele - Best dog food brand for German shepherd

Fidele dog food brand, inspired by the honesty of homecooked pet food, has made a name for itself in the Indian market. The brand prioritizes quality and affordability, aiming to provide the best dog food in India without compromising on cost for pet owners.

Fidele is committed to creating high-quality pet food. With chicken as its primary ingredient and a firm stance against GMOs, Fidele offers nutritious meals that cater to the diverse needs of Indian pets. The brand’s offerings include adult and puppy dry dog food chicken only, making it a versatile choice for the best foods for dog India.

With Fidele+ Dry Dog Food Puppy and Adult, your pet can enjoy a balanced diet of essential nutrients and minerals. The brand also offers specialized food for small and large breed puppies. Fortified with natural antioxidants, Fidele’s dog food formula is not just food but nourishment for your beloved pet.

However, as one of the healthiest dog food brands in India, Fidele’s offerings do come at a slightly higher price point. But, the brand’s commitment to quality and transparency in their ingredients make it worth the investment for pet lovers.

Overall Experience:

Fidele stands out as a brand that prioritizes quality and affordability without compromising on nutrition. With over 5,000 ratings and an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon, it’s clear that Fidele has positively impacted pet lovers and their furry friends.

Key Highlights
  • Homecooked Inspiration: Inspired by homecooked pet food.
  • Quality and Affordability: Prioritizes quality at reasonable prices.
  • Chicken First: Chicken as the primary ingredient.
  • GMO-Free: Firm stance against genetically modified organisms.
  • Versatile Offerings: Provides both adult and puppy dry food.
  • Natural Antioxidants: Fortified with natural antioxidants.
  • Complete Balanced Diet: Caters to all breeds and life stages.
  • Positive Reviews: Loved by pets and recommended by owners.
  • Premium Performance: Offers food for high-performance adult dogs.
Arden Grange

6. Arden Grange - Best food brand for large breed dog

Arden Grange, a British pet food brand with over 25 years of experience in pioneering pet nutrition, has established its presence in the Indian market. Recognized for their naturally hypoallergenic dry food, wet grain free dog food,, and treats, Arden Grange is indeed a contender for the title of best dog foods brand in India.

Arden Grange brand emphasizes using high-quality ingredients and ensures a complete and balanced meal diet for all life stages, from puppies to seniors. This approach, coupled with their diverse range of offerings like adult dry dog food, makes Arden Grange a preferred choice among Indian pet owners.

Arden Grange’s clear proposition is to provide nutritious meals catering to pet’s breed and pets’ specific needs. Whether their Arden Grange Adult Large Breed Dog Dry Food or their Arden Grange Large Breed Junior Puppy Pellet Dog Food, Arden Grange offers products that satisfy pets’ appetites and contribute to their overall health and well-being. If you prefer to feed your pet a grain-free diet, Arden Grange has options for that as well.

Overall Experience:

Arden Grange’s commitment to using high-quality, natural ingredients and its dedication to understanding pets’ nutritional needs make it a top choice for pets in India. As British nutritionists, they use their expertise to create food formulated for specific life stages, activity levels, and breeds.

Key Highlights
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic: Specializes in hypoallergenic food.
  • Diverse Offerings: Range of dry food, wet food, and treats.
  • Quality Ingredients: Uses high-quality, wholesome ingredients.
  • Balanced Diet: Provides a balanced diet for all life stages.
  • Tasty Varieties: Offers delicious options like liver paste.
  • International Presence: Recognized brand in the global pet food industry.
  • Health Conscious: Focused on pets' overall health and wellbeing.
  • Nutritious Meals: Creates meals that cater to pets' needs.
  • Positive Reviews: Loved by pets and recommended by owners.

7. MeatUp - Best nutritious dog food brand

MeatUp is a relatively new player in the Indian pet food market but has quickly made a name for itself. The brand is known for its quality and taste, making it a favorite among numerous pet owners and securing its place among the best dog food brands in India.

The brand takes pride in providing premium quality, 100% natural dry dog food chicken treats and food dogs love. MeatUp lies in its commitment to providing nutritious meals that are both delicious and health-beneficial. Their adult dry dog food, packed with omega-3 and fatty acids, ensures balanced nutrition specifically tailored under expert supervision.

Their range of dry dog food includes variants like Adult Dry Dog Food, Meat and Rice Adult Dry Dog Food, Dry Puppy Dog Food, and 100% Veg Dry Adult Dog Food. Each variant has different flavors to meet dogs’ and dog’s specific nutritional needs and taste preferences.

In addition to providing nutritious meals, MeatUp offers a range of dog treats made with real meat and no artificial colors or flavors. These treats are a perfect snack for training sessions or to show your furry friend some extra love.

Overall Experience:

With over 15,000 happy customers and counting, MeatUp has become a trusted brand in the Indian pet food market. Their focus on high-quality ingredients and delicious taste sets them apart from other cheap dog food brands.

Key Highlights
  • Complete Balanced Diet: Offers balanced & energy-packed meals.
  • Nutritious and Delicious: Prioritizes both nutrition and taste.
  • Vegetarian Options: Provides 100% vegetarian dog food.
  • Affordable Quality: High-quality pet food at affordable prices.
  • Diverse Product Range: Variety of offerings to suit preferences.
  • Popular in India: Recognized and loved by Indian pet owners.
  • Positive Reviews: Highly rated by customers and their pets.
  • Accessible Nutrition: Aims to make premium pet nutrition accessible.

8. Purina - Best dog food brand for small dogs

Purina, a globally recognized pet food brand, has been serving the Indian market with its diverse range of dog food products. The brand is committed to enhancing pets’ lives through scientifically formulated nutrition to meet their unique needs.

Purina brand offers a variety of dog’s food products, including dry, wet, and treats, all designed to cater to different life stages, from puppies to seniors. The brand focuses on providing high-quality, complete, and balanced nutrition to dogs of all sizes.

However, one of Purina’s special products is its Pro Plan range, featuring specialized nutrition for specific health needs. They offer formulas that cater to weight management, allergies, skin sensitivities, and other unique requirements.

Purina’s propositions are focused on providing balanced and nutrient-rich meals that promote overall health and well-being. Whether it’s their SUPERCOAT Adult Dry Dog Food or PRO PLAN Puppy Dry Dog Food Formulas, Purina ensures that every product delivers on its promise of superior nutrition.

Overall Experience:

With over 70 years of experience, Purina is a reliable and trusted brand in the Indian pet food market. With its focus on quality ingredients and specialized nutrition, Purina has become a go-to choice for many dog owners looking to provide their pets with the best care.

Key Highlights
  • Trusted Global Brand: Recognized and trusted worldwide.
  • Life Stage Catering: Caters to all life stages of dogs.
  • Quality and Safety: Prioritizes quality and safety in products.
  • Scientifically Formulated: Nutrition based on scientific research.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Provides balanced and nutrient-rich meals.
  • Performance Canine Food: Specialized food for active dogs.
  • Positive Impact: Aims to enhance pets' lives through nutrition.
  • Highly Rated: Positive reviews from customers and their pets.

9. Purepet - Best food brand for active dogs

Purepet, a popular pet food brand in India, provides high-quality wet and dry food for adult dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. Recognized for its affordability and quality, Purepet is making strides in the Indian pet food market.

Purepet’s brand essence is rooted in its unwavering dedication to delivering a well-balanced diet that promotes a robust immune system. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, their dog food is designed to keep pets active, agile, and maintain ideal weight.

Purepet’s offerings are centered on using only natural ingredients sourced locally, ensuring they have healthy skin are free from any preservatives or fillers. This commitment to quality guarantees a healthy and nourishing product for pets.

However, they offer a variety of products, including their Chicken and Vegetable Adult Dry Food, which is a complete and balanced nutritional diet providing health benefits to growing puppies. On the other hand, Meat And Rice Adult Dog Food and Wet Dog Food are suitable for adult dogs.

Overall Experience:

With over 25 years of experience in the pet food industry, Purepet has successfully created a name for itself as a trusted brand providing nutritious and affordable pet food. Their dedication to make premium quality dog food and promoting overall health makes it a top choice for Indian pet owners.

Key Highlights
  • Affordable Quality: Offers budget-friendly dog food.
  • Supports Health: Food supports a healthy immune system.
  • Fortified Nutrition: Dog food fortified with vitamins and minerals.
  • Locally-Sourced Ingredients: Uses all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients.
  • No By-Products: Free of by-products, preservatives, and fillers.
  • Puppy Care: Specialized food for growing puppies.
  • Healthy Pets: Aims to keep pets active and agile.
  • Tailored Nutrition: Offers tailored nutrition for dogs.

What to look for in a dog food brand?

When choosing a dog food brand, it's crucial to consider several factors to ensure your pet's diet gets the right nutrients. Here's what to look for:

  1. Quality Ingredients: The first ingredient should be a high-quality source of animal protein (like chicken, beef, or fish). Avoid brands that list 'meat by-products' as the primary ingredient.
  2. Complete and Balanced Nutrition: The food should offer a balanced diet, providing all necessary nutrients. Look for a statement that the food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels of ANA.
  3. Life Stage Appropriateness: Choose a brand that offers products catered to your dog's specific life stage (puppy, adult, senior), as nutritional requirements vary.
  4. No Artificial Additives: Avoid brands that use artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. These can be harmful to your dog's health.
  5. Brand Reputation: Consider the brand's reputation. Do they have recalls? What do other pet owners say about them?
  6. Digestibility: High-quality dog food should be easily digestible and maximize nutrient absorption.
  7. Transparency: The brand should be transparent about where its ingredients are sourced and how their food is made.