4 Trendy Earphones for Those Who Like to Keep It LIT

Ever since Rihanna wore those over-the-top Swarovski encrusted D&G headphones on the ‘gram way back in 2016, audio accessories officially became a must-have fashion accessory. From there on, the look of earphones and headphones became as important as the sound quality and other additional features.

close up of a pretty young girl in earphones

When we think of wireless earphones, it often seems like a crazy idea that only came to reality in sci-fi movies: insert a little headphone into each ear and listen to music or make phone calls while being untethered from the rest of the world. The original wireless earphones were enormous, died after only a few hours, and had a slew of other flaws. Fortunately, things have changed in the past few years. There is a slew of new models available in the market that not only sound fantastic and function flawlessly, but also look undeniably cool.

Peppy Pink Perfection

Pink is one of the trendiest colours now, and honestly, who isn’t a fan of the shade? It is one of the most flattering shades that goes with anything and everything. So, if you too are just as obsessed with all things pink as we are, you MUST get your first hand these uber-chic pair of truly wireless pink earphones. With a 6mm deep bass driver, 40 hours of playback time and active environmental noise cancellation, these earphones would be perfect for times when you want a quick escape from reality and have those moments of peace even when stuck in a crowd. Just pop in these bad boys and get lost in the rhythm.

Goodness ‘Grey’cious

Grey is a chic colour. And even though most people do not see it as a ‘happy colour,’ everyone needs a little grey in their collection, whether it is a stylish pair of pants or a trendy accessory. So, if you too agree with us, you would love the grey earphones we have picked out for you! Be ready to be impressed by the set’s 7 mm bass boost driver and 15-hour playback time. Pair it with your devices and let the fun begin.

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Opulent Black

Black gadgets and accessories are staple. It is a colour that we have all been obsessed with at some point in our life. And if we are being honest, is there really something as ‘too much black’? Because for us, there can never be enough of it! You cannot say no to this truly wireless pair of black earphones that would complement all your outfits and raise your style quotient. With a 10mm deep bass driver and 24-hours battery life, the earphones offer an immersive audio experience that is perfect for listening to music and those long gaming sessions with your friends.

Gamer Green

Whenever you think of gaming audio devices, the first image in your head is that of those big, bulky headphones that may seem cool but can be a little uncomfortable on some days. What if we told you that you can get the same immersive audio experience with teeny-tiny earphones that your mom might not even notice? If that sounds exciting, we have found you the perfect pair! These deep green earphones come with an in-built gaming mode with low latency support, active environmental noise cancellation and 10mm deep bass driver for a truly immersive experience.

You can do so much more with wireless earphones than just listen to music. Always choose well-known and branded products, such as Fastrack’s wireless earphones assortment, to ensure you don’t regret your choice later. You get a ton of functions and a warranty in addition to attractive designs and unique colours. So, shop wisely and enjoy a wireless sound experience like you’ve never had before!

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