10 Interesting Modern Toy Designs to Encourage Outdoor Play

parents playing with children, throwing toy airplanes while camp

Most modern toys cause children to stay indoors and miss out on so much. While this allows them to stay engaged inside, it also means they get less fresh air and sunshine compared to playing outdoors.

I found ten interesting modern toy designs to encourage outdoor play and get kids back onto playgrounds. My children’s development is my foundational goal as a mom.

Outdoor play is crucial. So, let me share how I got my kids out and which toys worked.

Why Outdoor Play Matters

The crucial role of playgrounds in childhood development is underrated.

The social, emotional, and physical opportunities missed are heartbreaking. I knew I had to encourage outdoor play when I saw how it can boost my child’s immunity and the natural benefits of being in the sun.

I wasn’t shocked when I saw the 2017 Survey of Play results that showed how 88% of Millennial children crave outdoor play. My daughter enjoyed outdoor recreation once she was out. It began with how I encouraged her to spend time outdoors.

How to Get Children Outside

The pivotal way to get children outside is by offering them toys that encourage outdoor play. Adding the right toys to outdoor play hands a child everything they need to develop.

10 Interesting Modern Toy Designs That Encourage Playing Outdoors

The importance of toys in a child’s development means you need exciting modern designs that get your kids outside. My interesting toys focus on toddlers and preschoolers because these were the most challenging years for my little girl.

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1. Swim School Baby Splash Play Mat

The baby play mat is a summer treat to get little ones outside, and it has added benefits. The splash play mat is a modern toy design with sensory play advantages, helping early brain development. It works for kids from 12-18 months.

The playmat helps a child develop cognitive abilities like cause-and-effect through stimulating the senses. For example, babies learn to count to three while stacking the rings around the pillar, teaching them about color sorting and shapes.

Price: < $30

2. Little Tikes T-Ball Set

The Little Tikes T-Ball Set is a modern design that encourages young toddlers to play outdoors. Of course, they need to be outdoors to see how far the ball flies. It’s an excellent workout for kids ages 2-5.

The T-Ball toy is ideal for physical, emotional, fine motor, and gross motor skill development. Children also practice their hand-eye coordination when swinging for the ball. In addition, there’s a social aspect to playing ball games outside.

Price: < $25

3. Lydaz Bubble Lawnmower

Bubble lawnmowers are modern toy designs young toddlers enjoy outside. They see dad pushing a lawnmower, encouraging them to create magical bubbles while copying him. Toddlers love monkey-see, monkey-do games.

The bubble lawnmower outdoor toy encourages little ones to get physical to practice their fine and gross motor skills. They enjoy the creative benefits of blowing bubbles with a mower. Additionally, they express emotions through creative activities.

Price: < $30

4. Kinderific S.T.E.M. Outdoor Gardening Toy Playset

Gardening toy designs are a modern way of allowing children to express their creative minds while helping mom or dad plant a veggie garden. The playset is a S.T.E.M. toy, encouraging science, technology, engineering, and math skills.

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S.T.E.M. toys are ideal for early childhood development, teaching kids cognitive skills, creativity, and spatial awareness. Gardening tools are fun for kids who love helping their parents while getting full of mud, making them a sensory experience.

Price: < $30

5. Rocket Launcher Outdoor Sensory Toy

Outdoor rocket launchers have children storming through the backdoor. The lights offer them endless hours of stimulative play while enjoying exercise. The modern toy design welcomes kids between three and six. This toy teaches hand-eye coordination and cause-and-effect.

The rocket launcher toy offers children fantastic workouts to engage their fine and gross motor skills while enjoying social activities. More importantly, it’s an outlet for emotional expression when kids don’t know how to release their big feelings yet.

Price: < $20

6. TEMI 4-in-1 Sand Water Table

Sandboxes have always been an effective method to encourage outdoor play, but the sand/water playset is a modern design. It’s a sensory stimulator with 32 pieces for sandcastles and watermill simulations.

The modern sand and water play table encourages children to practice their fine motor, emotional, social, and creative skills while enjoying getting dirty outside again. The table helps young children learn to count and sort shapes and colors.

Price: < $60

7. Topray Ride-On Electric Landrover

Ride-on toys have come a long way, but modern designs include cars like the Landrover, a popular SUV. An outdoor ride-on toy is an electric option that encourages three to six-year-olds to play outdoors.

The modern ride-on Landrover welcomes children to exercise their fine and gross motor skills while learning spatial awareness and coordination. It also has value as a cause-and-effect tool, and it’s safe because parents can control it remotely.

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Price: < $400

8. Fun Little Toys Camping Playset

Kids love camping with dad over the summer holidays and setting up a tent in the backyard. Modern playsets include camping options to help children safely enjoy the outdoors. They’re ideal for kids between three and eight.

The outdoor camping playset invites children to learn social, emotional, independent, and creative skills. It also encourages imaginative play, which is quintessential for little kids. In addition, the gadgets help younger kids explore cause-and-effect.

Price: < $30

9. KidKraft Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

Treehouses are old-school, yet wooden outdoor playhouses never grow old. I love this playhouse because dad can help the little ones assemble it for added development benefits. It’s ideal for kids between two and ten.

Outdoor playhouses encourage little ones to develop emotional, creative, cognitive, and social skills. Kids can play with their friends while imagining the most creative stories. They learn to solve problems in their storylines, improving their creative thinking.

Price: < $450

10. Kidz XPlore Outdoor Explorer Set

You can’t encourage outdoor play and learning more than giving a child an exploration toy. The educational 20-piece modern design offers adventure and curiosity for kids between five and eight. In addition, it comes with a 20-page bug booklet for critter identification in the backyard.

The educational explorer set teaches kids cognitive, emotional, and creative skills. Children also learn about spatial awareness with the explorer tools. In addition, they enjoy the experiences with garden bugs, enhancing their curious minds to learn more.

Price: < $30

Final Thoughts

Encouraging children to play outside is simple once you find a few modern toy designs. Hopefully, these top 10 interesting toy designs we lined up spark their curiosity, adventure, and encourage exercise and outdoor motivation.