6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Baby Development

At 6 Weeks Pregnant, you may be still experiencing the same early pregnancy symptoms at before. These symptoms can be uncomfortable. There are so many incredible changes happening to your baby in these six weeks of pregnancy. Your baby is changing quickly, as baby organs are starting to form. At the 6 Weeks Pregnant, your pregnancy hormones are in full force. By your sixth week of pregnancy, your body changes a lot, although people can not notice that you are pregnant yet, your uterus is growing. This growing uterus presses your bladder that causes frequent urination in this 6 Weeks pregnancy period. And also increased blood flow to your kidneys causes more frequent urination. To know more about the Symptoms and Baby Developments in the 6th-week pregnancy, here we are discussing all changes and developments of your body and baby in-depth, let’s see below.

What are the Common Symptoms at 6 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy is an exciting time for all women; at your 6 weeks pregnant, you may feel some symptoms due to the overdrive of pregnancy hormones. You may feel 6 weeks pregnant such as morning sickness, frequent urination, mood swings, fatigue, swollen or sore breasts etc. But managing your symptoms can prove challenging. And other symptoms for being 6 weeks pregnant include:

Morning (Afternoon, Evening, & Night) Sickness

According to research, 80% to 85% of women experience nausea, and 52% of women experience vomiting during her first trimester of pregnancy. You may be experiencing morning sickness and may be seen at any time of the day i—e in Afternoon, Evening, & Night etc. This morning sickness may be due to the high increase in hormonal changes. But most women feel better by the second trimester.


You may feel fatigued due to the increased in blood volume and high level of pregnancy hormones. You may deal with this discomfort by taking naps that can help combat fatigue. Drink more fluids such as fresh fruit juice, energy drink, etc., avoid caffeine. And go to bed early.

Frequent Urination

At 6 weeks pregnant stage, your body produce a high level of pregnancy hormone such as hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). That increased blood flow to your kidneys causes more frequent urination. At the 6 week pregnancy, your uterus became bigger that presses your bladder that causes frequent urination.


During your pregnancy, you may be suggested to take some parental vitamins, and theses may cause women constipated. And also the digestive system became slow during this pregnancy stage that causes Constipation. To overcome this symptom increase your fibre consumption by eating lots of fruits, drink lots of fluids and take whole grain. Take a small meal with a short interval of time. Do light exercise.

How Do You Feel At Week 6 Pregnant?

When you are week 6 Pregnant, you are now in month 2 of your pregnancy. And Only seven months left to go for the childbirth. In this week you may not look any different on the outside, but you are somehow feeling a bit different. You also notice some symptoms such as Fatigue, Morning Sickness, Frequent Urination, nausea and vomiting etc. At 6Weeks Pregnant, Your body releases more pregnancy hormone hCG, which causes an increase of blood flow to your pelvic area and causes frequent urination.

That may feel awkward when you are in a travel or one hour into a three-hour movie at the theater. You may feel heartburn and indigestion as muscle at the top of the stomach, which usually prevents digestive juices. So it affects your digestive system, but you can minimize or overcome this symptom if you don’t rush through your meals, avoid greasy and spicy foods. And don’t take a heavy meal at once. Take a small snack with a particular time interval. You also feel your breasts are getting bigger and fuller, and your nipples turn to dark color.

What is a Normal HCG Level At 6 Weeks Pregnant?

The Standard HCG level at 6 weeks pregnant ranges from 1,080 to 56,500 mIU/mL. It is studies that hCG levels usually continually rise until around week 10–12 of your pregnancy. At the early stage, hCG levels generally double every two to three day, and that is the main reason that pregnancy symptoms can be more significant in the first trimester. And then after the first trimester, the Hcg Level become decreases and due to which you may notice fewer pregnancy symptoms.

If your hCG levels fall to the normal range, your doctor may suggest you have a blood test to check the hCG level. However, sometimes a decrease in hCG levels can be due to an underlying problem. You doctor may recheck your 6 weeks pregnant hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) level if you are bleeding, notice severe cramping, or have a history of miscarriage.

What Can Expect At 6 Week Ultrasound?

At 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound, a tiny heart can see beating. This foetal heart may beat at around 150-160 beats per minute. It is measured that your baby heartbeats twice as fast as your heart. 6 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound will help you and your maternity doctor to know more about your baby development. 6 weeks is generally the earliest stage to perform the ultrasound, and the doctor rarely advised for the 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound. But if you have any concern, then you may be suggested for six weeks pregnant ultrasound. Women may recommend for 6 Week Ultrasound when they have the following matters:

Reasons for a 6 Week Ultrasound

  • If you have had fertility treatment.
  • Having any severe pain or vaginal bleeding.
  • To check the no of weeks your pregnancy.

What to Expect At 6 weeks Pregnant With Twins?

The women pregnant with twins babies experience bloating and a feeling of fullness in the abdomen at 6 weeks Pregnant period. And when a woman has a higher risk of developing certain pregnancy complications, then you may be pregnant with twins. Women who are pregnant with twins gain more weight. You may feel and notice some most common difficulties you should discuss with your doctor:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Anaemia
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Obstetric cholestasis
  • Preeclampsia

Once you are diagnosed with a twin pregnancy, then a special treatment and care are recommended for you by doctors. You also usually need more vitamins and nutrients than if you were carrying one baby.

What do 6 Weeks Pregnant Belly Look?

Inside your 6 weeks pregnant belly, there is a rapidly growing of your pea-sized embryo. You likely don’t look pregnant at all.

But if you are 6 weeks pregnant with twins, then your belly expansion will happen a little sooner as compared to the pregnant women with a single baby. Most women are probably wondering what is going on inside her 6 weeks pregnant belly. In this stage, your 6-week old embryo has already started to develop many features inside your stomach. Now your baby is tiny, but most of systems and organs are already taking in shape.

How is Your Baby’s Development at 6 Weeks Pregnant?

At your 6 week pregnancy, your baby is the size of looks like a pomegranate seed. And also it more looks like a tadpole as it has a tail with a curved shape. At 6 weeks pregnant, there are many changes in your embryo development. Approximately, the embryo is less than half an inch in length in size.

Now your baby develops a neural tube that will become your little one’s spinal cord. And Your baby’s heart will also start to beat, which is around 110 times a minute. Heartbeat can be seen in 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound. The measure body parts such as lungs, liver and kidneys are all beginning to develop in these six pregnancy weeks. During the pregnancy period, your baby will be joined to you with an umbilical cord. And 6 weeks pregnant baby size is about 4mm from head to bottom, and it is also known as the crown. An ultrasound after week six may detect your 6 weeks pregnant with twins.

How Big is Your Baby Size at 6 Weeks Pregnant?

The baby size at 6 weeks pregnant approximately 25 inches and will double in size again in the next week. 6 Weeks pregnant baby size is just like the size of a sweet pea. Your baby’s body is taking on a C shape with small buds which will become its arms and legs are visible. Some other body parts such as his eyes, nose, ears, chin and cheeks are beginning to form. Your uterus becomes an increase in size to make a home for your baby. And you are the baby bump may be attributed to bloating. But at 6 weeks this growth is only seen by the doctor thought the ultrasound report.

Things to Consider at 6 Weeks Pregnant

The pregnancy journey is so exciting for all woman, but on the other hand, it is also challenging. You need to take care of yourself as your baby’ health depends on your health directly. You need to take a sufficient amount of vitamins, nutrients as now you are not alone, your baby is also inside you. Follow a proper diet plan and stop fasting.

Things to do this 6 Weeks for a healthy pregnancy :

  • Schedule a prenatal appointment with your doctor
  • Take parental Vitamins and Supplements
  • Stop Smoking, if you do
  • Avoid hot activities which elevate your body temperature above 102°F
  • Don’t take Stress, take it easy
  • Go for your dental check-up

What Should You Be Eating 6 Weeks Pregnant?

During pregnancy, you need to eat a healthy diet. Eating a healthy pregnancy diet means you will take all the nutrients what you and your developing baby need. You should add a variety of foods in your daily routine.

Fruits and Vegetables

You should take 5 to 7 portion of fruits and vegetables each day. Drink fresh fruit juice and avoid preserved juice as it contains extra sugar and colour, which will be harmful. You can take dry fruit also.

Foods rich in protein

Eat foods rich in protein such as lean meat, fish, eggs, beans and lentil and pulses. You can take curd, milk products etc. which will help you and your baby nourished.

Starchy foods

You should take starchy foods such as root vegetables like potatoes, plantain and yams & wholegrain cereals such as brown rice and quinoa. Bread, crackers, pasta etc. You can eat varieties of seeds.

Eat Green

You should also eat green vegetables, and fruits contain folate. Kale. Spinach. Avocado. Asparagus etc.

What Should I not eat at 6 Weeks Pregnant?

Some foods are harmful during pregnancy, so avoid these foods which may affect your body or health of your baby. Discuss your eating habits with your doctor to ensure that your diet doesn’t have any gaps. Along with all the pregnancy joys of expecting a new baby comes a few sacrifices. Here are foods give below which may be unsafe for you or your baby:

Unpasteurized Milk and Cheese

Unpasteurized milk and cheese, mould-ripened cheeses, pates may contain a dangerous bacteria called listeria, which are dangerous for your baby’s health. Also, avoid blue-veined cheeses such as Roquefort.

Uncooked Meat

Uncooked meat may contain a parasite which may cause toxoplasmosis, an illness that can cause pregnancy and birth complications. Before eating meat, cook them thoroughly.

Avoid Raw Sea Fish

Raw fish like oysters and prawns may contain bacteria and viruses. And also it may contain parasitic worms. It will be best if you avoid eating.

Avoid Raw or Undercooked Egg

Some eggs are harmful that contains bacteria that can cause salmonella food poisoning. But if you take the eggs which have been pasteurized, that may cause salmonella food poisoning. So avoid eating raw eggs.

Don’t eat liver Product

Liver products contain in vitamin A and may contain large amounts of retinol. Which is harmful to your baby development.

Stop Drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy

You doctor may suggest you to stop drinking alcohol during your pregnancy if you do it before. Alcohol may lead to miscarriage in your early pregnancy stage.

What are Warning Signs at 6 Weeks Pregnant Period?

You may feel many symptoms during your pregnancy journey, but signs may be dangerous, which can not be ignored at all.

Remember that some symptoms may be usual symptoms of pregnancy, but they may also be signs of something more serious,

so don’t delay it, go to your doctor and consult you notice any of the following severe symptoms:

What are some warning signs of pregnancy complications?

  • Heavy bleeding or leaking fluid from the vagina
  • Persistent abdominal pain
  • Blurry or impaired vision
  • Unusual or severe stomach pain or backaches
  • Frequent, severe constant headaches
  • Fainting or dizziness
  • Excessive vomiting and diarrhea
  • Fainting or dizziness
  • Fever or chills
  • Burning sensation while you urinate
  • Swelling of face, fingers, and feet
  • Itching all over
  • Inability to tolerate foods or liquids
  • Muscular convulsions
  • Feeling your baby move less often

6 Weeks Pregnant Do’s and Don’ts

Now you are in the stage of 6 Week. So you need to care about what to do or what to don’t. You could follow some guidelines. According to many OB/GYN we are sharing the latest thinking about what to do–and not do–while you are pregnant:

What to Do’s when you are 6 Weeks Pregnant

  • Do take folic acid and vitamin D
  • Stay Active during your pregnancy
  • Don’t Take too much Vitamin A
  • Do sleep side in your Third trimester

What to Don’ts when you are 6 Weeks Pregnant

There are some foods and activity which need to avoid, especially when you are expecting. Suppose you have any health issue then you should not take medicine without consulting your maternity doctor. Here are some things which need to avoid:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Don’t go diving
  • Don’t drink too much caffeine
  • Don’t diet in pregnancy
  • Avoid Carrying Heavy Objects in Pregnancy

Can you have a baby bump at 6 weeks?

It is a very early stage to notice a baby bump. A baby bump is not visible at 6 weeks of pregnancy. A perceived baby bump may be attributed somehow to bloating. As pregnancy progresses, the uterus grows gradually. It expands to suitable for your baby stay, but at 6 weeks a baby bum may usually be only seen by a doctor during an ultrasound.

Does showing at 6 weeks mean twins?

If you are pregnant with twin, then you feel and notice intense pregnancy symptoms at six weeks. Your uterus may grow larger to accommodate more than as compared to the single baby pregnancy. Your belly may be bloating at the six weeks pregnancy period.

Is it common no pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks?

Yes, it is common not to have pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks. Every woman & every pregnancy is different and may not feel any pregnancy sign. If you one of them not to worry, you are the lucky one. Some women don’t notice any pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness.

What vitamins should I take at 6 weeks pregnant?

Folic acid, calcium, iron and vitamin D are the main parental vitamins which are recommended to take at your 6 weeks pregnant. Vitamin supplements are so necessary as it helps your baby development in your uterus.
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