How To Check Basal Temperature

Before you learn how to check basal temperature, you must understand the basics on why you might really use the basal body temperature to track your fertility and ovulation if trying to get pregnant.

The BBT method is one of the simplest ways to detect the best timings for sex. This fertility awareness-based method is gaining popularity as one of the simplest family planning methods, too.

Ovulation causes a moderate increase in your BBT, which is your temperature when fully resting. You’re most fertile during two-three days prior to temperature increase.
Constantly monitoring your BBT, you may figure out and predict the time you have ovulated not when you’re about to. As a result, you will be able to find out when to have intercourse and increase chances of conception.

Oppositely, some women use their BBT to track times of ovulation so that they can avoid unprotected sex. However, it might be best that you use another family planning method in combination with BBT if trying to avoid pregnancy.

How to check basal temperature

  1. Lie down in bed, and take your temperature with the best basal temperature thermometer. It must be done at the same time each morning.
  2. Do not talk or do anything while taking your BBT.
  3. Use the same method daily – rectally, vaginally or orally – to measure BBT.
  4. Make sure that you’re using the same thermometer to measure and track BBT.
  5. Do not measure your BBT if you have not had at least three hours of sleep.
  6. Log your measurements. But if you’re using a digital BBT thermometer with a memory recall function, you might just have to turn it back on the next time to see its last recorded temperature in case you forgot logging it down. There are also apps to help logging measurements.
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There you have how easy that will be to track your basal body temperature, which can help you chart your cycle and spot the perfect timings for sex to get pregnant or to avoid pregnancy.