Pros and Cons of Cell Phones Becoming a Major Part of adult and children lives

Emerging technology is taking a huge part of our lives. And today hardly anyone will be surprised by a child with a mobile phone in his hands. On the one hand, it is an ordinary phenomenon, but on the other hand, a thought involuntarily slips through – isn’t it too early? Is it not harmful?

Pros and Cons of Mobile Phones in Children – Is There Any Harm in Cell Phones for Children?


  • Thanks to the phone, parents have the opportunity to control their child and girlfriends can even use mobile phones to catch your wife cheating. Not like 15-20 years ago, when you had to wait for postmen to deliver your letter or wait for your kid’s school to arrive. Today you can just call the child and ask where he is. And even track – where exactly, if the child does not answer calls. And this pandemic taught us how important our mobile phones are. People started using their mobile phones for educating their kids, learning new things, and reaching people all across the globe in just one click.
  • The phone features have replaced many other useful gadgets including camera, alarms, reminders, etc. and fits into our small pockets. This convenience makes mobile phones more user Even kids in our homes started using these features to raise their skills and knowledge. Mobile phones are giving wide exposure very early which is making them more confident and talented.
  • Safety is another important thing that we can forget. At any time, the child can call his mother and inform him that he is in danger, that he is hit on his knee, that a high school student or teacher is offending him, etc. And at the same time he can film or record the real incident of who offended what he said and what he looks like. This is making kids aware towards their rights and helping them to stand against it too.
  • Reason for communication. Yes, it is true. Mobile phones are encouraging us for communication and participating in social groups. We used to get to know each other in hobby groups and helping them by providing solutions. Even though small school trips are getting more enjoyable, it started motivating the modern young generation to follow the path of “new technologies”. Parents are using mobile phones to learn parenting tips and giving their kids good upbringing.
  • The Internet. Almost no one can do without the world wide web today. Internet is the nervous system of your mobile Without it you can’t enjoy its interesting features like Social media, YouTube, browser etc. so for that you need an internet connection. And, for example, at school, where it is not very convenient to carry a laptop, you can turn on the phone and quickly find the information you need on the Web.
  • A responsibility. At this small age, using a mobile phone comes with many other responsibilities. The phone is one of the first expensive things a child needs to take care of because if you lose, they won’t buy a new one soon so take care before giving expensive mobile phones to your kids.
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  • The child is distracted during lessons.
  • It is more difficult for parents to control the information that the child receives from the outside.
  • The falling level of knowledge. Relying on the phone, the child prepares less carefully for school – after all, any formula can be found on the Internet.

Important safety Lessons for using a mobile phone for a child

  • Do not hang your mobile on a string around your neck. You cannot talk on the phone on the street on the way home. Especially if the child walks alone. For the robbers, the age of the child does not matter. In the best case, the child can simply be deceived by asking for the phone to “urgently call and call for help” and disappearing into the crowd with the gadget.
  • You can’t talk on the phone for more than 3 minutes. During a conversation, you should put the receiver to one ear, then to the other, in order to avoid, again, harm from the phone.
  • The quieter you speak on the phone, the lower the radiation of your mobile. That is, you do not need to shout into the phone.