Body Contouring Options for Mothers

Diet and exercise are great for your overall health, but getting your pre-baby body back can be exceptionally difficult. Even with months of hard work, you might still struggle with loose abdominal skin, stubborn body fat, cellulite, and deflated breasts. While those issues can be aggravating, it is important to remember that there is help out there. The mommy makeover is a comprehensive procedure that allows patients to address multiple blemishes and imperfections during a single treatment session, and the results of that operation can last for years with healthy lifestyle habits and the proper aftercare.

Your Body After Becoming a Mother

Staying healthy throughout your pregnancy is very important, but your body is still going to go through some major transformations. In addition to gaining weight, you will also have major hormonal fluctuations that could impact everything from your skin to your breasts. Once you have given birth, nursing can impact the appearance of your breasts as well. Regularly exercising and following a strict diet will help you cut weight after you give birth, but some of those imperfections and blemishes could linger for years. Those are a few of the reasons why the mommy makeover procedure has become so popular in recent years.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

This type of makeover is actually a combination of surgical procedures. Instead of undergoing multiple cosmetic operations over the course of a few months, you can have all of the procedures carried out during a single appointment. Depending on your cosmetic goals, your makeover might include four or more different operations. Some of the most popular procedures include breast augmentation, breast lifts, tummy tucks, and liposuction. To get a better idea of what can be accomplished with these treatments, you might want to take a look at some mommy makeover before and after photos.

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What to Expect

Your personalized mommy makeover is going to be carried out with a general anesthetic, and that means you will be fully asleep and won’t remember a thing. After the anesthetic has been administered, the surgical team can begin the process of addressing your cosmetic issues. They might remove stubborn fat in the midsection, reinforce the abdominal muscles, or excise loose skin. If you would like to adjust the size or position of your breasts, then a breast lift or augmentation will be included as well. Once the procedure is over, you can relax at the surgical center until you are ready to head home.

After Your Mommy Makeover

Many of those procedures are fairly invasive, and that means you must be ready to recover at home for at least a week or two. During that time, a loved one will need to help you with cooking and other everyday tasks. After the incisions have healed and the inflammation has gone down, you can schedule your follow-up appointment with the surgeon. Following a mommy makeover, the average patient fully recovers after four or five weeks.