How To Track Your Children With Family1st GPS Trackers?

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The security of the child is the most important thing for any parent. Everyone wants to ensure it but not everyone realizes the best way to do so. If you also want to know where your child is and monitor their movement, you can choose a GPS tracker.

Also if your child is too young to have a smartphone, a Portable GPS tracker allows your kids to notify you or even the emergency services if they are in threat or need your assistance.

But there are several factors you need to keep in your mind while choosing an ideal GPS tracker for your kid. This includes real-time location updates, battery life, portable and lightweight devices, in-built Wi-Fi capabilities, SOS buttons, etc.

But you can skip the chaos of choosing the best one among the plethora of available devices by reading this article. How?

If you want the best option for your kid, here is one for you- Family1st portable GPS tracker. Why? Read this article till the end.

In this article, we will explore how Family1st portable GPS tracker can help you to meet all of your tracking needs and help you to maximize the safety of your child.

What Is A Child Tracking System?

A child tracking system tracks your kid’s movements from one place to another at any given time with Geolocation using satellite communication. It is a reliable tracking system you can use when your child goes away so that you have nothing to worry about.

Working parents find it challenging to keep tabs on their kids by asking them for minute-by-minute updates because of their hectic and demanding schedules. The advancement of technology has made everything simpler. We can track locations in real-time with the help of the Global Positioning System. This technology allows parents to keep tabs on their kids wherever they go outside. You can attach the portable GPS tracker to your backpack while traveling to school, a park, activity classes, or a field trip.

Why Do You Need A Portable GPS Tracker?

There are a lot of reasons why your child might need a GPS tracker

  • Children between the ages of 5 and 11 may not have access to a phone in an emergency or may not be old enough to handle these circumstances independently. In the event of an emergency, you might not be able to reach them right away. In these circumstances, a GPS tracker could be lifesaving.
  • You might be a parent with a full-time job who worries about where your child is because you cannot watch them all the time. Your worry over your child’s whereabouts would vanish if you had a GPS tracker.
  • Or perhaps you provide 24-hour care for your child, but they have a field trip tomorrow? You are worried about their whereabouts but cannot accompany them on the trip. The tracker would be helpful.
  • Despite how significant summer camps are for our children’s development, the fact that they may spend a few weeks in the wild may be unsettling for you as a parent. However, a GPS tracker allows you to keep an eye on the location and provide your child with an SOS button in case they are in danger.
  • You just taught your teen how to drive? A 16 or 17-year-old with unsupervised access to a car might sound worrying amid traffic accidents and the unavoidable rebellious teenage phase. However, not if you have a GPS tracker.
  • You might be taking care of a child with special needs, and they might need your assistance in the middle of the night. An intercom is not as compatible to carry to the kitchen or the toilet as compared to a 3-ounce portable tracker that alerts you when they need assistance.
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Advantages Of A Child Monitoring System

  • Real-time Tracking- If your constant worry about your child’s safety, the real-time tracking feature of a GPS tracker may come in handy.
  • Boundaries- These gadgets assist parents in establishing virtual fences for their kids when they leave home. The monitoring system will notify the parent whenever the child leaves a specified area. The goal is never to limit their freedom but to keep track of the child’s wellbeing.
  • Alerts/SOS button- An SOS system lets your kids alert you if they are in danger, giving you peace of mind. A few even make direct connections to emergency services.
  • Battery life- Constantly check the device’s battery life. The rechargeable batteries last up to 14 days with regular use and up to 6 months in sleep mode.
  • Range- No matter how far away your child is, we have all-inclusive GPS trackers that can find them. You can designate specific areas and boundaries where kids can freely move, and your GPS will notify you if they leave the zone.
  • Small size- tracker should be small and lightweight, so it is not hard for small children to carry the tracker in their bags.
  • Disguised- the device should be well concealed since we don’t want the GPS trackers to pull attention to the tracker or the child. A well-hidden tracker reduces the possibility of tracker theft and someone finding and tampering with it.
  • Baby drivers- Not only children, but you can track your teens who just started driving. Put a Portable GPS tracker in their car, and you can use them to track their location, speed, & time and they can alert you when they are in an emergency. It is a super effective way to keep tabs on your teens without being a helicopter parent!
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Children With Special Needs

Sometimes we forget how GPS Trackers could be a lifesaver for special children. Families of children with special needs are constantly searching for better and new ways to monitor their kids around the clock. We oversee the fact that these children might need an SOS button while going to the toilet or using stairs when left alone in the house with working parents. Portable GPS trackers eliminate the fear and anxiety from the parents’ life by providing GPS and SOS alert systems all in one.

Children with special needs, such as those with autism spectrum disorders, frequently go missing, which causes parents great stress and worry. When the kids are at home, we can follow safety precautions like installing bars, locking the doors securely, CCTVs, and many others. However, we cannot keep the kids at home all the time. They should also go outside to get some fresh air. The biggest worry for the parents has been this.

The school bus ride could be one of the most anxiety-causing scenarios for the parents. There could be a lot of reasons, such as the bus driver and teachers’ staff may not be prepared to deal with special needs children. Or to handle such situations, where your child may be under constant stress due to potential bullying or abuse.

Yes, sadly this is true. School bus bullying and abuse are widely reported. And therefore, you have to take measures to be prepared for it.

To address these problems and potential bullying, the tracker comes with an SOS button which your child can press to let you know something or to inform the medical help for assistance.

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Family1st Portable GPS Tracker

Family 1st portable GPS tracker is a compact, lightweight, and reliable device. It is one of the most effective trackers to fasten to your child’s backpack while they are off to school, on a field trip, or simply out for a stroll.

Why? Because these trackers are well concealed, there is less worry about drawing attention to them and the child, preventing tracker theft.

Alternatively, you can use the same tracker to track your teen’s car while driving to school. You can also choose OBD Trackers, which are connected to the vehicle’s OBD port and enable you to monitor various driving behaviors like sudden braking, speeding, and distance traveled. Or stick with a portable one that provides you more flexibility while tracking.

Parents can view their children’s current location on the user-friendly Family1st app accessible on smartphones and laptop web browsers through the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. On your smartphone, you will receive SMS and in-app notifications for safe-zone and panic alerts.

The portable GPS tracking device has a wide range of uses, including monitoring senior citizens, controlling teen driving, vehicle tracking, preventing drugged driving, tracking pets, and many more. The therapists and parents have been investigating this choice and are continuously learning more about its advantages. It makes sense to invest in this tech, given the risks and injuries cases of today that have been identified to harm children. The best option to permanently reduce your anxiety and guarantee the safety of the kids is a covert portable GPS tracker from Family1st.


The Family1st Portable GPS tracker can tell you exactly where they are, regardless if your child is enjoying the summer or returning to school in the fall. If you cannot locate your child in a crowd, you can glance at your phone to find them again!