How to Choose Best Carpet For Kids Room?

Kids are always on the go, and they’re sure to make a mess. Kids Room Carpet is an important part of your child’s room. It can make or break the look and feel of their space. And for kids, it matters more than anything else in the world. So how do you choose a carpet that will meet all your needs? There are many different types of carpets available for children, Read on to find out best carpet for kids room!

How to Choose Best Carpet For Kids Room?

Do you want to decorate your kid’s room? If yes, you should consider what kind of carpet to select. According to the study, there are so many things that parents have to choose when they want their kids rooms. It seems an extremely complicated decision because there are so many choices of carpet design in the market today.

As we have known that carpet is a great material to decorate a room. It can be used as flooring or wall covering, and it’s available in many types of fabric, colors, styles and patterns to suit any taste. And choosing the best carpet for kids room is not an easy task. There are so many factors that should be considered before buying anything. In this blog post we will tell you what things we need to know when choosing carpets for kids rooms.

You cannot expect kids to adhere to the same level of cleanliness as adults. You also need to understand that as compared to other rooms in the house, the carpet in the kid’s room might have to be changed frequently. This is why most parents opt going for a low price carpet as they know that they will have to replace the same after one or two years. However, even when you are buying a more affordable carpet, make sure that it is sturdy enough to take the abuse that the kids might throw at it!

What should we consider while choosing Carpet?

Choosing the right carpet for kids’ rooms is such a big decision. As carpets (provided they are good quality and not wool-mix) increase the value of your home. It is important to consider numerous factors before buying one. There are different kinds of Carpets: Woolen, Polyester, Silk, and Jute. Each material has its own benefits, so you can choose one according to your preference.

Firstly, while choosing the carpet parents should much aware of the quality of fiber. Choosing the right fiber kids bedroom carpet is much important for them. Secondly, parents should notify the cut-and-loop pile style of carpets. The bedroom carpet should not only look good but also feel nice too. Thirdly, parents need to consider the colors, costs and styles of the carpet. The colors and designs matter a lot and make sure about the stain resistance factor of carpets.

Though a man-made chemicals carpet should not be useful for kids rooms. Kids are very sensitive, so pesticides and chemicals used for the production of carpets should be free from these harmful chemicals. The benefit that you can obtain is based on raised fibers. Fibers in this carpet are thicker than usual fiber carpet, which makes it appear cleaner longer. The pile of this carpet is also more attractive compared with other kinds of carpets.

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Best Carpet For Kids Room

Nilkamal Multicolor Carpet For Kids Room
15 Reviews
Nilkamal Multicolor Carpet For Kids Room
  • Product Dimensions : Length : 90 cm x Width : 150 cm x Height : 13 cm
  • The multipurpose features of mat can protect your feet from cold floor, runner carpet for bedroom,floor mat,runner rug,bedside runner.
  • Anti-slip backing is present so as to give proper strength and long life. Antique Look Carpet.

Lion Design Wool Carpet for Kids Room
1 Reviews
Lion Design Wool Carpet for Kids Room
  • Design: - Newly Manufactured Animal (LION) Design Hand Tufted Wool Carpet, This Handmade Embosses Carpet Give An All New Enthralling Elegant Look To Your Kid’s Room & Home Decor.
  • Construction: - Hand Made With 100% Blend Soft & Fine Wool Filament, Exquisite Color Combination, Binding On Edge And Cotton Canvas Backing With Anti-Slip Feature.
  • Size & Thickness: - Size 5x8 Feet (150x240 Cm) and 1 inch Pile Thickness.

Athom Living Kids Carpet
22 Reviews
Athom Living Kids Carpet
  • Brand : Disney
  • Type : Kids Printed Carpet
  • Fabric : Nylon with latex backing

Littlelooms Handmade Kids Room Rug & Carpet
3 Reviews
Littlelooms Handmade Kids Room Rug & Carpet
  • Littlelooms Pure Indian & New Zealand Wool Handtufted Carpets For Kids is extremly classy & Perfect for your kids room, nursery, play room or play school. These rugs are useful for girls room upto the 18 years of age.
  • Material: Quality Microfiber Wool Yarn Bring Comfort & Easy Feel and also increase Durability of Product. Anti skid latex Backing Brings Additional Strength to It and Let Carpet in Stay in Place
  • Cut pile has a plush, velvety feel. Fibers are yarn dyed for lasting with vibrant color. Self bound for enduring quality. Backing is made of canvas fabric with odorless synthetic latex adhesive.

MosQuick® Kids Rug Carpet Play mat
4 Reviews
MosQuick® Kids Rug Carpet Play mat
  • MATERIAL CHARACTERISTICS: MosQuick children rug is specially curated with complete polyester and has an anti-skid layer in the back. The material used is toxic-free and child-safe. The measurement of the product is 120 cm x 80 cm.
  • NOBLE DESIGN: Learning mat is rectangular in shape and has a colourful space design with numbers ,which helps the kids to learn while you play. Base material is environmental-friendly wear-resistant and surging protection. The mat base has anti-slip property which keeps your kid safe on the mat. The material is non-toxic.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: This kid learning mat can be used at various places around. It can be used as a play mat at your home as it keeps the kid engaged with it colors and prints. It can be kept in day care even play school as kids spend reasonable time in there and also keeps the child away from rough surfaces which safeguards him from bruises. It can be a great gift to present at birthday parties.

What are Best Carpet type for kids?

Although there are so many types of carpets for kids’ bedrooms. But for kids it is not necessary to choose the expensive one. You can go with low-cost carpets which are available in the market like Berber Carpets, Frieze Carpets, or Saxony style carpets. Below you will find the some best types of kids bedrooms carpets.

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1. Traditional Cut-Pile Carpet:

Traditional cut pile carpets are perfect for the family whose children are still in their early growing years. They can be easily cleaned and moreover are soft on your kids feet. And we must say these are the durable carpet for your kid’s room. These carpets’ good features make them best suited to children’s bedrooms. Though cut pile carpet and loop-pile carpet are available in so many colors, patterns, and designs. This type of carpet would be perfect for your kid’s room and it is also a very light carpet for use.

2. Track Resistant carpet:

Track resistant carpet is a popular type of carpet which is well suited for play rooms. These carpets are manufactured by using special composite fibers that make a comfortable and soft surface for kids to play on. For stain resistant this would be a kid friendly carpet. This type of carpet provide stain protection as well as it’s very easy to remove dark shade upon this carpet. You can also buy this type of carpet for other rooms of your house to prevent from unwanted dirt.

3. Frieze Carpets:

Frieze carpets also look very beautiful in a kid’s room, as these carpets have a long pile, which gives a very soft feeling to walk on. Frieze Carpet are also available in a broad range of colors and designs. For the carpet squares footage of your kid’s room, you would require 1.25-1.5 SQFT area for Frieze Carpeting. If you want to decorate your kids bedroom with carpet then we suggest you to purchase this one. This type of carpet can also used for guest rooms and family rooms.

4. Teflon Coated carpet:

Teflon Coated Carpet is one of the best carpets to walk barefoot on. They are treated with Teflon, making them stain-resistant and long-lasting. These kinds of carpets are perfect for kids’ rooms as they can be easily cleaned by vacuuming or wiping up spills quickly. However, they are expensive and not readily available. They provide the best comfort especially if you want to walk barefoot on your carpet.

5. Multilevel carpets:

Child-friendly Multilevel carpets are the perfect blend of style and durability. They are crafted in such a way that when your child plays on the carpet, it’s almost like playing on the floor. The best part about this carpet is that they can be machine washed to remove spills and stains. Children love them as they are soft yet durable, making them the perfect carpet for their bedroom.

6. Wool Carpets:

Wool carpets are considered to be the most luxurious and comfortable type. They provide a soft and fluffy appearance and feel underfoot, which makes them best for living areas such as family rooms and bedrooms. However, they require regular professional cleaning due to their luxurious pile. They are also very expensive compared to other options.

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7. Berber carpet:

Berber carpets are made up of short fibers. These carpets are very durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean, which makes them best for kids’ rooms. You can get affordable prices on Berber carpets online or at nearby retailers. However, they are hard to clean in comparison to other types of carpets. They can withstand regular vacuuming and stay good as new for years. The carpets last through kids’ rowdiness and make a room look more stylish and modern. This would be a perfect and right carpet for your kid’s bedroom.

8. Recycled carpet:

Recycled carpets are made from recycled materials that are normally thrown out. Recycled carpets contain a high percentage of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content. Which makes them look good from an environmental standpoint by cutting down on the amount of new carpeting material produced. They also last long, plus you can get one with fun patterns for your kid’s playroom.

9. Nylon carpets:

Nylon is another popular choice among parents. The great thing about nylon carpets is that they are usually stain-resistant and easy to clean which makes them best for kids’ rooms. They also breathe well so it’s easier to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. This type of floor carpet give years of excellent service and also available in dark colors. They are also available in many stylish colors that will make any room look attractive.

10. Saxony Carpets:

Saxony is the oldest type of carpet made with a distinct tufted construction. It is the most popular carpet for a kid’s room because it provides that comfort which only a sea of cotton can give. The type of floor carpet purchase for your child’s room is always beneficial. Saxony-type carpets are known for their smooth and fine textures, which makes them a great choice for kids’ rooms. They come in bright colors like red, green, yellow, light blue and white that makes your kid’s room lively.

Is carpet is an good idea for kids’ room?

It all depends on the quality of the carpet. If the quality is good, it’s a fantastic idea because carpets can help keep rooms clean and reduce allergens in a home. But if the carpet isn’t durable, it’s a bad idea for any room. Especially of that carpet is being used as an asthma trigger. If it gets dirty easily from shoes being dragged over it, spills from children’s drinks or meals, etc. If an area rugs is used instead of carpeting, it will be much easier to maintain and keep clean.

Therefore, if you want a carpet for small children room then make sure to avoid man-made chemicals carpet. If a carpet has a good mixture of natural cotton and synthetic fiber, it can be safe for children to play on. However, it may not be the best idea if there are allergens in the home or a pet living in the house. In these cases, any carpet self cleaning product may lead to an adverse reaction from your kids.

And another point concerns how high traffic areas is likely to be on any one section of rug. Since life tends to lead with our feet no matter where we go. Kids running around every day will wear down a rug even more extremely than adults with far less “traffic”. This is one more thing that suggests not to waste the money on an expensive rug. It is better not to buy rugs but go with hardwood or laminate.

Tip we should know!!

Here are a few things we should need to know before choosing carpet for children’s room.

  • Color can be a great influence on children with their choices of color and design, so it is necessary to set up the color that your kids will love in advance.
  • In terms of durability, carpets that are strong enough for family use should be fine for a young children rooms as well.
  • As it is very common for children to urinate, vomit, or so on when they are young, it is necessary to choose carpets made of materials that can be washed with water.
  • It is necessary to choose stain resistance carpet.
  • You should not select carpets which are too hard or too soft.
  • If you usually place your children’s toys or furniture on the carpet, select a carpet that is easy to vacuum clean.
  • Carpets which has specific smell when it is purchased should be avoided in order not to harm the respiratory system of children.
  • The carpet should not be too thick to avoid the risk of accidents such as suffocation and strangulation.

The Conclusion!!

In above this article has provided you with some valuable information on how to choose the best carpet for your kids room. The decision is ultimately up to you. But by considering these factors and trying out a few different options. You should be able to find something that will work beautifully in any space. We hope you’ve found this post helpful in guiding your decision. If you need more help just contact us through a comment below, respectively.