6 Tips on How to Make Your Baby Comfortable During Flights

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Most people don’t like travelling in the air with babies. People assume that children are loud and fussy. Many mothers are afraid of getting judgmental looks when they bring a baby on board. Although not all babies are this way, almost everyone has a memory or two where a baby has cried loudly during their flight.

If this is how other passengers feel, imagine the stress of being a mother looking after a fussy baby on a slight, although as mothers, we’ll inevitably take our babies on a flight with us sooner or later. With that in mind, you don’t want to be a nuisance to the other passengers, so you want to make your baby as comfortable as possible. Luckily for you, that’s the topic we’ll discuss below.

1. Bring Some Distractions

To keep your baby from becoming stressed, you can bring some items with you on the flight to keep them busy. You can bring picture books, small travel toys, and maybe even your phone. All of these are simple solutions to help entertain your baby while ensuring you’re not disturbing the other passengers.

2. Go for Pre-Boarding

Some mothers might find this absurd as it can cost you more, however it can be a good idea if you’re bringing a baby. By pre-boarding your flight, you’ll avoid the crowd’s rush when you get on board. This experience will stress the baby out, increasing their chance of crying even before the plane takes off. This will allow you to settle in nicely before the other passengers have their seats, giving you enough time to make your baby as comfortable as possible before the flight.

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Did you bring your child’s car seat along? Or are you planning to bring your Mother’s Choice convertible car seats to use during your flight? If so,  it’s important for you to pre-board to set-up your baby’s seat.

3. Use the Restrooms Before the Flight

It’s always a good idea, even as an adult, to go to the restroom before the flight begins. This way, you won’t have to squeeze out of your row and into the aisle and risk disturbing your seatmates to go to the restroom. This also applies to your baby.

Be prepared for your flight by changing your baby before you board and pack plenty of supplies if you’re embarking on a long journey. Where possible, attempt to book an aisle seat, this way you have easier access to the restrooms if required.

4. Buy a Separate Seat for Your Baby

We suggest that you also buy a seat for your baby. Sure, it might cost you more, but at least you have a place you can treat as a workstation for your baby and give you space and comfort during the flight.

This also makes flight safer for them, and you can give yourself that much-needed space for your family. With another seat, it’s easier to change the diapers or feed them. Not only that, but it’s also perfect if you have an active toddler. This gives them the space to play with their toys and enough space for you to take a needed nap.

5. Dress Them Comfortably

While flying with a baby, your priority should be to ensure they’re as comfortable as possible. This also applies to their clothing. Dress your toddlers with a comfortable layer of clothes to avoid any fussiness. If you have the space, you can also bring a blanket just in case it’s chilly inside the plane.

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However, don’t rely on aeroplane blankets because not only can they be uncomfortable, but they also aren’t available all the time. However, this doesn’t only apply to your baby. You, yourself, should also dress comfortably. You will be working for most of the flight due to taking care of your baby’s needs, and you’ll thank that additional comfort that your clothes will provide.

6. Feeling and Flying

This one might sound strange, but it can make sense. Of course, if the baby is hungry, you should feed them when the situation arises. However, as much as possible, don’t do it before the flight.

There’s a big chance that the baby will be stressed out due to the crowd inside the plane or the feeling of confinement. It might be a good idea to breastfeed your baby or give them a bottle to soothe them during takeoff and landing.

Final Words

Your baby is likely prone to stress when around large groups of people, especially inside a plane where it’s confined. That said, if you want your flight to be as stress-free as possible, there’s many options to make your child as comfortable as possible. Nobody likes a crying baby on board, and we’re sure that includes you.