7 Effective Post-Pregnancy Tips To Get Your Glow Back

Get started with good news. Many of the changes that you do not see in your post-pregnancy and post-hair loss are often temporary and over time, it becomes normal for them again. Pregnancy care often takes the rear seat because you become a small, attraction center. There are significant changes in hair and skin during and after pregnancy. Who live with them while pregnancy glow some women are experiencing acne, pigmentation stretch marks, puff eyes, dark circles and hair loss.

Once your baby arrives, you rarely spend too much time on your behalf at any time. But try to take 10 minutes to clean your skin and hair. Here are our small Beauty guidelines for skin care after pregnancy!

What do you mean by changing your hair and skin?

When you are pregnant, you will see many changes in your skin and hair. Here’s what’s really happening:

A. Hair Loss:

  • This is a common problem that will interrupt you in 3 to 4 months after delivering.
  • During pregnancy, hair is in an increasing stage and decreases in decreasing phase.
  • Thank you for increasing hormonal levels during pregnancy, you will have bright, bright hair.
  • After the distribution, hormone levels become normal and normal hair cycle resumes.
  • So, you will go through many hairstyles, which may look unusual, but may be perfectly normal. Do not worry, you are not bald!
  • The hair fall is temporary and you usually return your hairstyle after delivery after 6 to 12 months.
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B. Skin:

Here’s what your skin is running and how you can manage it. After pregnancy, Schenker needs a little more attention:

  1. Acne:

High progesterone levels during pregnancy make the skin very oily, which results in acne breaks. After pregnancy, due to changes in the level of hormonal levels, you can still get rid of acne while cleaning your skin during your pregnancy.

  1. Pigment:

Pigmentation or malazema has dark spots or spots on your skin. This is at high levels of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy. A deep patch on your body or a running line beneath your abdomen will be automatically removed after delivery.

  1. Dark Circles and Pouty Eyes:

This baby is due to changes in hormonal levels and a lack of sleep after birth. Your eyes are tired of your body’s experience in the form of tired eyes or dark circles.

  1. Stretch marks:

Stretch is one of the most stubborn people to get rid of. As the name suggests, it is caused by skin cramps. Due to the sudden contraction of postnatal birth, the skin develops small tears, due to which it rotates in some areas. This is usually found in the areas of the breast, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and knees behind.

How to reduce hair and skin problems?

A. Skin

Here are some effective ways to take care of the skin after delivery:

  1. Eating Healthy:

  • Make sure your diet is rich in foods rich in antioxidants
  • There are some good foods for it, strawberries, apples, kidney beans, prawn etc.
  • Antioxidants help strengthen the roots.
  1. Keep your scalp and hair clean:

  • Wash your slap with soft anti-hair loss shampoo.
  • Conditions to protect your hair from cracking.
  • If you have a short time, apply a holiday-in conditioner.
  1. Avoid pulling hair and binding:

  • Strike your hair tightly, because it will make your skin skull and hair loss.
  • Doing so will reduce your hair easily.
  1. Vitamin Supplements:

  • After pregnancy, some supplements will help your body regain your strength.
  • Make sure you take vitamins like regular Vitamin B and C to maintain full hair.
  1. Chemical Treatment:

  • Avoid color, hair straightening and parming, as it can cause hair loss.
  • In addition, this treatment is high maintenance, so that unless you really do not have this particular opportunity then be some time away from them to be the best.
  1. Get a great short hair:

  • If you lose a lot of hair, go for a haircut and keep it short.
  • Your hair will look perfect and the new look will keep your soul high!
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B. Skin:

To reduce skin problems during and after pregnancy, to maintain the elasticity of your child, here are some suggestions:

  1. For acne:

  • Make sure you clean your face with a mild cleaner twice a day.
  • Apply light, oil-free neutralization in the morning and night.
  • You can use light scraper with a small soft grain once a week.
  • Use light or natural ingredients such as Aelo Vera and Eucalyptus.
  1. For Pigments:

  • Stains on your face will also come in light and will likely be most likely after one year of birth.
  • Make sure you’re pigmentation or increasing new places, make sure you use daily sunscreen, stay inside, even if you’re at home to make
  • If you stay within days, use sunscreen with SPF15.
  • If you go outside for more than 10 minutes, then use SPF 30 or SPF 50 and cover your skin as much as possible.
  • As a daily moisturizer, use one that is especially made for pigment skin.
  1. For Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes:

  • Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water and take a healthy diet.
  • While the child sleeps, you can sleep, even though often a day may feel like sleeping for a short nap, it’s the best way to get some good sleep and relax.
  • Especially applicable to targeted brand i-cream targeted for dark circles and puffy eyes.
  1. For stretch marks:

  • The key is to avoid getting the first place stretch marks, so as soon as you know that you are pregnant, start using moisturizer in your oils and areas where olive oil is concentrating on breasts or anti-stretch rich mark cream. .
  • You can massage your stomach and breasts regularly with olive oil so that it can be moist and avoid drag signs.
  • After birth, if you have developed stretch marks, then use a reputable anti-stretch mark cream in the affected areas.
  • One important remedy for reducing stretch marks is healthy diet and exercise.
  • Post your doctor’s check, you can quickly reduce the stretch marks to help you walk with exercise, light exercises or some kind of yoga walk.
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5 quick steps to look like a super mom

Even if you have had a skin, it is best to take care of your skin regularly to avoid getting tired. Skin care is important after delivery. Continue to see these 5 Steps fast daily regime as a super mom for your skin and hair:

  1. Cleanse: Use Hydro-Cleansers twice a day to keep your skin clean and fresh.
  2. Moisture mix: Put moist moisture twice a day to keep your skin hydrated and soft. Use different eye-cream for dark circles or patty eyes.
  3. Safety: Protect your skin from sunlight using sunscreen. It also helps to keep acne and pigment away.
  4. Exfoliate: To remove dead cells from your skin once a week, use a soft tooth soft scrub. It helps to reduce black spots as well as reduce acne.
  5. Hair Care: Two or three times a week to wash your hair and prevent hair from falling.


Any skin or hair problem annoys you, see and share your worries with your doctor. If the problem is serious, you may need medical attention. The key to healthy skin and child post-pregnancy should be calm, happy and stress free! Enjoy your time as a mother and naturally recover your body.