Does Waxing Affect Laser Hair Removal?

It’s completely fine when you have body hair where you need utmost, but it is annoying where you do not need this especially armpits, face, legs, genital area etc. Thankfully, in the modern era, laser hair removal treatment proved as the best hair removal methods these days for every human. And the best part is, this is for both male and female. Apart from laser hair removal, waxing is the best process to remove unwanted hair. This has been used widely by both genders.

There are major misconceptions that laser doesn’t work for black people or the person who have wax his/her hair. To solve this big mystery we have consulted with a top dermatologist who is expert in laser hair removal techniques and we found the comparison and difference between these two hair removal methods.

Comparison of waxing with laser hair removal technique

Waxing is one of the best methods to remove body hair easily. It is quite painful but it naturally destroys the hair follicles for some time. Well, it is not a permanent hair removal method, but yes you will never get back your hair growth until 15 days. It is an easy method to pull off hair with waxing strips.

Can you wax before and after laser hair removal?

If you are thinking to get permanent hair removal with laser lights, then it is important do not wax, pull, or pluck your hair before and after the treatment. Just think, if you used waxing before laser hair removal you are already get rid of skin hair for a time, and this hurts laser hair treatment results.

Also, it is recommended by the doctors not to use wax for a long time after laser hair removal gets done. If you have enough with laser hair removal then you should go with wax, but if you have completed your sessions now and thinking to do wax then there are chances to have side effects.

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