How to Make the After-School Routine Less Hectic: 7 Tried and True Tips

The after-school routine can be a chaotic time for both kids and parents. Moms or dads will often be trying to complete tasks like cooking dinner while also attending to their children’s needs.

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However, parents can make after-school time at home much more manageable when they adopt a consistent routine for themselves and their children. That means having set times for things like chores, homework, playtime, and mealtimes.

To help you make the after-school routine less hectic, here are seven tried and true tips you should take note of.

1. Have Healthy Snacks Ready

After an exhausting day at school, it is likely that your kids will come home hungry and will not want to wait until dinner is ready to ease hunger pangs. Furthermore, parents could do without the meltdowns that kids can have when they’re hungry.

Therefore, it is a good idea to have healthy snacks ready for when your children walk through the door. By doing that, you can also gain a little extra time to tackle other responsibilities around the house.

2. Give Your Kids Chores and Divide Up the Tasks

Next up in managing the mad rush is to give your kids chores and break down those tasks into manageable parts.

If you have more than one child, assign each one a specific chore that they can handle. That could be as simple as taking out the trash or setting the table for dinner.

Giving your children set chores will help them to learn the value of responsibility. You also gain more time to accomplish other tasks while your children are kept busy.

3. Create a Homework Plan

Homework can often turn into an epic battle between you and your child if not handled correctly.

Therefore, it is a good idea to set specific times after school for your kids to complete their homework.

Try creating a homework plan that suits your child’s needs. For instance, some kids might do better with a short play break before diving headfirst into their assignments.

You should also consider the fact that you may need to help your children with their homework. Therefore, make sure you do not embark on tasks that cannot be left when your kids are busy studying.

4. Use Meal Prep Kits for the Family Dinner

The dinner rush can be a particularly stressful part of the after-school routine. To alleviate some of that stress, consider using healthy meal prep kits for your family dinners. Even if you do so just once a week, it will help to ease the burden of cooking dinner.

Meal prep kits, such as HelloFresh or similar services, deliver all the ingredients you need directly to your door. In addition to high-quality ingredients, you will receive easy-to-follow recipes to help you create a nutritious meal.

By using a meal prep kit, you can ensure that you save time in dinner preparation and that you feed the family healthy dishes.

5. Get Everything Ready for the Next Day

Planning ahead can be a great way to save precious morning time.

So, have your children do things like pack their bags and set their school uniforms out while you prepare lunch boxes for the next day.

6. Stay Flexible

While a plan is most definitely beneficial, it is also vital that you remain flexible throughout the after-school routine.

Some days might not go according to plan due to unexpected events or emergencies. Remember that that is perfectly OK! Always leave some room for adjustment when necessary.

7. Take Time for Relaxation

Lastly, ensure you give yourself and your family time to relax.

Whether it is reading a favorite book together or enjoying a family game night, downtime benefits every member of the family by providing an opportunity to de-stress and connect.

The Takeaway

By implementing the above helpful tips, you can master your after-school routine and create a less hectic environment for you and your children.

You can ensure all of the tasks that you and your kids need to do are completed correctly and on time. In turn, that will give you all more time to relax together as a family in the evening.

Those precious hours after school can then become moments of family connection rather than a source of strain.

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