How to Create a Mature Bedroom for a Teenager

As much as it might break your heart a little, your teenage son or daughter is growing up and will likely want a more stylish space to match. Saying goodbye to the cute bedspreads and fun storage boxes will not be easy for you, but interior changes could turn your child’s space into a private haven they will adore.

Crafting a stylish space doesn’t need to be difficult. Keep reading to learn how to create a mature bedroom for a teenager.

Create a Neutral Escape

The chances are your child is more than happy to say goodbye to stereotypical colors and hello to a more adult aesthetic. Create a more luxurious feel by decorating the room in more neutral colors, allowing them to select the best hue for their taste and style.

For example, they might adore the idea of an ivory, beige, or white interior design, and you can add various textures and materials to add visual interest. For instance, a gold floor-length mirror will pop on a white wall and pair beautifully with beige bed linen and wicker accessories.

Boost Storage with Fitted Wardrobes

Your fast-growing teen is likely developing a personal style and is eager to expand on their clothing. As they will become more fashion-conscious as the years pass by, it makes sense to install stylish and attractive fitted wardrobes to create a more adult space and increase their bedroom’s storage.

Involve your teenage son or daughter in the design process to introduce wardrobes that match their exact requirements. For example, they might prefer more drawers over cabinets to store their t-shirts, pajamas, or accessories. Also, select a color scheme together to ensure it suits their style and harmonizes with the chosen decor.

Introduce a Bigger Bed

A single bed might feel a little childish to your teen, especially if they are older than their years. You can almost guarantee your son or daughter will be thrilled to add a much bigger bed frame and mattress to their cool new room. It will make them feel instantly older and more mature, which could reflect in their behavior in the home. Also, a large, cozy bed will support many hours of shuteye, which many teenagers need for healthy development. However, you might often need to wake them from their slumber to go to school or start their day.

Add a Study Space

Every teen should have a study space inside their bedroom. It will provide a quiet, functional area to complete homework, write papers, and cram for a test. For this reason, you must add a stylish table with an ergonomic chair to support many hours of studying. Also, allow them to pick a stylish table lamp that will boost their focus when reading and writing. Don’t forget to introduce various storage solutions to store textbooks, stationery, notepads, and more.

Use Labeled Bins and Baskets

As you will likely know, teenagers are more than a little messy. If you are tired of picking up clothing, books, and other objects in your son or daughter’s bedroom, encourage them to be tidier by adding labeled bins and baskets to the space.

It will ensure every item has a home, which could make it easier for your teen to quickly clean up their room. The affordable storage solutions will allow them to enjoy the beauty of their bedroom more often and may even prevent conflict in the home. You might be shocked by the difference the items make to your child’s organization.

Allow Your Teen to Accessorize

As a parent, you will naturally want to dictate your child’s bedroom’s color palette and furniture, but you should provide your son or daughter the freedom to accessorize. If you make every decision on the interior design, the space will feel less personal to them. Help them fall in love with their new bedroom by allowing them to choose the lighting, study space accessories, bed linen, wall art, window treatments, area rug, throw blankets, cushions, and more.


If your teenager is tired of their current bedroom and longing for a more mature interior design, follow the above tips to craft a stylish, comfortable, and functional space they will adore into adulthood.

However, as much as you might want to make many choices on their behalf, you must avoid doing so. Instead, you must involve your son and daughter in every stage of the process, and offer guidance along the way, as it will ensure you create a space that matches their personality and style to a tee.

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