When is the Right Time to Re-Shingle Your Roof to Save Further Damages?

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At times, getting a solution for simple problems related to the roof becomes tricky. You must know that un-mounted flashing, missing shingles, loose screws can get effortlessly repaired. However, issues like holes, roof leaks, damage from hail storms, organic growth, dark stains, and the wrapped shingle need proper evaluation and expert treatment. Although you may not like the notion of getting the roof replaced or tearing off old material, it sometimes becomes necessary or else, it will permanently damage the existing roof.

When there is permanent damage, you require professionals to replace the existing structure. It is not something you can undertake single-handedly. Replacing the roof or re-shingling the structure requires a vast investment. Here, you must look for explicit material, high-quality artistry, timely service, and relevant equipment. When you get all these things in one place, never mind investing money in the re-shingling process. You must also look at the existing options and compare them to see what suits your requirement.

Understand the re-shingling procedure

Different shingles you encounter in the market have unique characteristics. Each type of material gets designed for varying types of pitches. It comes with a specific installation process and separate care guide. Since that is the case, every shingle would require a different time for installation.

On average, the below-given shingles would not require much time for installation:

  • Asphalt shingles – one to two days
  • Concrete shingles- eight to nine days
  • Slate shingles- six to seven days
  • Wooden shingles- three to four days

These are some of the typical shingles you will encounter in the market, and therefore understanding their installation process is necessary. Don’t be afraid of the length of time it requires to install a shingle but ensure that it gives you long-term benefits. Asphalt shingles may not require more than one to two days but provide you with a lifelong structure.

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Essential factors to contemplate when re-shingling

On average, the re-shingling process does not take more than two to three days. The period does not vary since the intermediate residential structure is not more than 1600 square feet. However, the following factors play a deterministic role:

Weather: You must accept one fact; there are times when the weather will not cooperate with you. If you think of installing new shingles on the roof in the colder season, it will require additional steps. Benchmark Roofing & Restoration believes that you must not undertake re-shingling the rooftop when it is snowing or raining. If you do not have a tight schedule, it’s better to employ professionals who know what time is best for the process.

Roofing material: A few shingles take a long time to install. Your selection of style and underlayment of the shingle will heavily influence the time period. It’s better to keep in touch with local contractors who know which roofing material is best and requires less time for installation.

Since the above-given points influence the roofing project, you must be patient. More so, going for high-quality roofing material and getting in touch with professionals are other areas to contemplate.