Tips For Improving Your Water & Heating

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When it comes to home maintenance and efficiency, water and heating are at the top of the list. This is because problems with water and heating can not only disrupt your daily life but also be costly in terms of bills and repairs too.

How to Improve Your Water

Be Careful of What You Put Down the Sink

Be sure to properly scrape plates and food debris before washing up, as a buildup of food and oil in your pipes can lead to water problems. This mentality also applies to the bathroom too: be sure to collect hair from the drain, so it doesn’t become clogged.

Keep on Top of Regular Maintenance

Make sure to always invest in the regular servicing of your pipes and water system when needed to make sure a professional can always ensure your system is fully functioning. This will help to identify any issues before they can escalate and make sure your system is always in good working order for your property.

Invest in a Bathroom Upgrade

Having an updated and modernized bathroom can really help your water system and have many other benefits. A new bathroom with improved tap design and water flow features will help to avoid water waste and save you money. Not only that, but new features like low-flow showers can help to preserve the environment, too. You can find professional plumbers in Thurrock and beyond who can help with bathroom refurbishments.

How to Improve Your Heating

Regularly Turn Your Heating On

You may think it’s wise to preserve your boiler as much as possible and think that it saves money by not having your heating on at all, but regularly turning your heating on can help your boiler and heating to work as it should. This can keep everything flowing. On the other hand, if you leave your boiler off for a long period of time without use, this can risk the system seizing up due to lack of use and would require boiler repair.

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Keep on Top of Regular Maintenance

Just like with your plumbing, regular boiler and heater maintenance is a must, too. Be sure to schedule an annual service of your boiler, as well as replacing your boiler when needed to make sure your heating system is always the most updated.

Regularly Bleed Your Radiators

This will help you improve the heating within your home and make sure your radiators work at an optimal level. It’s a good idea to get into a regular pattern with bleeding radiators, and a good starting point is to bleed at least once every year.

Double-check your radiators for signs that they may need bleeding, such as taking a while to get hot or having cold spots in certain areas.

In Summary

Getting into a good routine with water and heating checks is the best way to improve your overall system. This includes regularly checking yourself and scheduling annual servicing. Investing in updated technology can also help you to have an improved system, such as the latest boiler models and smart meters.