Tips for Re-modelling Your House When You Have Kids

Perhaps when you first moved into your home, you didn’t have kids, or the kids were still small. However, over the years, the children have grown, making your house seem smaller. To adequately take care of all family members’ needs, you have decided to remodel your home. For example, you may want to add a bathroom or remodel the kitchen or the kids’ bedrooms to provide room for dressing tables or a study area.

Although you may want to get the most out of your house, renovating it when you have kids around can be a bit challenging. However, you can use some of the tips we’re going to give you to make the work easier and more manageable. These tips will help you when re-modelling your house and you have kids.

Inform the Kids

It would help to explain the re-modelling work to them first so they are not caught by surprise waking up to contractor noise, delivery trucks, and a house in chaos. You should let them know you’re improving the home to have more space and be an enjoyable place for all. However, it would be best if you spared them the arguments you and your spouse may have about the budget, best colours, and so on.

Allow the kids to have fun

Naturally, kids may be apprehensive about the impending changes and even get scared when they see some walls brought down to allow for the expansion. But you can help them have fun by finding them some fun activities to do. For example, because you will have the walls repainted after renovations, you can give them crayons or marker pencils to draw on the walls before they are demolished. They’ll undoubtedly be happy for the permission to violate the rules. It will also help them feel comfortable with the re-modelling.

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Plan re modelling with the kids’ future in mind

When re-modelling your space to make the little ones more comfortable, it would be best to have the future in mind. You must avoid designing anything to be mini, for example, a tiny built-in study desk. The kids will soon outgrow the small furniture and you will need to renovate again, leading to more expense. You can seek advice from professionals like architects and other building experts on the best way to redo the house so that present and future needs are accommodated. Luckily, if your home is in London or Essex, you can hire Humphreys and Sons, the leading residential architecture firm for those areas. The company will offer you top-notch advice and architectural services for a fantastic renovation project.

Renovate one area at a time

One common mistake many homeowners make is to try to remodel the whole house at once. This can be a big mistake when you have kids, and you’re still living in the house while the work is being done. While it may seem like a good idea to save costs by getting everything done in one go, you need to remember most projects experience delays. The best approach is to work on one area or room at a time. Also, ask the contractors how long the work could take and provide leeway for any unforeseen issues.


On top of the above tips, you need to discuss safety with the children. Also, prepare some food and freeze it to have your meals sorted. Moreover, agree on safety measures with the contractor to ensuring safety and minimize inconvenience as they remodel the house.

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