Know More About The Different Types Of Diffusers

A diffuser is one of the best products to spread a relaxing fragrance around the house. They are used to disperse the essential oils or extracts of flowers, leaves, or other parts of the plant in the surrounding air. The scent affects the smell receptors of the nose which sends a message to the brain and it influences the nervous system. But not all the diffusers are meant for the same purpose. Different diffusers are used in different places for different purposes. Read more to know about the different types of diffusers:

Reed diffusers

The easiest to maintain, these diffusers are made up of wooden sticks or reeds that are placed inside the bottle of the fragrance oil or the essential oil. The oil travel ups by the reed and when the oil reaches the top, the scent is released in the air that spreads the fragrance. The fragrance lasts until there is oil in the bottle.

Electric diffusers

Similar to the reed diffusers, these also spread the essential oils and fragrance oils without heat. In this, a drop of fragrance oil or essential oil is placed on to a pad or water. Then the electric fan blows the air at the pad or water that results in the dispersion of oil into the air.

Candle diffuser

Somehow similar to the electric diffusers, the candle diffusers use candles as a source for the dispersion of oils in the air. These are quite inexpensive and you can get them in several colors, sizes, and designs. These are the best for making a place smell good but are not applicable for therapeutic use as the heat can change them into chemical properties. They are also used for decoration.

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Ceramic diffuser

These are best for personal use and small areas. In this, only one or two drops of essential oil could be placed and the diffuser disperses the oil in the air by evaporating it. The ceramic diffusers are not ideal for large areas but good for therapeutic properties.

Nebulizer diffuser

This is the most common type of diffuser. It breaks down the oil into tiny molecules that make the dispersion of the oil easier and faster. These diffusers consist of a motor and a glass bottle. The nebulizer diffuser is the most difficult to clean as the glass could break because of carelessness that you will have to replace. Regular maintenance and cleaning are very much necessary to avoid any kind of damage or work disability.

Ultrasonic diffusers

These are cheaper as well as are sturdier than nebulizer diffuser. Electronic frequencies are used to create vibrations in the water that leads to the dispersion of the essential soil in the air. As water is used in this, many people use it as a humidifier for dry air in the winters. The ultrasonic diffuser also gets turned off automatically so as to control the amount of essential oil that is dispersed in the air.

Based on your requirements, you can get any diffuser and enjoy a relaxing and calming environment.