5 Non-Invasive Weight Loss Treatments You Should Consider

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Many individuals today have a bit of extra weight they desire to lose. Many years ago, it was no secret that the only way to lose excess weight (apart from exercising and eating a healthy diet) was to go under the knife. This wasn’t a problem to those comfortable with this, but this idea still daunts many.

Then came the birth of non-invasive weight loss treatments. These are like the answered prayer of those who dislike surgical treatment. As its name suggests, those treatments use machines that enable belly fat reduction and weight loss sans a trip to the operating theatre. Nowadays, weight loss treatments are more accessible as they can be done in a dermatologist or aesthetician’s clinic, and the price points are also more varied.

If you’ve long been dreaming of a leaner and more contoured body, it’s worth trying these non-invasive weight loss treatments:

1. Weight Loss Injection Pens

First on this list is one method that may not be as well-known as other weight loss treatment options: weight loss injection pens. These are available only by prescription, so you must run through them with your doctor first.

Weight loss injection pens are typically given to the following:

  • Adults with excess weight or a BMI above 27
  • Adults who have weight-related problems like obesity or a BMI above 30
  • Children between the ages of 12 and 17 who weigh above 132 pounds or 60 kg

Generally, weight loss injection pens are also prescribed to individuals with type 2 diabetes. For it to work best, the weight loss injection pen should also be used with proper daily physical activity and a reduced-calorie diet.

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To help you get started, use this free weight loss calculator to help determine if the weight loss injection pen is right for you.

2. Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation

Ultrasonic lipo cavitation or ultrasonic fat reduction is a fat-burning and reduction treatment that uses three different processes to achieve the desired results:

  • Microcurrent, which uses low levels of energy to bring in cellular repair
  • Ultrasound, which uses low-frequency sound waves to destroy fat cells permanently
  • Radiofrequency, which gently heats a layer of the skin, causing the contraction of collagen tissues, and in turn, lifting and firming the skin.

Ultrasonic lipo cavitation is a popular choice because of its promising benefits such as:

  • It brings in immediate results;
  • It can be one of the cheapest treatments per session, making it the more affordable option for those who can’t afford to dig deep through their pocket for every session;
  • It’s highly effective in toning and burning fat and repairing the skin at the cellular level.

Because many clinics offer ultrasonic lipo cavitation on their non-invasive weight loss treatment list, it’s up to you to select a reputable clinic so you know the machine they’re using delivers.

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3. Laser Fat Reduction (Laser Lipo)

Laser lipo is one of the newer procedures in the market. In this treatment, the machine uses lasers to target various fat cells on the skin. This is done to melt or emulsify the lipids in the fat cells, as well as create pores for the lipids to leak out.

This process allows lasers to penetrate the skin’s fat layers without incisions. Patients are happy with how fast and painless this procedure is. There’s no downtime—patients can resume their daily activities immediately after leaving the clinic.

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4. Cool Sculpting

Cool sculpting uses a process known as cryolipolysis, or permanently destroying and crystalizing fat cells when subjected to controlled cooling energy. This is the recommended non-invasive weight loss treatment for patients with a BMI of up to 35. The target areas include muffin tops, buttocks, bingo wings, double chin, and the back.

Cool sculpting is recognized as one of the world’s most-advanced fat killing treatments.

5. UltraShape

UltraShape is recommended for those who still have unwanted fat or weight to shed, but one that only needs very minimal work. When you’re close to your desired weight and body shape, this treatment helps contour the body by using ultrasound energy to reduce fat. Mechanical vibrations disrupt fat cells, which bring in your ideal weight and shape when done regularly.

Compared to other non-invasive weight loss treatments, UltraShape may require more sessions before you can see results.


As you can see, different types of technologies are used in non-surgical fat reduction or weight loss treatments. These are along the lines of using cold energy, thermal energy, radiofrequency, or ultrasound. Whatever the approach used, the goal is to reach lipolysis or the death of fat cells. Each treatment above has its advantages and disadvantages. Discuss this thoroughly with your dermatologist to be confident that your chosen treatment is the best for your specific weight loss concerns.