4 Reasons To Try IV Therapy (And How Much It Costs)

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Years ago, most people only get IV therapy, also known as intravenous therapy, if they were really sick. Today, some people now decide to take IV therapy, even if they don’t feel anything and are doing well. In fact, it’s a growing trend for health-conscious people. But why exactly?

This article shares the basics of IV therapy, its cost, and why people are deciding to receive such therapy.

Understanding IV Therapy And Its Cost

IV therapy refers to the process of delivering essential nutrients into your body via the veins. A syringe is injected into your vein, which is then connected to a bag of fluid containing the necessary nutrients. This is the fastest way to deliver vitamins, minerals, and medications into the body since nutrients are delivered directly into your bloodstream.

Generally, IV fluids often contain a mixture of ingredients, such as glucose, water, and electrolytes, depending on your goal. Traditional IV drips contain a mixture of water and sodium known as Sodium Chloride 0.9% or NaCL 0.90, which helps replenish fluids in the body caused by a fluid imbalance or dehydration or those who have suffered wounds or injuries.

While traditional IV drips are given to patients confined in the hospital, some people visit their clinic to get regular IV therapy. In general, IV therapy is personalized for each individual. Therefore, the exact cost of IV therapy will depend on your needs and goals and the blend of medications and nutrients in the bag.

Generally, however, IV therapy typically ranges from USD$150-USD$200 per treatment. However, some experts say it can go up to USD$400 each drip, depending on the formulation recommended by the doctor. Also, note that IV therapy is usually not covered by insurance, so you should consider your budget before trying it.

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Why You Should Try IV Therapy

Despite its expensive price tag, most people are still attracted to IV therapy—thanks to its numerous benefits and advantages. If you’re still unsure, here are some reasons why you should try IV therapy:

  • It Offers Faster And Better Nutrient Absorption

As mentioned, IV therapy helps deliver nutrients to the body. While you can also do that by taking vitamin tablets as most people do, getting an IV drip ensures faster and better absorption of nutrients.

The problem with vitamin pills and tablets is that they go through your digestive system. The digestive enzymes break down the supplement longer and prevent your body from absorbing all the nutrients. In fact, during the process, your body may only absorb up to half of the nutrients available from your vitamin pills, and the rest will be excreted via urination or defecation.

Unlike vitamin pills and tablets, IV therapy delivers the nutrient directly into the bloodstream. So, by bypassing the digestive system, IV therapy can ensure faster results and that the body absorbs up to 90% of the available nutrients.

  • It Can Be Tailored To Your Needs

Most clinics can tailor the IV drip mixture to match your health goals. Generally, you’ll need to consult a doctor first to evaluate the necessary nutrients you need. With that, they can recommend a drip or create a concocted IV drip for better results and to avoid potential issues. For instance, if you have a medical condition or pre-existing allergy that may worsen due to an ingredient in the IV, the clinician will adjust and use the correct formulation for your IV treatment. In addition, add-on vitamins can also be added for extra health benefits you require.

  • It Is Safe
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As long as you work with a reputable clinic or doctor, IV therapy is generally considered safe and effective in delivering the proper nutrients to the body. Legitimate providers can provide a comprehensive evaluation for the right IV treatment and ensure the drips are checked for freshness and quality to ensure the best results.

  • It Helps Boost Overall Bodily Function And Health

Most people don’t get the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins B6, B12, C, and D, iron, calcium, and magnesium. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can lead to various problems with your body, including fatigue, less overall energy, and a weakened immune system. However, with regular IV treatment, your body receives these essential nutrients to keep you energetic and full of life. Some IV formulations may also help provide relief from several conditions, such as stress, depression, chronic pain, and allergies.


As you can see, IV therapy is no longer reserved for sick people confined in the hospital. By delivering beneficial nutrients, more and more people are deciding to visit their local healthcare provider to get a drip full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and necessary medications. As a result, you’ll feel better and ensure your body can perform at its best.