Baby Shower Gift Etiquette: Dos And Don’ts For The Perfect Present

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Attending a baby shower is a joyful celebration of a new life about to enter the world. You’ll want to select the perfect gift to honor this significant occasion. In the quest to find the right present, there are certain unwritten rules that you should follow. This guide will lead you through the dos and don’ts for choosing the ideal baby shower gift. Keep reading!

DO: Pay Attention To The Registry

When selecting the perfect baby shower gift, paying close attention to the registry is a significant aspect of proper etiquette. The registry is carefully crafted by the expectant parents to list the items they need and want, such as baby utensils, a stroller, or a wireless baby monitor. Honoring these preferences by choosing a gift from the registry ensures that the present is both thoughtful and practical, aligning with the family’s wishes.

In considering the registry as a guide, the chances of duplicate gifts or those that may not fit the parents’ style or needs are greatly minimized. It helps in providing the exact necessities the family has identified, adding to the joyous occasion. This focus on the registry facilitates a smooth gift-giving process and underscores respect for the expectant parents’ choices and needs.

DON’T: Monogram Items Without Confirmation

While personalized gifts can be touching, assuming the correct initials or the name the parents plan to use can lead to an awkward situation. If the information has not been confirmed, the gift could end up being incorrect and unusable.

Choosing to monogram without certainty reflects a lack of attention to the personal details central to the occasion. It can cause discomfort for the expectant parents, who may feel obligated to use the gift despite the error. If personalization is desired, it’s advisable to seek confirmation from a reliable source or to consider other thoughtful yet less risky options to convey a personal touch.

DO: Include A Gift Receipt

Including the gift receipt with a baby shower present is a considerate touch that aligns with good etiquette. This practice demonstrates a kind understanding of the potential need for exchange or return. Even when selecting a gift from the registry, circumstances may change, or duplicates may be received, making the receipt a practical inclusion.

By providing the gift receipt, the giver offers the parents-to-be the flexibility to make necessary adjustments. This not only conveys empathy and thoughtfulness but also ensures that the gift can be transformed into something that fits the family’s specific needs or preferences.

DON’T: Buy Overly Personal Or Sensitive Items

When considering baby shower gift etiquette, avoiding overly personal or sensitive items is a crucial principle to bear in mind. Purchasing gifts that may be too intimate or controversial can lead to discomfort for the expectant parents and other guests. Such choices may not align with the family’s values or preferences and can create an awkward atmosphere at the celebration.

Selecting a gift that respects the boundaries and tastes of the parents-to-be is vital. If uncertain, adhering to the registry or choosing a more traditional, universally appreciated gift is advised. Thoughtfulness in gift selection underscores respect for the comfort and wishes of the recipients, ensuring that the present adds to the joyous occasion rather than detracting from it.

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DO: Consider Practicality And Functionality

When selecting a baby shower gift, considering practicality and functionality is an essential part of etiquette. Gifts that can be used in the daily care of the baby, or items that cater to the immediate needs of the newborn, reflect an understanding of what new parents truly require.

Moreover, focusing on practical and functional gifts also reduces the risk of presenting something that may be aesthetically pleasing but ultimately unnecessary. It ensures that the present will not only be appreciated for its thoughtfulness but also its utility in the daily life of the growing family.

DON’T: Overspend On Your Gift

Overspending on a baby shower gift can be seen as a breach of etiquette. While generosity is often appreciated, selecting a gift clearly outside an appropriate price range may create discomfort or even embarrassment for the expectant parents and other guests. It may set an unintended precedent that others feel obliged to match, leading to unnecessary strain.

It’s wise to choose a present that reflects a connection to the family’s needs rather than the price tag. Often, baby shower guests may know each other’s financial circumstances, so a gift that is in harmony with what others might give shows respect for the occasion and the social context of the celebration.

DO: Gift Wrap Appropriately

Gift wrapping properly is an essential touch in baby shower gift etiquette. Presentation matters, and a neatly wrapped gift not only looks attractive but also conveys a sense of care and consideration. Whether choosing paper that matches the baby shower’s theme or selecting a classic and tasteful design, the wrapping can add to the overall thoughtfulness of the gift.

Furthermore, attention to detail in wrapping shows that time and effort were put into making the gift special for the expectant parents. It’s not merely about concealing what’s inside; it’s about creating a memorable experience for the recipients as they unwrap the present. This final flourish in the gift-giving process elevates the present from a mere object to a carefully chosen expression of goodwill and joy.


Choosing the perfect baby shower gift doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following these simple dos and don’ts, you can find a present that’s thoughtful, appreciated, and ideally suited for the joyful occasion. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll effortlessly make a loving gesture that supports and celebrates the parents-to-be.

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