No More Itch: A Practical Guide to Lice Removal

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Getting worried about your child having head lice is normal. The thought of tiny parasites living with you on your head is terrible.

However, the less stressful thought about head lice is that they do not transmit any disease, and itching is the only major issue they can cause.

The good thing is you can get a lice removal treatment from LiceBustersNYC; they understand how much discomfort head lice can cause and can help you get out of this stress.

In this article, you will find out what head lice are and how to get rid of them.

What is Head Lice?

Head lice are more frequently found in girls than boys and mainly between the age bracket of 3-11 years, regardless of what hair type they have.

Head lice are tiny little crawling insects that live on head hair. Itching is the most common symptom, mainly at the back of the head, around the neck, and ears. Unique Manhattan lice removal treatments are available to ensure your kid gets rid of it.

5 Steps for Effective Lice Removal

Getting your child lice-free is a relief for every parent. Various treatments are provided in different NYC schools for nits and lice removal. Following the steps written below might help the parents.

1. Know How Head Lice are Spreading

Before starting the treatment, it is essential to know how you get the head lice in the first place. Children typically get head lice from schools or while playing with friends.

Sometimes, head lice are also spread by sharing personal items that have contact with the head, like hair brushes, accessories, and hats.

2. Limit the Contact

Once you are sure about the head lice in your child’s head, avoid hugging and close contact and check others for the head lice. Usually, the whole family had to go for treatment to prevent re-infestation.

3. Destroy their Habitat

Head lice need the blood every 12-24 hours to survive. If there is no hair, there will be no head lice. But this can be an extreme solution and can be an unacceptable solution for some parents. Nonetheless, this can be an option for children with short hair.

4. Take the Lice Removal Treatment

The primary step you must take for lice treatment is over-the-counter head treatment. Different therapies and shampoos act against different stages of lice.

For example, the active ingredient in most OTC treatments doesn’t treat nits; therefore, you might need another treatment for their removal.

5. Seek Professional Help!

The ultimate solution would be to get professional help from a certified lice removal service like LiceBustersNYC to remove head lice completely. They are certified in NYC and New Jersey and offer Brooklyn lice checks.

Concluding Thoughts

Getting lice removed can ultimately be stressful for every parent. Comprehending the main reason behind their occurrence, identifying the symptoms, and taking preventive measures are necessary to ensure you get rid of them.

Remember, you can bid farewell to the itching stress with the right approach and contacting the professionals.

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