Fun Household Crafts To Help You Bond With Your Kids

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Getting together to have fun with your kids can be beneficial for you and even more for your children. Whether you’re having fun or getting things done, make sure you do it as a family.

Regardless of what you plan on doing, like turning maintenance or a household job into a fun activity, or you just want to do something exciting, there are endless ideas to explore.

One of the most important things for your kids is spending time with you, so if you’re a little stumped for ideas on making bonding experiences fun, crafty, and in-house, we’ve got you covered.

Handymans Apprentice

A great way to keep things fixed and up to date in your home and bond with your child is to have them be your little handyman.

When something minor comes up that needs fixing, let your child assist and help out. Ask them to be a part of the job, bring you tools, and help with what works for their age.

Tasks such as fixing hinges or tightening hardware are minor but perfect for the job.

Minor DIY maintenance can be a good bonding experience to teach them about why you’re doing these things and the importance of maintaining a home.


Keeping a garden maintained can be a blast when you involve your kids. Instead of rolling around in the dirt on their own, let them do it while helping you in the garden.

The most exciting part for them will probably be picking flowers and plants to go in the garden, so give them the satisfaction of helping with the planning.

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Planning a good garden takes more than colorful flowers. Add some decorations, a custom mailbox post, or ornaments to make it stand out, and the best part is your kids can help pick them all.

Watering the plants and keeping them looking tidy will be rewarding for you, your children, and your home.

Crafty Outdoor Games

Why just play fun family games on vacation or on family trips? With help from the little ones, you can have just as much fun at home.

Find some crafty outdoor games you’re sure will be easy for you and your kids to build or put together.

Some excellent ideas are cornhole or giant Jenga to get you started. The best thing about DIY-ing these means you and your children can get creative.

After all the planning and building you’ve done, let them help paint, decorate, or personalize for the perfect family yard game.

Masterchef Junior

Baking and cooking may end in a messy kitchen, but the bonding moments and fun you’ll have with your kids sure are worth it.

When it comes to cooking as an activity with your kids, you must allow them to be creative and involved.

A good way of going about this is to find recipes or foods you know can be easy but fun.

Homemade pizzas are a good idea, and If you want to go the baking route, cookies are a simple and fun recipe for a DIY food night.

Both these options allow your children to be as creative as they’d like with decorating and toppings.


Show your kids the joys of wildlife by building a birdfeeder together, however simple or complex you’re willing to try.

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Several styles and designs could work for you and your kids to build, so ask their opinion on what they think is best.

Place it in your garden and watch as your garden becomes a buffet for local birds.

Let your kids decorate and paint the birdfeeder and allow them to help with the construction if they’re old enough.

Game Night

Instead of using the classics, such as board games, there are plenty of DIY crafty games you can do at home.

Balloon games, minute-to-win-it games, and treasure hunts, to name a few.  Ask your kids for ideas on what they’d like to play.

Games are, after all, the kids’ domain. You could schedule alternating nights where you choose one night they choose the next to give everyone a fair share of games.

Tie in food and maybe some music for game night,  and you’re not too far off from having a fun party.

Accent wall

To give your child the freedom of having a personal touch in their room, give them the space to have an accent wall.

Creativity is crucial in a child’s development, and when given the option of having an accent wall, your kids’ imaginations will run wild.

To make your job easier, have limited options and let them choose colors and simple designs. After all, you’ll end up doing most of the painting and designing.

Mini Farm

There are a wide variety of vegetables and fruits that you and your children can grow.

Why not make a little mini garden with some simple vegetables to get you started? Cucumbers, a variety of peppers, and carrots are all easy to grow and needed in the kitchen.

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This idea will let you and your kids bond and have fun over a long time as you all care and wait to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Gardening and producing vegetables is an excellent way to teach your kids essential life skills, patience, and the feeling of a reward from hard work.


Reading is an important habit to instill in your kids, so why not make it an activity you do together regularly?

The habit of reading will benefit not only them but you as well. It’s always good to teach your kids the importance of reading early.

You can even take it a step further by building a bookshelf together, a simple bookshelf with a shelf for each member of the family to decorate themselves.

Set aside a dedicated time each week or day for family reading time, discuss what you’ve read, and share your thoughts as a family.

Fort wars

Children building forts don’t just have to happen in movies. Your child would love to have your help with creating their castle.

You and your little ones can use your imaginations to make things interesting, make it a competition between who can make the better fort, or get some pillows for all-out war.

Forts can be great for reading nooks, sleepovers, and imaginative play. Give your child their own space and prepare to be amazed by being invited into their kingdom.