Mother Nurture – Fulfilling the Busy Mother’s Need for Healthy, Nutritious, and Wholesome Baby Food 

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Filling a space in the niche market for pure, healthy, and preservative-free baby foods in India, Mother Nurture brings you an entirely new range of taste-tested and mom-approved baby foods. Indian mothers have long felt the need for convenient and non-fussy baby foods that wouldn’t compromise health and nutrition, as existing offerings did not cater to Indian tastes, nor offered a real substitute for ‘home-cooked’ baby meals. Mother Nurture changes that. Mother Nurture’s line of delicious baby food options is not only meant to suit traditional Indian taste palates but also caters to every Indian parent’s need to offer complete, wholesome, and nutritious foods to their babies.

About the Concept

Produced at Mother Nurture’s state-of-the-art facility in Wai, their range of baby food is manufactured with the utmost attention to hygiene and health. Only the best natural ingredients selected from the freshest sources, and picked at the peak of ripeness, are used in Mother Nurture baby meals. Special attention is paid, not just to the nutritional components, purity, and wholesomeness of each product, but also to packaging, ease, and convenience. All Mother Nurture baby foods are made with high-quality GMO-free ingredients, and they contain no added sugar, preservatives, colours, or artificial flavours. In a way, the brand assures your babies a delicious meal that is also nutritious and perfectly balanced!

About the Products

Mother Nurture offers baby meals that are suited to all stages of your baby’s development. The foods are thoughtfully designed to introduce a wide range of flavours, textures, and nutritional increments into your baby’s diet as he or she grows. Mother Nurture ensures that your baby is encouraged to try different tastes early on and makes it easy for your baby to accept different foods and flavours. The brand also emphasizes the importance of introducing Indian “Desi” foods, so that your baby learns to eat the foods that are enjoyed by the whole family. In addition, Mother Nurture’s products are 100% vegetarian and produced in a fully vegetarian kitchen.

About the Food Stages

The Mother Nurture range has been divided into three stages, to match your baby’s rapidly growing and changing needs. The brand offers a wide variety of flavours in every stage, ranging from simple fruits and vegetables to some more complex meals for older babies. Product ingredients are the freshest possible, and are locally sourced in many cases, for maximum freshness. However, the brand also procures certain fruits and veggies from all over the world. For example, they source apples from Chile, pears from South Africa, and berries from North America, to ensure that we are using the best ingredients possible. Mother Nurture baby foods are available in 3 stages.

Stage 1 foods are designed for babies of four months and over, and consist of a single fruit or vegetable, pureed to a smooth texture to make them soft and palatable for babies. Sweet Pete, Jumping Jack Rabbit, and Amchi Aam are just some of the exciting flavours available for this stage.

Stage 2 foods are designed for babies of six months and over and contain two or more fruits or veggies. Their smooth consistency and subtle flavours encourage babies to be a little more adventurous! You can choose from many interesting meals, such as Baby King Kong’s Pudding, which are specially designed for this age group.

Stage 3 foods are meant for babies of nine months and over, and contain multiple ingredients in a mashed-up texture. These meals are all about getting your babies ready for the foods that are eaten by the family. A wide range of meals, like The Staple (Dal Kichidi), and Funny Fruits, are available for you to select from.

Visit Mother Nurture’s website to find out more about the various preservative free baby food products available from the brand.

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