Create the Perfect Outdoor Vibe with These Easy Steps

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As parents, we all want to encourage our kids to spend more time outdoors, especially in the summertime. We know that vitamin D is good for their bodies, and being out in nature is good for their souls.

But what about ourselves? Most adults don’t spend nearly enough time outdoors either, and it shows in our mental and physical health. One way to encourage yourself to get outside more is to simply make it more inviting. Jazzing up your backyard and patio and turning it into a space you actually want to be in can be a game-changer – here’s how to do it.

Choose Your Seating

First of all, you’ll need somewhere comfortable to sit. Meals taken outdoors with family and friends always feel more special and fulfilling, but you’ll need a patio dining set to make that possible. Make sure to opt for durable materials that look and feel great.

If you prefer an outdoor sofa vibe, then you can pair these with some stylish outdoor cocktail tables so you still have somewhere to put down drinks, plates, and other items. Resting and reading a book outside on the sofa is one of the best simple luxuries life has to offer.

Make it Shady

When the summer sun gets really hot, nobody wants to be roasting away outside while they eat their lunch or try to relax. This is why you need shade.

If your backyard doesn’t have any shady trees to create cool patches to sit in, then you should consider other options. You could install an awning over your patio, porch or deck, or even buy a separate gazebo or umbrella to set up in the backyard. Any of these choices will provide you with shade and style to enjoy in the summer afternoons.

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Light it Up

You’ll need to consider evening times too, though. While catching some daylight is full of benefits for your physical health, spending time outdoors in the evenings can be fun and relaxing.

If you want to create the ultimate vibe for your outdoor space, you’ll need to consider some interesting lighting. Instead of a simple and basic wall light, consider something fun like lanterns or fairy lights around your porch. These will help set the mood and create an awesome atmosphere for your BBQ dinners and romantic evenings under the stars.

Add Ambience

Once you’ve considered your furniture, it’s time to create the perfect ambiance. As mentioned, the lighting you choose can contribute immensely to creating the right atmosphere, but there are other factors to think about too.

Set the mood with candles, and consider investing in outdoor speakers (or just a large Bluetooth speaker that you can bring outside with you) so that you can set the mood with music too. Music can be used to liven up a dinner party or just serve as relaxing background music for a quiet night on the porch with your spouse.

Keep Warm

Winter and fall can get pretty rough in some parts of the world, but you don’t want your beautiful outdoor space to go to waste for half of the year! Consider how to warm things up outside so you can still enjoy your outdoor seating.

If renovations are on the table, then consider closing in your porch so that it creates the perfect indoor-outdoor space. You’ll be able to open it up for a summer breeze or close it up tight for warmth in the winter. Otherwise, a fireplace or boma pit are other excellent choices to consider.

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Get Cooking

We all love food, and no social gathering, big or small, is complete without something to eat. If you’re bringing the people outdoors, you need to bring the food with you! Investing in a great grill will help you spend more time eating and socializing outdoors, hosting barbecues and serving good food to the ones you love.

You could even go so far as to design an outdoor kitchen, if you love entertaining. This will allow you to cook whole meals and not miss out on any of the social action.

Bring it to Life

One final thing to consider is plants. Sure, you’re already outdoors, but adding potted plants and vines to your porch can really add to the feeling of being out in nature.

Invest in some beautiful pots and add plants big and small to your porch. Hand them from the awning and along the walls, and place a vase of fresh flowers on the table too. You can never get enough greenery out in the yard!