7 Tips to Keep Study Space Organized

For decades, there have been plenty of studies on the effect of study space organization and tidiness on students’ productivity and academic success. Now, there are no more doubts. The area you use for your sessions does affect the way you perform. And that’s why experts emphasize the huge importance of the proper organization of such areas.

Since there has been so much buzz about the importance of organizing a study space and how to do it the right way, we bet that you all already know how to organize yours. The next big question is how to keep it this way, and we have a few simple but effective tips for you!

1. Schedule a Dedicated Cleaning Day

Whether you are renting an apartment or living in a dorm room, we bet that you have a special cleaning day to keep your living area tidy and neat. Now you need to schedule a cleaning day for your study space too. This might mean that you will need to ask professionals “please, write my college paper” if you have too many current assignments and spend many hours cleaning up your desk. But it’s well worth it.

The reason you need to have a dedicated cleaning day for your study area is that this process can be rather time-consuming. Thus, it might not fit into your general cleaning day. Moreover, making your desk and the area around it well-organized requires focus. So it’s always better to delegate your assignments and use the time you save for this task.

2. Gather Paperwork You Have Piled Up and Purge

As they say – a cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind. According to many experts, people who study or work at a desk filled with clutter tend to be less focused and productive. Thus, you should always keep your space free of clutter.

One thing that causes the most clutter is paperwork. By “paperwork” we mean all notes, printouts, documents, and other papers that you store on your desk. All these things pile up and, eventually, make your desk look very messy. In order to avoid this and keep your desk organized, make it a habit to gather paperwork that has piled up and organize or purge it accordingly.

3. Keep an Inventory of Your Office Supplies

When you get to your study space another day, ready to have a productive session, it can feel extremely disappointing to find out that you are missing some core supplies. For example, all your pens are out of ink or you don’t have any pencils, etc. If things like that ever happen to you, this means that your desk isn’t organized well. And to change this, you need to keep an inventory of all your office supplies.

Take some time to think about all the supplies you might need for your sessions. These can include paper, pencils, pens, sticky notes, and so on. Once you make a list of the essentials, analyze what you already have and purchase the missing items. After this, continue keeping track of the items you have and don’t have, and don’t forget to refill your stock timely.

4. Use Desk and Drawers Organizers

If you are wondering how to keep your study space neat and well-organized at all times, desk and drawer organizers are the answer. They come in many shapes and kinds. You can either purchase such items in the nearest office store or even make them yourself. But, whatever you do, these items will help you fix up all your books, papers, and other supplies in the most convenient way.

An additional tip for tidiness is to make it a habit to reorganize all your stuff in these organizers. Even once you start using them, it can be easy to throw things just on the desk after using them. So it’s important that you regularly revise and fix up everything.

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5. Make Labels

As a student, you must be dealing with a variety of subjects and classes. Obviously, you will have a separate set of books, notepads, and other supplies for every class. But how do you ensure that you find the stuff meant for a specific subject quickly?

The best way to do this is to create an intuitive labeling system. Create unique labels for all subjects. Attach these labels to the relevant drawers and shelves where the items for a specific class are stored. This will help you find the needed things quickly.

6. Keep Cleaning Supplies at Hand

Without any doubt, keeping your desk clean and organized at all times is rather hard. It requires time and commitment. And you need to make it a habit in order to achieve this goal. So here is a tip to help you develop this habit – always store some basic cleaning supplies somewhere nearby. If you do so, when you start one of your sessions and find out that your desk is cluttered, you will have everything you need to clean it up a bit right away. This will help you maintain tidiness without a hassle.

7. Clean Your Computer Regularly

Now that you have quite a few tips for keeping your desk clean and neat, there is one more tip we have for you. There is no secret that modern students use computers and laptops a lot for their academics. This means that you actually have two study spaces – a physical one and a virtual one. And you have to keep them both clean and organized.

To do this, make it a habit to tidy your laptop or computer regularly. Remove unnecessary apps and files, empty cache and bin, etc. This tip will help you become even more productive!

The Bottom Line

Keeping your study space organized is crucial for productivity and success. However, it can be rather hard to accomplish until you turn it into a habit.

Luckily, after reading this guide, you have a few simple and, yet, effective organizational tips. Use them to keep your area neat and achieve greater success with ease!

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